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  1. G

    Cant remove amd phenom heatsink

    Hi im trying to remove heatsink by twisting but it wont move at all, i already unhooked these two metal hooks and left pc turned on for some time to heatup dry thermal paste, still no result is there anything holding heatsink cause its like cemented... thank you...
  2. P

    Indie Gaming (Mini) PC

    I am growing a big library of Indie games on steam, like starbound, besiege, gunpoint, sanctum 2, rust, scrap garden, terraria and more. I am currently trying to game on a iMac of 2009, which my parents actually bought me for educational purposes, I like the screen but that is about it. So I was...
  3. X

    Is my Motherboard dead?

    So the other day my pc stopped working (it just turned off while I was playing a game) and won't turn back on. The days leading up to this it would turn off when loading into games but would come back on. But now the only thing that happens when I press the power is (sometimes) the fan wiggles a...
  4. josh1002

    Fans not spinning

    I have the Deepcool rf120 3in1 fans and when i have my computer off for a while and then turn it on, the fans only light up but don’t spin. I need to spin it with my hand to get them going. Why?
  5. Q

    How can i know if my hdd was damaged by static?

    Recently i bought a new hdd and it was dead on arrival,i asked for a refund and the dude said it was my fault.The hdd shows up in the bios but it wont initialize from disk management.Was it really my fault?.
  6. O

    USB 2.0 slow copying speed

    Hello, i have a Kingston 16GB flying horse limited edition USB 2.0 The speed is really slow, if i want to copy a file into the USB the top speed is only around 3mbps Copying from USB to hard drive is 16mbps which is fine by me Here's my laptop specs AMD e2-2000 1.7Ghz CPU AMD HD Graphics 7340...
  7. M

    Help finish my PC!

    I'm making a pc part picker but I need someone to help finish it! https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/xtmpgw Budget £800 GBP/ 900 EUR/ $1100 USD Just comment the link when you completed it, thanks!
  8. T

    Does a 0.8 lbs increase make a huge difference

    I want to get either a 15.6 acer swift 3 with an mx150 or a 14 inch acer swift 3 with intel uhd 620 graphics. Is a 0.8 pound difference really big because I travel a lot. Is a mx150 that much better than uhd 620 for playing lite games like csgo. Also is there good laptops for $1000 that are good...
  9. T

    Is the m.2 screw necessary??

    I recently bought a prebuilt and installed the m.2 ssd but there is no screw to hold it in. Is the m.2 important? Or could I just leave it like that for a few days until I get an m.2 screw?
  10. C

    Low RAM stock and price dips

    I have been wondering what is with the prices on ram. I am almost done my gaming pc, and I needed 16 gigabytes of ram. Tried buying HYPERX FURY (4x4). After I ordered the ram, it was back ordered and I have been waiting for a few weeks. When will the ram stock normalize?
  11. J

    Im opening an internet cafe here in the Philippines. What specs should i build?

    Good noon to you guys. I'm currently planning on opening my own Battlegrounds pc cafe in the Philippines. Majority of my customers will be playing PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and CSGO. I was supposed to purchase the gtx 1050ti but when i chexked it recently 1 gtx 1050ti now costs $250 and that's...
  12. M

    6350 upgrade build

    Hey all looking to upgrade my fx 6350 soon. My budget is 280/300. Info: mainly for WoW (upgrade for smoother fps), LoL, Overwatch, The Division, GTAv modded and ofc future titles. Currently have a 4gb msi r9 380 which i will upgrade in A few months. EVGA 600 w PSU. 1080p is my what im...
  13. I

    Compatibility question (upgrading old hp)

    I want to upgrade one of my old HP PAVILION HPE h8-1120 PC at my dads house. There’s a nvidea gt 530 inside that and I was thinking about putting a nvidea gt 1030 in its spot. I really don’t know anything more than the power consumption requirements, but will there be any problems with this? Thanks
  14. B

    OBS can't hit 2.5Mbps Upload, neither can Ggle Speed Test, but Spectrum says my 20Mbps upload speeds(I pay for) are fine?

    Question is above. If I test my speeds on Google, I get average downs at 220Mbps, but my Upload which should be around 20 has trouble hitting 5 Mbps, This isnt the case on the spectrum.net speed test. That one hits the 20 mark no problem. All that, and when I try to stream from any software (my...
  15. S

    Displayport to HDMI not working

    Displayport to HDMI cable - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1018074-REG/tera_grand_dp_dphdmi_10_displayport_male_to_hdmi.html PC (Lenovo x230 tablet) - https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-thinkpad-x230-tablet-12-5-core-i7-3520m-16-gb-ram-180-gb-ssd/ TV -...
  16. S

    Cant install windows 10 on new build

    Im having trouble getting windows 10 to install on my new build, here are my specs: Intel core i5 MSI geforce gtx 1050 ti Asrock z270 extreme 4 motherboard Crucial 8g ram Corsair 550 power supply Cooler master hyper 212 water cooler Asus DVD drive(drw-24b1st) Western digital 1tb hdd The CD...
  17. K

    DPC_Watchdog_violation DMP included

    I have been getting this error for the past 2 weeks and cannot figure out what is causing it. I have updated all my drivers. I used DDU to remove then re-installed my display drivers and the error keeps happening. It used to happen only when I was gaming and the latest one happened when I just...
  18. W

    Chrome keeps logging out

    Okay so i just got a new PC with with windows 10 Home edition. The problem im having is, whenever i exit google chrome it keeps logging me out of Gmail, Facebook, Twitch... and every time i must log back in. The synchronization works fine its jut when i exit and re enter chrome im logged out of...
  19. henrytcasey

    How to Use Wireless Headphones with the Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo secretly gave support for wireless headphones to the Switch, but only for specific models. Here's how to get set up. How to Use Wireless Headphones with the Nintendo Switch : Read more
  20. S

    When is Volta Coming?

    I am wondering when the Volta series are going to be coming in 2018 or if it is coming out this year. I am think about getting a 1050 2gb right now and then I heard a lot of things about Volta coming out soon. I was also wonder what the release price is going to be and I am wondering if it would...
  21. J

    Desktop now taking forever to boot

    For about the last month, my desktop has been taking longer and longer (now up to 15 minutes) to boot up and load windows 10. When I press the ON button, it sounds like it is running or spinning, but I don't hear the beep for about 10 minutes, then everything progresses nicely. It will boot up...
  22. J

    My WiFi has excellent signal but my tablet says poor connection and won't connect how can I fix it

    Can't get tablet to connect to wifi as it says poor connection even on other wifi but everything else works how can i solve this please
  23. Z

    Wrong voltage in cpuid hwmon

    I opened cpuid hwmon to test temps. Looked at voltage 12v shows 15 5v shows 3v. Used dmm and 12v is 12.4 and 5v is 5.14 which are proper. Anyone had this issue prior is it a bug or faulty sensor it's a msi a970-g46 mobo
  24. S

    HDD doesn't show in disk manager

    Hi, I know this question get asked a lot. I've seen many solutions but none which solves my problem. I build a new PC. ASRock z370 extreme4, samsung ssd and toshiba 1tb hdd. Computer works fine but my HDD doesn't show in disk management. It does show in BIOS, Device management and Intel rapid...
  25. ClubSpade12

    ZALMAN CNPS9500A-LED Cooler not compatible with AM3+?

    It says on their website that it's compatible, but the instructions have minimal helpfulness and there are no videos or threads about this cooler anywhere that I could find. I have no idea how the heck to get this thing hooked up and I need help.
  26. D

    CPU and GPU issues

    Not sure if this is a computer issue or software issue. I recently(within the last year} upgraded to an intel core i7-6700k and new hardware to game with. it was immediately after i upgraded my GPU drivers(last Nvidia Update for Players Underground) that i started noticing weird things. First...
  27. F

    Please help me with building a PC! Intel or Amd

    i would prefer intel. But would love amd suggestion for my own personal curiousity :x My budget is 700-850$ i don't need Os, hard drives or dvd drives or monitor. please any suggestion would be great! Thank you :)
  28. T

    Installing Windows 7 with a Ryzen 5, keyboard and mouse stop.

    Good morning everyone, This is my first post here, so please correct me if I go against any forum rules. I just built a new PC, with the specs listed below. The powersupply, HDD, and SSD are the same from my old build. The windows installation is on my HDD I booted into the old windows 7...
  29. T

    Moving os to new pc

    I have a pc now but I plan to upgrade and I was wondering if I could take windows 10 from my pc now and bring it to the new pc. I think its none OEM, idk if I could put windows on a ssd and transferit and whip the hdd or what. Or would i have to completely buy new windows
  30. E

    Need Help with a Good graphic card

    What a great forum, this forum has helped me build exactly what I truly want and i truly hate to bother all the knowledgeable techs here, but i am in need for some help and what a better place to come to and the advise has been unbelievable. I am about to build my first PC for my daughter and...
  31. P

    Best PC Case for My Budget?

    I've already got a desktop PC, and at the current state it just looks trash.. the Case is from 2003, i've upgraded a few parts but still need to get a New CPU + More Ram, I'm thinking of getting the i7 2600k but i don't know which motherboard would fit it, i'd prefer one that supports ddr4 Ram...
  32. J

    won't switch off

    My lap top won't turn off. The fan is running the external mouse light is still on. The last thing I did was update then it crashed so I pressed control alt delete to shut down. From there I have a black blank screen!!??
  33. A

    4K monitor that can get more than 60fps?

    Okay, I cannot seem to get a clear answer EVER on this topic. I just want a Gsync monitor that can go above 60 frames. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of people playing games at 4K 120 FPS, but HOW? There are no 4K monitors that go above 60hz. My rig can definitely handle 4K at upwards of 90 FPS...
  34. B

    Can you mix ram

    I am looking to upgrade my ram I was wondering if would be able to mix dimm ram with sdram? I’m not very familiar with the different types of ram.
  35. J

    R9 FURY CrossFire won't boot

    Hi! I just recieved my second R9 Fury (Sapphire version), but when I plug in both video cards and turn on the computer, the video card on the top turn's all it's lights blue and the other one doesn't turn any. The computer shows a black screen with a little white line (like the one you are...
  36. B

    Troubleshooting pc problems

    Last week I bought all the parts to a gamming pc. I put it all together and it doesn't turn on. I checked the power supply with the paper clip test and the battery on motherboard is good. So would it be the motherboard having issues
  37. T

    front panel connectors problem!

    Hi, Actually for some reasons i had opened my entire cpu and then i was able to reconnect all the wires of my cpu except those of front panel wires, I searched google youtube but my motherboard has different front panel connections I guess. Now i dont know how to connect the front panel.please...
  38. betakerfilip

    GPU FAN stuck at 100% Very loud

    Hi! I built a completely new pc about 1 week ago. I left my pc on with no games or programs started. When i came back my pc had suddenly turned VERY loud and the temperatures were still very good. I tried disconnecting my chassi fans, and my cpu cooler. The noise was still there. So i think...