Question Audio interface only working as input or output, not both ?

May 29, 2021

This is almost the same issue as "Ashesandwool" had a year ago, where I just have bought the "RODE AI-1" audio interface and I have connected my "RODE NT1-A" microphone to its input, my headset via a "jack to mini-jack" transition to the output and my pc to the interface with the generic usb-c. On my windows 10 pc have I selected the "AI-1" as both the input device and the output device, and both of the uses work, but it seems that when I am using it for my microphone, the speakers stop working, and when I am using it for my speakers, my microphone stops working. For example I will start my computer and the pc will recieve input from the microphone, but my audio doesn't work. When I disable the microphone the audio starts playing clear as day...

BUT(!) i have the latest drivers and updates on my pc, and the latest firmware upgrade for the "RODE AI-1"...

Please help me.. ':(
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Not sure about your expectations....


I scanned through the FAQ's and did not find much. I really was looking for a User Guide/Manual.

One thing I read:

"What does the auto-sensing feature do?

The auto-sensing output is an intelligent feature that seamlessly detects whether your microphone is plugged into a TRS input, like those on most cameras, or a TRRS input, which most smartphones and tablets have, and switches the output to accommodate. This means you don’t have to worry about using TRS to TRRS adaptor cables – the SC10 cable that accompanies the VideoMic NTG will work seamlessly with any device. However, if your device has a Lightning® connector or anything other than a 3.5mm input, you will need to use an adaptor."

Not at all directly helpful but it does indicate that there are more complexities involved.


Did you purchase a kit?

Does the NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Kit need a power supply?

No, the AI-1 only needs power USB power from a computer, no external power supply is needed. USB power will allow the AI-1 to fully function, and this includes the ability to provide phantom power to the RØDE NT1, as well as other condenser microphones which rely on 48V phantom power.

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Perhaps the host computer is unable to provide sufficient USB power. Will the AI-1 work if powered via an independently powered USB hub?

Take a look at the current connections and configuration. Verify that all are supported and that that is directly stated in the documentation, FAQs, or elsewhere.

I do not believe that the audio jacks can support input and output at the same time. The jack may do both but only one way at any given moment.