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  1. [SOLVED] Some Port Forwarding Rules Work, Some don't

    Hi there, I am attempting to forward a port on my ASUS RT-AC68U. The router is configured in normal wireless router mode and handles DHCP for my network. It's connected to an AT&T provided PACE 5268AC which is configured to bridge mode, sending all traffic to the ASUS router. The ASUS router...
  2. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding Not Working On Google WiFi

    I've been attempting to set up a Minecraft server for me and my friends on an old laptop, and everything went great until the dreaded port forwarding. I think I've narrowed it down to be Google WiFi's fault. Here's what the situation is: The firewall is allowing JAVA and the port forwarding...
  3. Ectopl4sm

    Question Port Forwarding Stopped Working

    Recently I've been trying to run a Unturned server, but when I attempt to using Xfinity's website, it gives me an error saying, "We're having some trouble." I was successfully able to run a Minecraft server before so I thought that was weird. Another weird thing is that the old port forward I...
  4. BlueGuyTTV

    Question I think i port forwarded the port 25565 so i can run the MC server, but when testing it says its closed. What do i do ?

    Hi, i have been dealing with a problem lately. I have got myself a TP-LINK Archer C80 and i bought it beacuse the settings seemed easy. They are, but not working? Let me show you my NAT port forward settings: Service name : HTTP IPv4 ADDRESS : External port: 25565 Internal port ...
  5. A

    Question Port Forwarding not working on AC5400X router

    Hello, I have been trying to setup port forwarding for a Minecraft bedrock server (port 19132) on my AC5400 router. I have done all of the following in my attempts but have still had no success: -setup a static IP for my hosting device -set port forward rules for port 19132 to TCP and UDP on...
  6. woofer300

    [SOLVED] Why doesn't port-forwarding work ?

    Warning in advance - I am not very tech-savvy and might be doing some basic things wrong. Hello! I am trying to run an instance of Visual Studio Code in the browser using the open-source project code-server. For this, I am trying to port forward from private port 8080 on my Raspberry Pi 4 to my...
  7. Yaboy908

    [SOLVED] Port forwarding drops connection

    Good day all, need help urgent as other posts I have seen of this were from 2009, I’m hosting an MC server while I stream to twitch, it won’t be immediate but maybe like 30min after the server has been opened the internet connection to the PC drops, it is wired and the modem is a Huwaei if...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Accessing Nextcloud instance

    For a brief outlook on my home network config please refer below: Primary Router ( ----------Windows Client ----------Secondary Router ( --------------------------------------------------Nextcloud instance on Ubuntu (
  9. I

    Question Port forwarding seems to be set up correctly, but port is still closed.

    I have port-forwarded before, and as far as I can tell, I have it set up correctly. However when I use https://portforward.com 's port checking utility, it is closed. My ip address is static, and I set a new inbound rule in my computer's firewall, but I see no difference. My router is an eero...
  10. VikkiVuk

    [SOLVED] Port forwarding wont work, i tried LITERALLY everything

    I want to forward the port 25565 for my minecraft server, and I can't seem to do that. Things I've tried to do: Windows Firewall is off Windows Defender is off Modem firewall is off No other virus/firewall software My IP is static My Wan-IP is static Tried looking through the WHOLE internet...
  11. Rian_lad

    [SOLVED] How do I use port triggering on a TP Link MR6400

    Hello everyone! I've been looking all over and cannot for the life of me understand how to use port triggering/forwarding. I have contacted the live chat of TP-Link and they were not helpful at all. So I've turned to you guys, please give me the energy to complete this task haha! So to the...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding help

    My goal is simply to forward port 25565 and I can't seem to do that. Things I've tried/info: Windows Firewall is off Windows Defender is off Router firewall is off No other virus/firewall software My modem is simple. No settings. No router like features My IP is static My Wan-IP is static...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Difficulty with Minecraft Server

    This is another "cant' set up a Minecraft server" post ... Hoping someone will be able to help. The short version is that the server works on my computer, but not his. Both of our computers are hardwired directly to the ASUS RT-AC86U router via ethernet cable. His local IP address is...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Every port checker says my port is closed, but utorrent says it's open. So which is it??

    I've been through a lot of research for days to get my port to open for better uploading with utorrent, and it finally says it's open, but actually not much upload is going on, and when I check the port with portforward.com's port checker, (and others) it says that it's closed or not reachable...
  15. [SOLVED] Need Help With Port Forwarding

    I think I did everything right, but the port is still closed. Please help.
  16. I

    [SOLVED] How do i fix "The internet gateway did not accept your changes." ? URGENT

    So I'm trying to port forward with my ASUS GT-AX11000. It's not working so I am using the router properties on my Windows 10 PC. (If you want to know why, read below)* Anyways, out of nowhere all my ports were removed and It's now giving me this error. View: https://imgur.com/Cx21EPT I just...
  17. Adam B

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding - Modem / Router not playing nice, or am I missing something?

    Hello! I'm trying to use my computer to host a centralized version control server for a team coding project, and so far everything is seemingly set up correctly in terms of the server, and the client sides -- except that the TCP connection fails due to an issue with my port 1666, which the...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Port remains "filtered" after port forwarding

    Hello, I don't typically make my own posts, generally gleaning what I need from other topics, etc. So if there's something I've improperly formatted or posted in the wrong place, please let me know & I'll try to fix it. So, I've been trying to start up a Minecraft server for my friends & me...
  19. Zeoxks

    Question Can't get the Port to open.

    Some backstory: I already port forwarded, port triggered and set up my firewall for gaming on my old router. The router stopped working so after I got a replacement I wanted to play some modded games with friends so I went to try and open the ports. That's where the problem starts. The porting...
  20. J

    Question Port forwarding for my minecraft server not working.

    I have previously been able to forward ports for minecraft servers but for some reason it is not working now. I have read quite a few threads on this website and none of the soloutions have worked Heres some more info: I have a windows 10 PC and my ISP is TPG This is what it looks like in my...
  21. Audubo

    [SOLVED] Cant Port Forward Huawei E5186s-22a

    I want to port forward Huawei E5186s-22a. i have virtual server setup with a static ip and port but i cant open the port. I tried turning off the firewall completely but it didn't work factory reset too.
  22. M

    [SOLVED] solved

    Good Evening. I have been trying to figure out why I can only view my security cameras while connected to my home network (aka if I am on the same network). My setup is a ROGERS Hitron (Ignite TV) modem (bridge mode) > Eero 3-pc mesh system This was working before switching ISP without any...
  23. P

    [SOLVED] How do I set a wireless connection and a wired connection to the same IP address?

    I have a situation that causes me to swap my PC between a wired and wireless connection quite often, and these connections both have different IPs. It wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for portforwarding. Since you can only portforward to one IP address, I can currently only choose to...
  24. E

    [SOLVED] Can't play GTA online with friends

    I can't play GTA online with my friends, It's always showing that I have a strict NAT, I tried changing my routers NAT type to type 1,2,3,4. Nothing worked... How will I fix this I tried everything I could
  25. G

    Question Port Forwarding issues

    Hi! I'm trying to port forward on my netgear router, mainly for a minecraft server but probably for a couple of other things as well. I've set my static ip in LAN setup and i set my computer's IP in port forwarding settings with the ip address 25565 for every option. However, not only will the...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] No port forwarding programs working after internet tech left

    I am driving myself nuts here trying to solve this. A few days ago we had network problems and a tech came out and gave us a new modem while splitting our tv and internet lines. So now we have two modems. One serves the internet and the other is for phone and TV. I run a Minecraft server from a...
  27. T

    Question Absolutely lost with Port Forwarding.

    I have port forwarded several times before. I'm not new to it, 3 different internets ago everything worked fine, never had an issue, until recently when we got a new internet, faster and cheaper why not? So as always, I go to port forward all done, website was easier than the last one had no...
  28. A

    Question How open ports on FiOS router

    I have frontier FiOS router which is Arris NVG468MQ where im confused is at where it says global port range and has two boxes, and on the bottom it has local base port one box. Do I have to fill this out for one port or do I have to fill one out for all the ports im trying to open?
  29. chillyhd

    [SOLVED] PortForwarding Issues on Huawei HG630 V2

    I own a Huawei HG630 V2 Router and would like to port-forward. Porwarding on my old router was a simple process but im having trouble with my new one. Port-forwarding is called port-mapping im wondering if it the same this? When port-mapping its asking me to to input external and internal port...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] How can I get my ports to forward for minecraft server

    I have tried everything to get my ports to open. I have port forwarded, allowed the port (both incoming and outgoing) though my firewall, I have even used no-ip's dynamic update client. Im at a loss
  31. K

    Question Double NAT - How to access server without port forwarding.

    I've been reading about this for days, but i just can't figure out exactly what i need to do. If i wanted to access my plex server, but im unable to port forward (no access to main router) how would i go about doing this? I've read about reverse tunneling, also tried to make an OpenVPN server...
  32. M


    i have been trying port forwarding but whatever i do on my router it doesn't work.In settings of router( it seems normal but when i check it on a website it says it's closed.I try it on metasploit anyway but it still doesn't working helpppp
  33. Derpytron

    [SOLVED] I want to port forward Huawei HG8245H5, is it safe to use this program?, any help?

    I've been watching many videos of different ways on how to portforward my internet, but I haven't had any luck with it: Here's what I've tried: My modem is a Huawei HG8245H5 I've tried adding my IPV4 and putting the internal and external port to: 25565 on the port forward menu, but I haven't...
  34. This Guy Here

    [SOLVED] An issue with port forwarding

    Hello, I am using a Telecolumbus model CH7485E router. I wanted to host a dedicated Garry's Mod server on my laptop but the port forwarding doesn't seem to work. I used the following ports: 27015 - 27015. I can't seem to find what's not working, could you please help me? Thanks. Below is the...
  35. Mikestriken

    Question I spontaneously can no longer port forward

    I have been running this Minecraft Server recently with friends until last Thursday when I attempted to log on through public IP to test my friend's connection to the server and my connection was refused :( I was confused as to why until I narrowed it down to my port no longer being forwarded. I...
  36. B

    Question Help with Server Port Forwarding

    Hello All been having some issue starting up my minecraft server and I have no idea what's wrong with the port Forwarding. Currently I have the server fully up and running and am able to connect through localhost but When my friends attempt to connect after port-forwarding its not letting them...
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding not working

    My NAT type in the new Cod MW 2019 is set to STRICT and i learned that i have to port forward in order to change that. Okay so.. i did everything, 1st of all checked my IPCONFIG in command prompt so i know the correct IP, 2nd went and changed my router settings, 3rd opened ports in firewall and...
  38. alexsantini_

    Question I can't open ports / port forward, DMZ not working

    Port forward is simply not working. Only ports 80 and 22 are "working". DMZ does nothing. I called my ISP and they told me I'm not in CGNAT. My public IP is starting with 188.xxx... There are my ipconfig/all and ports: View: https://imgur.com/a/fGwGanH Please help me! :(
  39. K

    [SOLVED] I can't open ports

    I need help. So, what have i tried - port forwarding, disabling firewall or enabling it with rules, dmz, i have static ip, disabling anti virus, also my router is TL-WR841N. HELP pls (it is for a game and the specific ports i want to use are 27015 and 7777)
  40. Question Port Forwarding on Speedport W 724V not working

    So I wanted to port forward for a Minecraft server to play with a friend. And I port forwarded 25565 and it didn't work does anyone have experience with speedport W 724V or know how to resolve this issue. here is an image of port forwarding page