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  1. T

    Low (<10) fps only in Mortal Kombat X on all settings (i5 7400 & RX 480 8GB)

    Hello! I've searched online for a solution to this and tried different "fixes" but none seem to change the fps at all, it stays low under 10 fps with every settings(In game, different DirectX, AMD graphics settings) none seem to have any effect on the issue. Also everything seems slo-mo and the...
  2. M

    Which screws do I use for my motherboard stand offs?

    Hi guys I need help as I just realised that I can't figure out what screws I need for my motherboard. I have a nzxt h200 case and a asus ROG STRIX B450i gaming motherboard (ITX). And neither of their manuals say what screws to use to secure it to the motherboard standoffs. (This is probably a...
  3. N

    Hard drive cage/Hard drive vibration Please help

    Hello, I just made an account here to try and get some help with my problem, So i just got a new PC and started hearing these buzzing noises coming from my case, After some time of looking around and listening i found out it was my hard drive cage and it seems to happen quite randomly, Also it's...
  4. P

    blue screen of death

    0x00000050 caused by driver- ntoskrnl.exe
  5. A

    what are the step/ process in rebooting a laptop

    hi.. I buy a new laptop (lenovo ideapad 320 window 10) 5 months ago and it stack for almost 2 months at my drawer... when I try to turn on my laptop the screen goes black/blue .. any help on how to fixed it.. what is the step by step or process to reboot it.. thanks..
  6. Soiram91

    PSU failure or what?

    Hey all, I have recently built my current desktop which specifications I will mention below. In the beginning there were no issues whatsoever but suddenly 2 days ago my computer has been spontaneously rebooting by itself during heavy workload (gaming, 3D designing, etc.). It takes around 2 to...
  7. D

    i5 to i7 upgrade.

    I just received my i7 and cooler and got everything put back into place and when I went to cute it on. It glasses on the immediately cut off. I have a MSI Z170A M7 and on the top left e where JPWR2 is I took it out and turn PC on iand it stays on but no USB usuage or power buttons.
  8. S

    Help to new PC for BF V and the futurer (3years)

    Hello everyone :) To start off this topic i just want to say i'am terrible at writing english so excuse me. I am looking into buying a new computer for my new monitor and BF V and other games coming out the next 3 years. I got a HP 27 inch Omen monitor 1 ms 1440p 165hz g-sync. I want to be...
  9. S

    sharp tv repair

    I have a 75 inch Sharp tv about 21/2 years old. Almost one third of the screen is shown vertical lines and you can not see the head of the people; just the body. I have also notice that before this happened there was a line of about 8 green leaves in the bottom with a message that says "light...
  10. N

    Asus fx503vm eSupport folder

    Hey, I own a asus fx503vm and Since i reinstall Windows the Performance ist too Bad. I have deleted the esuport folder. Can anyone Upload the folder? Sorry for my Bad english im from germany.
  11. L

    [SOLVED] "No Signal Detected" when on 144hz, okay on 120hz

    Started happening about 2 weeks ago. Monitor receives a "No signal detected" when trying to enable 144hz. If I drop it down to 120hz it works fine. EVGA 980TI Hybrid BenQ xl2730 1440p 144hz Tried clean install for drivers, made sure they are all up to date as well. Tried different...
  12. E

    Budget virtualization set

    Hello, my problem is I'd like to build a set from micro ATX motherboard and Intel proccessor, mainly for the virtualization purpose. Currently I own the Asrock Q1900-ITX but it's quite old already, doesn't support full virtualization (VT-x VT-d) and it has troubles running the ESXi 6.5 etc. I...
  13. N

    BIOS/UEFI settings for installing windows 10 onto a fresh drive

    Hello, I just bought a new 240gb SSD because my old HDD was crippled by a virus. I'm trying to boot from the usb to begin instlling windows on my new SSD but I can't get it to boot. I have the boot sequence set as: SSD>UEFI: USB, Partition 1. I have also tried booting with the order reversed to...
  14. P

    PC freezes for minutes!

    Hi. My PC freezes for minutes on end (even up to 5-6 minutes) during any and all activities. Gaming, browsing the net, watching Youtube, even moving my mouse. This happens 2-3 times a day. The HDD led is glowing permanently. I tried to catch it on task manager and disk usage is 100% without any...
  15. Bros4Lyf

    Problem connecting my RGB LEDs in the P7-C1 case

    First time PC builder and so far I have everything plugged in except for the two 4-pin RGB LED cables that come with the case. Image here of the cables mentioned: http:// At the bottom of http:// it says that they should be powered by molex connectors but I don't see anything from my PSU that...
  16. T

    Adding SSD Problems

    I've had a lot of problems migrating from an old PC running Windows 10 to a new PC running Windows 10. The current problem is that I am attempting to install a SSD from my old computer to my new computer. I've installed it and booted up the computer and I can access everything in the drive and...
  17. V

    Ssd cause bsods

    I recently buyed ssd for my build pc, i install windows 10 to ssd with no problem. Now when i start pc, i got bluescreen CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED. And if me pass into desktop, i got bluescreen KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILED, BAD_POOL_HEADER, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and more. Please help me.
  18. B

    Ethernet no working

    I was trying to game with my friends over a lan network that always worked perfectly only recently my pc cannot connect to my 24x hub both of their pcs can connect but it shows a amber/yellow light over mine and on my pc and even in my ipconfig it doesnt show my LAC 3 detecting a Ethernet cable...
  19. A

    Running vostro 3550 with cracked LCD

    So after I went back home LCD on my vostro broke and I only get 8 beeps that signals LCD erros, but is there any option to run it with just external screen ? I really don't want to get a new screen just becous the price is ridiculous.
  20. J

    Pc Temperatures (celsius)

    Hi! is these temperatures good for my pc. CPU 35-43c Motherboard 38-45c Storage 36-45c? Thanks
  21. S

    Very low FPS when starting games despite upgrading graphic card

    Hi everyone, I recently changed my graphics card to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, but I'm having major FPS issues when gaming. The problem mostly occurs when playing Overwatch, where I have 10 -15 FPS in the start. It eventually gets better after 30 minute of so, but I still get random frame...
  22. V

    Comparision-AMD A6 7400K vs C2Q Q6600

    I am building a new pc but I am confused between intel and amd builds- Intel - Core 2 Quad Q6600 Nvidia GT710 2gb ddr3 Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333 Cooler master hyper 212 evo AMD- AMD A6-7400k (no need of gpu ais has an integrated r5 7400k) Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333 Cooler master hyper 212 evo I just...
  23. ben_xman

    Audio output through two devices at once without lag on either device

    I have a Corsair Void Pro Wireless headset and on-board PC Realtek audio. I'd like for all audio to be sent through both the headset and through a subwoofer on my floor at the same time. It gives a real "feel" to the audio. Now, I have been able to sort of achieve this through using the Stereo...
  24. L

    Keyboard not working

    My keyboard ain't working...what should I do??
  25. Y

    H110m-ds2 what drivers to be installed

    what drivers in my GA-H110m-ds2 (rev.1) should i install? theres a lot of drivers listed.
  26. M

    Acer Aspire 5742g turns off extacly after 4m57s.

    Hello. I've got problem with Acer Aspire 5742g. It turns off extacly after 4m57s - everytime. Is doesn't matter if i enter BIOS, or let Windows to load - it is 4min57s no matter what. I have disassembled it, cleaned fan, changed thermal pads and thermal paste. I didn't notice any signs of...
  27. R

    RX 460 or RX 560

    I'm planning to buy an used RX 560/460 (their warranty is still active) to play (mainly) E-Sport games. The RX 560 has 15% more stream processor but only 5% faster than RX 460 (as shown in most of the benchmarks) Sapphire RX 560 2GB @$88 Sapphire RX 460 2GB @$75-82 Should I buy the RX 560...
  28. D

    What type of old hard drive is this?

    I have an old laptop hard drive that I need to extract old files from and bought an ide external drive bay however that doesn’t fit at despite the drive saying ata/ide. I took some pics below Any ideas? Thanks to anyone who can help!
  29. L

    Do you need a waterblock in a AIO water cooler?

    So I am very new to water cooling. And I was wondering if I needed a water block for this AIO water cooler (NZXT - Kraken X42 Rev 2) and this motherboard ( If I do need one could someone recommend a copper water block. Thanks!
  30. A

    Upgrading my GTX260 to 1070 1070ti 1080 or 1080ti

    Hello gamers and experts.... well my PC is pretty much out of date 1. GTX 260 2. intel i5 2500k 3. 8Gb DDR3 RAM Planning to give a big upgrade to my PC 1. Ryzen 2700x or intel i7 8700k 2. 16Gb DDR4 RAM 3. and thats where i get stuck = GPU After 2 weeks reasearch i still cant decide what i need...
  31. J

    First gaming PC build

    So this is my first build, I've done a little bit of research... I juste want to make sure everything is compatible and is going to work out. Is there any thing that I need to upgrade or is there anywhere I can save some money ( I don't want to spend more than that ) any tips/help is...
  32. Q

    Dedicated memory help

    Help.Please I bought a dell optiplex 745 with windows 10 installed on it and bought an ati radeon x1300 vga card with 512mb but the card displays as microsoft basic display adapter but before buying the vga card it dedicated memory was 256mb and now after inserting the vga card the dedicated...
  33. W

    RX580 cooler needed!

    I need a cooler for my MSI RX 580 ARMOR 4G OC. The noise levels are way too high and I need a better cooler as I reach 75-80 while gaming. Any compatible coolers you guys recommend? Should I turn to liquid cooling my GPU?
  34. M

    What is wrong with my computer?

    I want to stream rust and I've been streaming it before on high settings at around 90-105 fps. With dips to a minimum of 80 fps while streaming. Now with my new CPU it drops to 40-60. How did it drop that much? I also overclocked my GPU and CPU. At my current settings, I made my CPU go back to...
  35. A

    Funky Windows 10 Loading Issue...

    Ok, so my father-in-law's computer is not booting up properly... History: He upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 back when it was a free promotion. Just recently though, he booted it up and when it got to the initial Windows screen, it asked him for a password... He never set up a password, he's never...
  36. T

    What GPU should I buy for 1080p 144hz?

    So I'm looking to buy a new graphics card and upgrade from my msi 1050ti. I recently got a new 144hz Monitor and this graphics card seems to not be able to keep a steady 144 fps. I mostly play PUBG, Fortnite, Battlefield 1 and other games occasionally. I play them on competitive settings so...
  37. S

    overclocking with G1 sniper B7 motherboard is possible or not?

    Can I try overclocking with sniper b7 ? If it's not good enough to control heat then if I use a cooler with it would it support overclocking then? or it's just can't be done?
  38. F

    Will this cpu work?

    Will the Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor work in the msi z170i gaming pro ac if so how will it do?
  39. J

    Fresh install Windows 10 SSD, SLOW

    I recently installed a new SSD (Crucial MX500) into my windows 10 laptop. It was kind of slow with the original HDD it came with but even with the new SSD, it's still slow. It lags when browsing the web and it lags when you're typing in the windows search thing from the start menu. This is a...
  40. N

    Does My Motherboard Not Have Any HDMI/VGA?Video Out Ports...?

    So I'm going to build my first PC and I planned out all the parts on PCBuilder. Once i raise the money over the next couple months, I'll be actually building it. Everything was fine, except 90% of the motherboards I wanted were either $300 or not offered anywhere new and were all used or...