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  1. Grogar123

    High ping spikes randomly

    I play a lot of games online and randomly during the day I will get high ping spikes that will kick me out of games and kick me out of discord it lasts for about 30 seconds up to a minute and its very frustrating because im not sure what the cause is ive called att and they said there is no...
  2. F

    Rtx 2080 worth it?

    Hello, i was just wondering, what everyone's thought's are about the new RTX 2080. so i know iv seen a lot of hate on it but would it be a good upgrade from my Gpu 1060 ? my specs are Intel i5-8600k 5.00 Ghz overclocked Cpu liquid cooler M.2 drive 750 watt power supply 16gb Ram rgb Mobo...
  3. P

    Multiple attempts at fixing boot loops, not memory, restored windows 2 times now HELP!!

    So I just built my first pc. Everything was going fine for a of couple days until I started getting boot loops with different error messages each time. After looking up multiple solutions to this and trying as many as I could, I would still be getting BSoDs. One day, for some reason, windows...
  4. D

    The PC doesn't power on

    I have a Dell precision T7400. It have a problem that some times works and when it turn on after some minutes the fans will rotates in maximum speed, display will gone, I need to power off it by remove the plug, now it doesn't turn on now, the LED on motherboard is lighted but no responds on...
  5. D

    Looking for a desktop that can run Maya, ZBrush, Nuke, etc

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for buying a desktop/workstation that can Maya, Nuke, ZBrush? I'm looking for something that won't go above the costs of $2000 if possible!
  6. Z

    Is it worth upgrading an old I5 at the moment?

    I currently own an old 3570k and although it still provides me good fps and doesn't hold back my 1080 ti for the most part I get quite a bit of stutter in game which can get real annoying. For example my CPU and GPU during hellblade give a solid 120+ fps at all times but i get this stutter which...
  7. T

    Turning off monitor kills stream recording

    I use RarmaRadio to record folk music programs for my wife. I just did a clean install of windows and re-installed RarmaRadio. The recordings work fine as long as I leave my monitor on. If I turn off the monitor, it kills the stream. I just tested on my laptop - no problem when I close the...
  8. R

    Will rasing my pc up or down damage my pc?

    Hello yesterday i was cleaning my pc and i raised my pc from the front i raised up with the back of it still on the table if the pc is this"|" and i raised up like leaning it up from the front it will be like this now "/" with the back on table and front up in air will this harm my pc or...
  9. D

    Old PSU Worry

    I'm desperate to get my new PC finished and have been on a tight budget. Its mainly used for work but also some gaming at times, this is what its going to be: AMD Ryzen 1700 MSI X370 Gaming Plus Motherboard Team Group Ram DDR4 3000mhz 16gb (2x8gb) Nvidia GTX770 2gb MSI 3x 1TB 3.5" Drives 1x...
  10. C

    guys 144hz or 75hz

    cpu: ryzen 5 1600 gpu: 1070ti evga sc What should i buy. I play esport games like fortnite and csgo and other games.
  11. M

    Rise of the Tomb Raider not allowing 144hz

    Im Currently running an asus xg27vq it says whenever I check that my monitor is running in 144hz, I have an i7 5930k not oc and a r9 290 4gb of ggdr5. So now when I goto boot Rise of the Tombraider and go into setting i'll enable exclusive fullscreen (So i can change refresh rates) and set the...
  12. D

    Oculus go and gun club vr

    So my question is pretty simple. Will Gun Club VR run on the Oculus go that's pretty much all there is to it and if not, will it run Gun Club 3. And if so what are the differences between the two
  13. H

    things on task manager startup

    Need help removing the reidel.exe and sicken.exe also need help figuring out what the 2 program things are and what protectionism is. I know the sicken.exe and reidel.exe are old regenerating viruses I removed using Malwarebytes. I set all those to disabled so they dont start up.
  14. D

    How to enable 7.1 surround sound on plantronic rig 800hd

    just bought a rig 800 hd, but unable to find any driver or software to enable 7.1 surround sound, like 500e.
  15. P

    How do I get more space for ssd

    Ok so I do a lot of gaming and have a 256gb ssd and I am running out of the space, is there a way I can add another ssd or how can I get more ssd space.
  16. A

    2 diffrent m.2 SSD-s

    So i am building pc and i want a good SSD but pretty cheap for my pc and i found these 2: 1)http:// - 2)http:// so the first one costs like only 10euro more but it has so much faster reading speed and reading speed is most important for me. Is it worth to buy the 10 euro expensiver?
  17. D

    PC can't detect 2nd monitor I have two monitors, one connected to my pc via a hdmi cable and one with a vga. The white one in the picture is connected with the hdmi. I want to get another of the black monitor but i'm holding off until I know I can get dual screen to work. It's plugged in...
  18. M

    Wish app for electronics?

    Has anyone tried buying stuff from Wish? They got a lot of stuff and seems like they have good deals on refurbished products too. For example $145 for beat studio 2.0 is honestly pretty good since there is no shipping or tax. I just wanted...
  19. D

    GTA 5 cutscenes stutter and gameplay as well

    So for some reason the cutscenes always stutter and so does the gameplay however the FPS is consistently 60 or above. I checked my CPU temps and the average is around 45 - 50 so I'm not too sure what the problem is. Specs are Intel i5 6500 3.2 GHz GTX 960 8 GB of RAM Samsung 256 GB SSD
  20. X

    ASUS ROG STRIX z370-F nVMe

    Im wondering is the motherboard capable to boot from nVMe m2 just by installing windows on it ?
  21. E

    Upgrading the PC

    Yo guys whats going on,today i'm taking my next step towards upgrading my PC ever since my last GPU overheated and became a useless piece of junk,kinda sad actually since it was a EVGA 980 Ti,anyways today my inquiry is about either getting the 2 heatpipe Cooler Master GeminII S524 Version 2...
  22. R

    Mac Hard Drive not showing up on Windows PC

    Have an older Sata 3 2tb hard drive i got from a Power Mac G5 i was planning to modify for a PC case and wanted to use the 2tb as an extra bit of storage along with my regular 1tb hard drive and .5tb ssd. So i pulled out an extra sata cable i had lying around and tried to connect it but realized...
  23. B

    Headphone jack on my Samsung smart tv not working ,tv and sound is fine when headphones not plugged in

    Headphone jack not working on my Samsung smart tv ,tv and sound work fine when headphones not plugged in
  24. B

    Please recommend hardware repair or data recovery services for Intel 320 SSD

    I have an Intel 320 SSD that seems to have failed at hardware level. There is some data that I'd like to recover if possible. So I'd like to see if there's some commercial services that can recover the data with affordable price. The SSD was installed in a laptop with a harddrive password...
  25. A

    Need your expert opinion on this build

    Hello experts, I need your opinion on this build. I'm not sure about compatibility or any potential bottlenecking between parts. Any advice on improving it is welcome. Any advice on screen would be greatly appreciated too. CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX LGA...
  26. Boopig

    Semi new rig boot loops after POST

    Hey guys. I'm typing this on my phone so please forgive any mistakes in my text. Prime z370a EVGA GTX 1080 superclocked I7 8700k 16GB DDR4 3000mhz EVGA 850w gold standard PSU 1x Kingston SSD 1x baracuda 2TB HDD 1x baracuda 3TB HDD 2x 140mm fans for my noctua cup cooler 9x 120mm fans for...
  27. M

    Newly build PC is smoking on startup, please help!

    So here is the story. I just got last parts I need and build them all together. Turned it on for the first, case fans were spinning for a second (didn't pay attention to cpu and gpu fans). Turned away to connect keyboard and mouse. In some 20 seconds I smelled something burning and there was a...
  28. D

    After setting UEFI to legacy boot mode, laptop did not boot at all, no POST either. Removing CMOS battery doesn't help either

    Hi all, so, I bought a second-hand laptop (thinkpad t440s) and wanted to check the hardware with memtest86+. For this though I needed to disable some UEFI settings to have the computer boot into legacy mode (following instructions here...
  29. S

    How to repair

    Hi guys i formatted my new 64G sandisck usb i loaded movies onto it i can find them.on my laptop but my tv wownt read my usb .what should i do?
  30. H

    Pc wont enter windows

    Hi, i have a problem that i can't seem to fix and was wondering if someone could help me... my pc turns on and off the whole time and when i clear cmos it runs, goes into my bios but wont go into windows, it shows the windows logo and just hangs there...even trying to flash my bios does nothing...
  31. B

    Dell Precision T3500's no video out6

    I was given two T3500's that an office had replaced with MacBooks. They had been in working order, but the hard drives had been removed. With or without a hard drive I get no video out, not even a splash screen. Any help would be appreciated.
  32. N

    Can I just put any Laptop hard drive into another laptop

    I have two HP laptops. One of the laptops has a 500gb hard drive. The other has a 32gb. I want to put the 500gb hard drive into the laptop with the 32gb hard drive
  33. S

    What should i do?

    Hello. I decided to buy a new pc. From the beggining it was easy-i was just going to buy a new one. But i am on a budget ($300) and computers for that price are not exactly for my needs-gaming & editing. So my question is should i buy new pc or used one. I already found 2 pc- one new and one...
  34. A

    Lightbulb on the side of the laptop flashing

    On the right side of my laptop their is a flashing light on the lightbulb sight and my pc won’t turn on
  35. T

    Would like some help on an booting issue I am having. Thank you in advance.

    I have a Z170 (er 6700k??) with 32 gb RAM (4x8gb), 550 w PSU and a 1060 6gb GPU. Everything was fine until Tuesday when all of a sudden, it, what I thought was rebooting, but every fan was maxing RPM's. CPU, system, GPU and motherboard fans. I turned it off via the small PSU switch at the...
  36. C

    Graphics Card Help Please!

    Hi everyone, I need some help deciding how to upgrade my Graphics card and a little question on the side pertaining to monitor as well. First off my PC was built in 2015 so its still doing pretty good but it is time for another GPU and I wanna get advice from you all based on my specs how I...
  37. G

    Does my pc support gtx 1050?

    Intel core I3 3210 3.20 Gz 8 GB ram Gigabyte H61m-DS2 (5 rev)
  38. C

    No computer/internet. Want LAN for phones, usb drive and printer. Possible?

    I have no computer or internet, just smart phones. I want to set up a Local Area Network to print phone messages/pictures and or save from the phone to a usb hard drive. How do I do this?
  39. I

    I have an older TV (1 HDMI and coax outputs). I would like to connect cable box (1 HDMI, 1 Optical)

    I have an older TV(1 HDMI and coaxial output); I would like to connect a cable box with one HDMI and one optical output, a DVD player with HDMI output, a Pioneer soundbar with 1 set of coax and 1 Optical) and Amazon fire stick to an HDMI splitter.
  40. B

    My computers Internet is fast but it’s my cell phone is slow

    I have Xfinity and on the computer I get up to 80 MB on my iPhone I only get 14 MB how can I change that?