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  1. B

    Windows Failed To Start...(Sigh)

    Keep getting this error on my HP Pavillion dv5 Notebook. "Windows failed to start a recent hardware or software change might be the cause." Error: 0xc0000098 An unexpected error occurred. Ran a HDD test, was told to replace the HDD, did that and the error still persists. Installed Windows...
  2. H

    Looking for 1.4a hdmi compatible 120 hz monitor.

    Hi, I am looking for a monitor that is compatible with 1.4a hdmi 120 hz. Can anyone help me, I have looked for a long time but find these are really rare.
  3. B

    First Build,will it work?

    First,thx you soo much 4 your time Cpu: Mobo...
  4. ForeverMore

    (PLEASE DELETE) irql_not_less_or_equal BSOD during boot

    So I'm making this new thread so my other one doesn't get too messy. This is based on the same problem as the one in the other thread but I have a more specific question. I connected one of those beepy speaker things to my motherboard (ga-z170n-gaming 5 with the latest BIOS - f23d)...
  5. K

    PC Over Desk Mount

    I have glass desk and am looking for something that can support my pc on top of my desk so I can easily access it. Any ideas?
  6. thesnowleopard782

    Three Blue Screens in Four Hours

    So, I moved some game files last night. When I booted this morning I got a blue screen halfway through a youtube video. IRQL not same or equal. I ran a memory test. No issues found. Second Blue Screen appears: FLTMNG.sys was all I was able to copy before my system rebooted. Ran a check of all...
  7. Kieran10

    Can Antivirus damage PC files?

    Hey, So simple question. Can files somehow get damaged whilst scanning?
  8. K

    Cannot dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 10

    Hi guys, hoping you can help. I have Windows 10 installed on an SSD (Samsung 128GB drive) and I was hoping to dual boot with Windows 7 on another SSD (SanDisk 64GB drive) as I have a few games which refuse to launch in Windows 10. I shut down the PC, unplugged the Windows 10 drive and my 1TB...
  9. D

    Asrock h110 BTC + not loading windows

    Hi all, I have a H110 BTC and can not load windows, have tried windows 7 with optical drive and Flash pen and now tried Windows 10 on flash and still get an error when around 8% loaded.. any help would be great TIA
  10. I

    SB6141 Internal Network IP Address Question

    I have to be missing something simple... I have a new SB6141 for replacing my comcast rental modem. Easy to switch it out and get working, but what I can't figure out is how to change the default internal IP Address (default is My internal network has a bunch of static assigned...
  11. N

    Will A Gt 1030 work with my Inspiron 530s

    I wanna upgrade a old 530s with a gt 1030 but need to know if it will work.
  12. T

    gtx 1050 2 gb vs Rx 550 4 gb

    I am buliding a 400$ gaming pc and I need to pick a gpu. I have narrowed it down to a Gtx 1050 2 gb and a RX 550 4 gb. I can't pick between the two gpu's and I need to pick fast.
  13. J

    Can gtx950 hold these monitors?

    On my gtx950 2GB I'm running 4 Monitors of 1200*1920 Can I replace ONE monitor with a 43" Dell monitor ? (3840 * 2160 = 8,294,400) Math: 3*small monitors + One large monitor are less of my nVIDIA card. and, in numbers: 3*1200*1920 + 1*8,294,400 < 16,384,000 pls IGNORE the fact that...
  14. C

    Budget Gaming Build

    Hi, I'm looking to put together a build for around £400 for my 10 year old brother for Christmas. He plays a lot of games like Minecraft and Roblox, but I'd like it to have the capability to play some current games ideally. Room for expansion and upgrades would be great too! Thanks, Connor
  15. P

    Buying bigger M2 SSD - only one M2 slot on mobo

    Ideally would like to clone the 128Gb I've got onto the new 512Gb one - to avoid having to reinstall windows. BUT there is only one M2 slot on the mobo. Am I right I'd need to but a M2/SATA caddy so that I can plug the new SSD (temporrarily) into SATA?
  16. T

    PC turns on (black screen), shuts off after ~10 seconds, & repeats (4-pin ATX 12V connector possible culprit)

    Hey guys, so yesterday I got my i5 7600K to replace my i3 6100. But after I installed it and tried to turn on my pc the fan & the lights from the power button & mouse turned on, but after about 10 seconds it just shut off and started back up again. This continued until I turned off the pc. I...
  17. X

    First PC build: Try to boot for the first time CPU light blinks red and nothing happens

    So this is my first build. I put everything together to the best of my knowledge (and according to the manuals) the correct way. I plug the PSU into the wall and go to boot up the system and the only thing that happens is the LED labeled CPU blinks red once and nothing happens after. Even if I...
  18. P

    Can a 1800mhz motherboard supports 1866mhz Ram

    So i wanted to buy A Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 4gb 1866mhz but my motherboard only supports only up to 1800mhz and i dont think that my cpu supports the 1866mhz. pls help MOBO:Asrock 880GM-LE FX CPU:AMD ANTHLON II X2 255
  19. I

    CPU upgrade help.

    Hello everyone! Just thinking of buying an i5 8400 for an upgrade (I currently have a Pentium G4560), and I was wondering if the upgrade is worth it for a game like PUBG, as I am keeping my graphics card (RX 460) for at least a bit longer. Will the $279 upgrade actually increase performance so I...
  20. Z

    need assistance choosing an appropriate power supply

    So i just bought a Ryzen 3 1300x, MSI B350M gaming pro motherboard, Samsung 850 EVO SSD and a 2 TB hard drive. I plan to buy a GTX 1050 ti,16 gb of DDR4 3000 and a NZXT S340 case but the thing that i'm having trouble with is picking an appropriate PSU. I've gathered a fair amount of knowledge on...
  21. J

    Is Intel i5 4690k compatible with ASRock P55DE3 motherboard?

    I want to buy a new CPU for my PC,and because my motherboard is only compatible with ddr3,I was thinking to buy a Intel i5 4690k CPU.The problem is that I'm not sure if the CPU is fully compatible with my current motherbord! Is it fully compatible? (I couldn't find any similar question online...
  22. S

    Looking for advice for my new pc build (PCPP link)

    Im new to pc gaming and im looking for a descent system to play on, i think the most demanding game i'm going to play would be GTA V. I prefer to play my games on High/Ultra settings, even with mods installed I would love to hear some feedback on this build, and ideas to maybe upgrade/downgrade...
  23. M

    Can i still use my Windows 7 OS on my NEW Motherboard?

    i bought a motherboard, and i want to use my Windows 7 Ult x64 OS on my hard drive. if not can i do something about it? like some guy i talked to says something about UEFI or something like that i have no idea about it, im new to PC stuff. guys pls help me i dont have budget anymore cause i...
  24. L

    Error Code 00

    Hello, after updated my BIOS to 2.10, I started normally Windows 10 OS, the problem came when I turned off my computer via OS, the PC hang up and the MB show the error "00". Thank you in advance for any help. PC Hardware: Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA...
  25. Minime313

    Put on Heatsink without New Thermal Paste

    I recently had to take off my CPU heatsink to check about thermal paste on the CPU pins, turns out that there wasn't any. Since the process took no more than 15 minutes, was it necessary to reapply the thermal paste. Also this is a new build so the paste was applied a few days ago.
  26. marius_ss

    Is there anything wrong with my M.2 SSD !!??

    somebody can tell me what with my M.2 seems that its not working on full speed ?? or I'm wrong ??? I've tested the R/W speed so I've got R900/W450 (official specs are 1800/400) SK Hynix PC300 256GB M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD G1.Sniper B7 (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE
  27. R

    My laptop frozen

    My laptop fairly new, frozen all is my screenpic and a white spinning circle,ctrl alt delete does nothing can't even shut it down and can't get into to check anything,what do I do?
  28. J

    Two Dead Pixels - caused by tv dinner dilemma or did I never notice?[/img] Hello, So this is the infamous asus pg279q model. Stupid me, and lesson truly learned, I had a tv dinner too close to the display and when I opened the lid some hot water/maybe gravy sprayed on bottom corner of the display. I grabbed one of those computer cloths...
  29. PootsMaster

    Asus P5QSE/R only 1 memory slot working

    Just like the title says, my motherboard somehow only works when only the very first slot is populated. I tried changing out the ram sticks but to no avail, as if there are sticks in the other slots, the motherboard would simply not post at all (fan spins, no warning from buzzer or led code). I...
  30. J

    Screw touching top of PSU

    So I have mounted my reservoir/pump horizontally onto the top of my Corsair 460x power supply shroud. To do this I had to drill some holes into the shroud itself. When the screws pass through the holes that I drilled, they touch the top of the power supply (Corsair Corsair RMx Series, RM750x...
  31. K

    Orange battery light and power light flashing

    Toshiba satellite power light and battery light flashing have tried removing battery and power and holding power button for 30 seconds no luck. Purchased new battery and power charger still not working
  32. T

    Looking to increase the connection to my network

    Here's the problem, I'm loosing connection with my router inside and outside my house while I'm using my cellphone. Verizon Vios has had me change channels. That hasn't helped either. I do see the same network names pop up from my neighbors asking me to join their network. Even the ones across...
  33. B

    and risen 1600 cooler

    is the cooler that comes with the 1600 worth keeping? or would my msi and frozr l be worth putting on?
  34. A

    Games Crashing Randomly

    I have a ASUS GL502VS with a GTX 1070M, i7 7700HQ, 16 GB of RAM, and an SSD and an Hard Drive and I'm running on Windows 10. I've been having problems with basically all games on Steam and other Platforms for example, I was playing NBA 2k17 and the game at random would black out and go the...
  35. A

    What negatives would not installing chipset drivers have?

    I just discovered that I never installed chipset drivers for my gaming PC that Ive been using for over a year... it kinda always acted a bit funny but I assumed that was just nature of Windows 7 - slightly buggy. Have I been limiting my PC in some way by not installing these drivers?
  36. 0

    CPU Temps While Gaming

    I have an Intel I7 7700k CPU with an H100i V2 cooling it. I've noticed in certain games like borderlands pre-sequel and recently lawbreakers my CPU temps while gaming go anywhere from 38c-59c during gaming. (usually it hovers around 45-55). The thing is the CPU load is only around 30-35% so I...
  37. B

    Photoguy wanting to build Ryzen system

    Hello all....I'm a photographer wanting to build a system using the Ryzen 1700 on a Gigabyte or comparable motherboard. Can someone help me figure out the best rig I can build on less than a thousand dollars, or am I dreaming ??
  38. C

    IGPU wont work after switching dedicated graphics card

    I used to have an HD4650 in my system and used it to run my main monitor via hdmi and used my IGPU hd3200 to run a second display via VGA. i now have an rx460 runniing my main monitor and when i plug the second display into the mobo it wont work. I would use the rx460 for it but it does not have...
  39. M

    Please Help Dell Optiplex 780 and GeForce GT730

    Hi, Is Dell Optiplex 780 and GeForce GT 730 / 4 Go DDR5 compatible to each other? It says PCie x16 (16,8,4,1) Please answer me, Im planing to buy it today
  40. A

    Computer not picking up microphone

    Hi, I got a new microphone for my computer a while ago. I never really use it, but when I did use it, every thing was fine. Now, when replugging it in, I'm finding that my computer isn't recognizing this microphone, and just the built in one. Any ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks...