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  1. O

    Is 600W Thermaltake Smart RGB a good psu?

    I'am wondering if this is a good psu. It looks very pretty with its RGB Led lights. Is it better to get a bronze one like the 600W deep cool.
  2. M

    Sony a 6300 or blackmagic 2.5k for feature film

    hi i'm planning to do a budget feature film and i wish to screen that in theaters as well. I'm so much glad that anyone can help me to select a camera for shoot this film. at the moment i have two cameras in my mind Sony a 6300 or blackmagic 2.5k . which one is the best? please advice
  3. G

    I messed up, turned off my laptop while it was resetting to factory settings!

    I messed up, I turned off my laptop while it was setting back to factory settings. When I turned it off I knew I was in trouble. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 it can with Windows 7 installed on it.
  4. W

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709?) broke several games in my Steam library

    Hi there. Pretty much encountering what the title says. First had the issue when the launch originally hit. I rolled it back, but it pushed a force install on me overnight last night. Am now largely back to square one. Long and short, several games are crashing when I try to load them. Titles I...
  5. B

    is this build ok?

    Hi, im building a new pc and could use a little help. This is what I came up with. I have 2 questions. 1. I'm going to wait until nvidia releases their next set of video cards. I'm not sure what their name is going to be but if its in the 2000s I'll...
  6. G

    Stream/game pc cheap

    Hello, I have not kept up in the loop in the past 5 years an don't know whats good and what's bad. I'm currently looking to build a gaming/streaming pc to start streaming when I move back to florida. I have a budget of $600-$700 USD. Trying to keep it cheap for I will need to buy a monitor and...
  7. M

    Problems with LAN box

    Hello all, Been building quit a lot of PC's in my day, but this one baffles me. So I'm making a portable LAN box, a custom built all in one PC if you will. I've bought all sorts of second hand parts, put em together, works. Now my problem is that I have 2 sticks of 4gb ram, but only one is...
  8. E

    My Acer Monitor constantly displays "No signal"

    My KG240 Monitor has displayed no signal in every port I try, even when I take out the gpu and start running it from integrated graphics. The PC itself seems to be running fine, I just built it, but because of this issue I can't get into the Bios and install windows. Any help? My Pc Specs...
  9. N

    Fisher Stereo Receiver Humming Problem

    Hello, Recently I turned on my stereo/turntable setup to find a humming/buzzing noise. Said noise was constant, unaffected by the volume control, and no music would come through when I played records on it. Even when I disconnected the speakers, there was still a faint crackling sound that can...
  10. U

    PC intermittently restarting after 1-2 seconds of booting

    I'll try to make this quick, it's driving me nuts. I got a cyber power pc as a gift, no complaints there! I've been using this PC for only one month, it's new and it has worked fine. I had a 1060 6gb I put in in place of the rx 580 4gb it came with. Everything worked fine. I got an...
  11. JaymanHD

    Android ROM Download.

    Is it possible to get the .zip file of android marshmellow on PC? I would like to edit some of the features and install the ROM on my device, but cant find the source file anywhere.
  12. Z

    Can i pair Corsair H100i V2 with Ryzen 3 1300X ?

    Hey im looking into buying a new cooler, and im upgrading to r7 1800X in a few months, i have ryzen 3 1300x right now, if i purchase the cooler before purchasing the r7 1800x, will i be able to pair it with the Ryzen 3 1300X ? Please help :c
  13. B

    100% cpu battlefield 1

    My cpu is always at 100% in battlefield 1 but in other games it is not above 80% I don't know of it is a bug or something else (cpu:intel core I 5 4670k and temperatures are not going above 60°) Thanks
  14. fujivvara

    Most reliable Z370 motherboard?

    Hello, I decided to upgrade to i5 8600K, and ended up frustrated with choice of motherboard. I do not intend to push it hard overclocking it, I use PC both for gaming and for work, also planning on installing Intel Optane. So I am looking for a reliable motherboard with good performance - my...
  15. C

    Which graphics cards for architectural 3D modelling and rendering?

    Hi folks, As per the title which would a great graphics card for architectural 3D modelling and rendering? Will be using autodesk revit, sketch up and v-ray and possibly other rendering software. I was recommended the GTX 1070 ti and also the quadro P2000 which has left me confused of which...
  16. A

    Toshiba Satellite laptop won't get past Leading Innovation start-up screen

    Toshiba Satellite laptop won't get past Leading Innovation start-up screen. F2, F8, F12, 0, hard shutdown, battery remove, days of charging all tried and did nothing..... I have read the other forum posts but those suggested solutions don't seem to be doing anything. There is no USB or anything...
  17. O

    Motherboard compatibility with CPU & RAM

    How can i know if my Motherboard is able to be modified by Improving the CPU and the RAM, since i have got a FUJITSU laptop. what should i look for at first? the Motherboard name, model... and where can i find these details? then how can i know what CPU and RAM is compatible with this...
  18. N

    How to reset msconfig. Ram settings changed pc wont boot.

    I checked a box in msconfig that disables a ram setting because only 16gb or my 24gb of ram was being detected. I rebooted and it wouldn't boot back to windows. I have tried restoring to a previous restore point but that did nothing. Ive looked online for solutions and bothing seems
  19. R

    Win 10 Activation problem after reinstall

    Hello. I recently bought a new pc. I installed win 10(x64) first and also activated him. After i did reinstall of win and i try to activate win10 again i couldn't because the key was actually using on another pc. Can somebodey help ? Thank you
  20. S

    Black screen on win10 install after reset

    I have a problem. I am resetting a PC because I kept getting NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM BSOD’s. It went through the reset mostly ok, then after it finished going through the windows install screen, it went to the time zone selection. After I input the time zone, it went to the “just a moment” Screen and...
  21. B

    games minimize at random

    Hello! I'm having a weird issue in windows 10, any game that i'm playing minimize itself after a couple of minutes playing (last time was 13 minutes). it seems this behaviour only happens once every reboot. (once it happens, it won't happen again to that game or any other game until i restart...
  22. P

    More vga need more ram?

    I have a gtx 1070 with 8gb of ram. I want to add anogher gtx 1070 do, do i need to add another 8gb of ram to the system? Because on the box it needs at least 8gb of ram to run gtx 1070
  23. EfoDom

    Using windows 7 product key from old laptop

    I've recently built a pc - windows 10 but not activated. I have an old laptop that I don't use anymore. Could I just use the product key from there to activate windows 10? The product key is on a sticker on the back side of the laptop. Or would I have to remove windows 7 from that old laptop first?
  24. A

    Removed GPU, put into another computer, put it back, now really slow GTX 1070

    Someone I knew had a computer that had stopped working apparently, since there was no display. I offered to help by testing if my graphics card, a EVGA GeForce GTX 1070, would produce any video output from that computer. I was hesitant, and now I guess I shouldn't have done it. At first, nothing...
  25. N

    Boot device problem

    During startup, I don't see the hard drive on the boot list. I only see the windows 10 dvd.
  26. Mongrel

    Setting fan speed to 88% can damage them?

    I manually put all my fans to be a a constant 88% no matter what i'm doing. 90% of what I do on my computer is gaming. Can this damage the fans if they are always at this fan speed? Thanks.
  27. A

    Can a dead cpu kill a motherboard

    Hi, short story. I sold my old cpu (AMD phenom II : x9 965) i wasn't sure if it was working or not. to some guys i found on the internet. Now that guys contacted me saying that his motherboard died because of that dead cpu, and he want me to buy him a new motherboard(and other stuff that might...
  28. K

    I5-4590 to I7-4790K with GTX 1070

    Hello I am currently debating whether I want to upgrade my current CPU (I5-4590) to a I7-4790K. I am not able to jump to LGA 1151 yet due to money constraints, but want to see if getting this processor would help out with FPS gains in games. In most games I can get up to 100+ FPS, but sometimes...
  29. T

    Plastic thing covering my sata ports

    There are some kind of weird covers on my 4 other sata ports, I've tried wriggling, pulling. Looking on the internet for answers. But I can't find anything. Please help!
  30. M

    Upgrading my computer! Need some help!

    So here are my specs: CPU: AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz CPU Cooler: stock GPU: MSI GTX 950 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 HDD: WD 1TB SSD: WD 250GB PSU: EVGA 550W CPU Case: I've had this computer for a couple years and at the time I...
  31. M


    I think to upgrade my gtx 1070 to one of those cards, Which card is better?? Thanks in advance for an answer
  32. M

    My asus laptop led light charger won't turn on even I plug it in a power cable. The charger won't charge my laptop

    My asus laptop led light charger won't turn on even I plug it in a power cable. The charger won't charge my laptop. I thibk the main problem is in my charger's adapter. Please help me.
  33. W

    Will this Ram work with my PC

    I just want to make sure this Ram is compatible with my system Ill leave the link down below my computer is a dell optiplex 780 (the mt version)...
  34. W

    Maximus Hero Ix CpU

    Hi, So I recently got a Maximus Hero IX motherboard for my build, and I have an intel i5 7600K CPU with. I was attempting to install the CPU today, and the latch would not shut. I would just become very hard to move and stay there. I am using the cpu installation tool. Is there something I'm...
  35. E

    is an i5 7500 worth an upgrade over the i3 6100

    I have an gtx 1070 and am wordering if the i5 7500 is worth the upgrade over an i3 6100. I will use it for vr with the rift and will get a 1440 mhz display soon.
  36. S

    Lower my GPU power consumption

    Hi Currently i am using a Asus m5a motherboard and a fx4100 along with a 560ti i am not in a position to buy a new psu..currently i am having a cheap chinese psu (it has all the required pins and claims to be 800watts and having 45amps on 12v rails) there any method to lower my GPU power...
  37. Bhavasagar

    Bios beeps 5 times when both igpu and dgpu are enabled.

    I am using UEFI boot with csm disabled, when I use either igpu or dgpu pc boots fine but when I enable both igpu and dgpu in bios pc beeps 5 times at startup but everything works fine. Why's the pc beeping? Thanks in advance.
  38. O

    just my thoughts on h110 and non-k intel

    I could be dumb about this i have a gigabyte h110 iv'e had it for a while i started with a g4400 3.3ghz and moved up to a i5 7600k 3.8-4.2ghz my question is why can't a h110 overclock it's clear it can handle higher speeds and power delivery i'm thinking it's intel not wanting people to spend 70...
  39. B

    CPU Temps for i7 6700k

    I've got an i7 6700k with a Hyper 212 Evo with dual fans mounted to it. I ran Intel Burn test on the "Very High" setting and got 65 degrees Celsius max. my idle temp before the test was around 26-29 degrees Celsius. I am wonder if these are normal temps, and if they are safe.