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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Build For Streaming And Gaming

    Hello, I'm new and just wanted some opinions and help on what to look for in terms of components for my PC. I would like to build (or buy a pre-built) PC for around $1,000.00 USD (+/- $100.00). I would like to stream games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends to...
  2. julian_mustofa

    Question [ask]Determine the right bios chip on the motherboard?

    Hy.. i need to find the right bios chip on my laptop.. How to determine the right bios chip? My laptop is lenovo g40-45 And this is the picture.. I find one of chip (3rd pic) that the most very close to the shape of bios chip.. But i dont see the brand name like MX Etc on this chip.. This is...
  3. A

    Gtx 750 ti with 240 w psu

    Hello I have an optiplex 390 mini tower with a 240 w psu It has 8 gb of ram core i7 2600 500 gb hdd and the rest are original products for the pc (motherboard optiplex 390, etc) I want to buy a graphics card that doesnt need a new psu or motherboard. I considered the gtx 750 ti but I dont know...
  4. J

    Forgot password for Acer aspire one cloudbook 14 for windows entry

    Screen got busted and it sat for a while till I got a new screen now my dummy self cant remember my password for windows entry
  5. A

    TRying to find a Budget Motherboard. Cant find a Fit

    TRying to find a Budget Motherboard for my Build using 9600k as Cpu in ATX Mid-Tower. with Overclock a bit but not extremely. going to be 1080p gaming. will also wanting it to be future proof for a while. every motherboard i find it has issues Need some great Mind Ideas. Don't want to spend...
  6. L

    Surround sound broken

    Hi, we have 2 x Samsung HTF6500 home entertainment systems. They are a few years old but well looked after. I think the speaker ports are. broken on both of them. Not all the speakers seem to work anymore. Is it possible to replace these and can you do it yourself or do I need to take it in...
  7. T

    Question RAM only shows as VIRTUAL RAM in Windows 10 System Information

    I only have 1 RAM Slot, 8 Gb built in, 8 Bb installed. My user installed RAM ONLY shows up as virtual RAM. Have reseated the DIMM. Have tried a 2nd brand name of RAM with the same specs. Only 8 Gb shows as RAM in Task Manager, as well. (8 Gb built in + 8 Gb user installed) CPU-Z shows all the...
  8. I

    Debating buying THIS PC. Is the price Justified? Are there better options out there?

    https://www.microcenter.com/product/511665/g432-desktop-computer I'm wondering if this PC is worth it. I sorta scrambled n added up all the prices and it seems like i may be spending 300 more than I should. I'm not the most computer builder savvy person so i'm looking for an opinion on it or...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Threadripper-not running great

    ive been having issues with this build that we worked very hard getting gigabyte parts for, and it all runs on a ryzen threadripper. when playing fortnite-pubg- or probably alot of new games i go from over 100 frames to 45-60 frames then right back up to 100+frames. this problems is common and...
  10. E

    New RTX 2070 - Upgrade CPU?

    2013 - 4770k OC 16gb RAM GTX 770 As of last week - 4770k OC 16gb RAM RTX 2070 I can’t make my mind up, should I stick with it for now, upgrade to a 4790k (wait for 10nm CPUs) or go all out and buy a 9700k now? I mostly play pubg, what are your thoughts?
  11. J

    [SOLVED] 1991 Fuji film video recorder

    Please help! We found my moms old video camera recorder it’s a handheld from 1991 and has all my baby videos. It’s a Fuji film video recorder and I wanted to know how we can play the videos on our TVs from this era (flat screens). Please help so my grandparents can see them. Thank you. :??:
  12. S

    144Hz but want to play a game at 60fps

    Hey, sorry for the confusing title - I'm not really sure what else to put down. Basically, I've been playing Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (it's a game I've loved all my life and am returning to for nostalgic reasons) but since I last played it I have gotten a 144Hz monitor. The game now...
  13. M

    Do i need to buy a new computer. or could i upgrade my HP Pavilion p6769sc?

    Hey :) I have a HP Pavilion p6769sc, with the right description as this one : https://support.hp.com/hr-en/document/c02688356 What im am wondering about is if its possible to upgrade this computer so i could play for example PUBG,SCUM,Fortnite,GTA V? Its not important that the quality in the...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] what does game installation speed depend on ?

    what does game installation speed depend on .. i mean what pieces of hardware can make huge difference in speed of installing repacks and games .. does it depend mostly on HDD or Ram or processor or what ? ..
  15. U

    are 2 cores enough for gaming vm?

    I have the Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition 3.56 GHz / 40gb ram and 3 MSI 1080 x and want to use it for 3 gaming virtual machines... So are 2 cores for every vm enough?
  16. K

    did my gpu died ?

    hello every one this is my first time asking for a personal issue , usually i find others who have the same problem and i see the feedback but this time things are different the story my gtx780 was working 100% until i put it in my desk and for a week the sun was hitting him ( my window block...
  17. C

    Looking for a 4k monitor with decent 1440p hz overclocking

    I've got an RTX 2080 coming in the mail (step up from my current 1060) I've been running my current monitor over at 70hz and while I don't see much point or ability to run higher than 60 for 4k I'd like to be able to push a higher refresh for lower resolutions. My friend has a dell 4k monitor...
  18. T

    Best build for WoW?

    What are the best cpu/gpu combo's for running World of Warcraft right now for the highest possible frame rates, amd or intel. /E Also would be looking to run dual monitors .. no streaminig or VR or anything of that nature
  19. C

    Is "totally-not . spyware . lol" malware?

    Hello everyone I recently updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 12 and it runs very smoothly. However, today someone told me about "totally-not . spyware . lol" as a website which jailbreaks your device in iOS 10. I knew it wouldn't work but anyway I tried it and it gave me an error about that it...
  20. S

    what is the best GPU for my i7 2600 non-k?

    Good day What is the best GPU to pair for my CPU Rig. I want to play laters games on max setting specially NBA 2k18 Processor: i7 2600 nonk 3.40 RAM: 16gb ddr 1333mhz PSU: 500 watts tiger power true rated Monitor : 1080p 60hz IPS thanks for the answers
  21. D

    laptop keeps shutting down

    how do you check fan speed? computer keeps shutting down?
  22. N

    Pc Freezing Every Few Hours

    Hey! So as a new pc user i never really expected my new pc to just do this. Every couple of hours, my pc (which is about a month old) freezes. No blue screen just everything freezes. I can see what i was doing prior to the freeze but everything including background activities freeze up. Its...
  23. S

    Why does Geforce experience optimize Fallout 4 to have medium-low settings when I have a GTX 1080 TI FTW3?

    I have the highest clocked edition of the GTX 1080 TI which is still now retailing at $850 on Amazon, The FTW3 iCX. Its OC using precision EVGA to 1900MHz. Ive an 8700K with an OC to 4.7GHz using EZ OC in my BIOS. 16GB RAM at auto frequency. ASRock Z370 PRO 4 MB. And a 500GB NVMe from Samsung...
  24. J

    Asus X79-Deluxe Motherboard turns all fans to max when computer shuts down

    Hi! I have a computer that uses an ASUS X79-Deluxe Motherboard. Every time I go to shut down this computer, the fans turn on to maximum speed as soon as the computer is off. The only way to then turn off the fans is to then go to the back of the computer and press the switch to stop the power...
  25. G

    Worth Overclocking 1080ti

    Hi all I’ve no doubt this has already been covered so apologies in advance, I have a 1080ti sc and I’m asking is it worth overclocking at all? What kind of performance increase should I expect? (I know every card is unique so I don’t expect an exact figure) I have i7 7700 16gb ram but like most...
  26. B

    nvidia + freesync

    im buying a gtx 1070 ti and a freesync monitor, but over at reddit i read that they are not compaible at all, is this true? should i just save money and buy a non freesync monitor? (cant a afford a g sync one)
  27. J

    Upgrading PC, which parts should I keep? Any suggestions on what parts to get?

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade my PC parts, as I am not enjoying the performance of my PC currently. Ideally want to keep my case and graphics card, as I only recently acquired them and definitely do not need those new parts. I was wondering, can I keep my power supply and storage if I was looking...
  28. T

    Asus Prime X470 Pro - M.2 RAID 0 Configuration

    So, i thought it was going to be easy but seems it's not. I have bought a pc and i got it yesterday. It has 2 M.2 SSD samsung 970 EVO 500GB (and another one i already had for OS, a SATA one) So my intention is having the SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for the OS and applications wich aren't games...
  29. S

    Trying to install 4x4GB (but wont work) 2x4GB works fine.

    So I've been trying to install 4x4gb ram for a while now. So far from what I've Googled, there shouldnt be a problem with my specs. Computer runs perfectly fine with 2x4gb. When I install 4x4gb the computer turns on, but the monitor,keyboard and mouse arent "recognized" aka not responding...
  30. J

    Ryzen 1700x with DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

    Hi guys and gals, So, I messed up on my shipping address of the order of my memory sticks. I won't get them until next week but I have every other component for my PC build. I'm wondering whats the worst that can happen if I try to use my old DDR3 from this computer just to get my new Ryzen...
  31. P

    ASrock X470 bios not seeing mouse/keyboard

    Help! This is my very first build. I am trying to access the bios but it won’t recognize my USB mouse or keyboard. I’ve tried all USB ports. I’ve tried using only one or the other. I’ve tried using a ps2 mouse (but I don’t own a ps2 keyboard). I’ve already installed Windows 10 and everything is...
  32. N

    Compatibility Issue, PC Part Picker New Gaming PC

    Hello everyone, I want to build a Gaming PC, so I used the System Builder feature on PCPartPicker. But after I've selected everything it seems that I got 2 compatibiliy issues, but I don't know if my build would still work. The Issues: 1. The motherboard M.2 slot #1 shares bandwidth with a...
  33. G

    Is i7 7700 compatible with msi z170a m3? will it work?

    Msi website says its only compatible with 6th gen.
  34. T

    Best GTX 1080 graphics card?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a GTX 1080 but I am not sure which one. My budget is around £520 but it can go higher if the extra price is worth it, but I was thinking about the Gigabyte Windforce 3? Thank you for any advice.
  35. B

    Are these normal temps for an i7-7700K?

    Greetings, I built a gaming PC two months ago and I got an i7-7700K cooled with an AIO Enermax Liqmax II 240. I just wanted to know if these temps are normal while gaming, It's summer in my country so i guess that it's normal to get slightly higher temperatures. Thanks in advance, I hope...
  36. O

    Cpu bootleneck with R5 2600x?

    I was wondering if a ryzen 5 2600x would be good with a gtx 1070ti. I am looking to get a 1070ti for a big upgrade and also some future compatibilty. ty
  37. K

    Amd GPU scaling makes my monitor "out of range"

    Two months ago my computer could switch to different resolutions and it wouldn't stretch to fit the screen and would instead have black bars. Now changing to different resolutions will make it look squished and stretched. This bothers me because I cant get my game to go full-screen at 1280x720...
  38. M

    Need advice on cooling setup for Corsair Air 740

    So I plan on building a desktop when the latest Nvidia GPU's hit the market soon and I feel confident with everything I've planned out except cooling. The PC parts: CPU AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU Cooler Corsair H150i Pro Motherboard Asus - ROG Crosshair VII Hero GPU will be whatever AIO Watercooled...
  39. V

    PC is "off" but fans/lights still on

    I'm puzzled as to what's going on here...maybe someone will have an idea. EDIT: I updated this because after seeing the one reply, i realized it sounded like I was trying to shut down and there's some issue, so I rewrote this to reflect how i keep it on 24/7/ I keep my one PC on 27/7 because I...
  40. D

    How much internet speed can motherboards reach?

    Gigabyte B360 Aorus Gaming 3 WIFI For example this one. I've got 300mbs at home but idk if this mobo can support 300mb wifi if not how much?