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Nov 7, 2013
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Hi folks, long time since I asked for help, but right now my computer has an unidentified problem where I strongly believe that you pc gods will at least help me to identify the source of this issue.

The whole story: one day everything was working flawlessly, the next day I was using my computer when suddenly my monitor went black while the computer was still working. I confirm that it was a monitor issue cause I managed to shut my pc off pressing on and off the monitor's power button. It showed image like 2 seconds before making me to press it again and again. I concluded that my monitor just got old, so I didn't get stressed, as I had it like 8 years ago and it served me well. Then, I wasn't home for some days, until today that I came back, then connected an old LCD tv I had laying around. I got amazed of what I saw, Windows' colors weren't the same, the light blue of Windows now is orange, but the real trouble comes next as the output gets messed up and it stays like that, nothing more happens...
I don't have an idea of what could be producing this, as everything was alright, I was very happy with my computer's performance, etc.

My specs are:
-AMD APU 7700k
-16gb ram kingston(2x8 @1333)
-Graphics integrated in cup CPU
-Motherboard MSI A68HME33 V2
-PSU EVGA 500W 80+ silver

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I didn't want to believe it was a computer problem so I tested it with another working led monitor, but I got the same output.
What can it be? I really need some help here, if you have some free minutes I will love your kindness, thanks!!
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