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  1. W

    cheapest lga 1151+ pcie 3.0 motherboard

    anyone know where i can pickup the cheapest lga 1151 mobo for evga gtx 1060 6gb and i5 6500 for gaming but for cheap
  2. M

    Unable To Make A Connection to Internet

    Last evening after starting up my computer, I was unable to connect to the internet. After several reboots of the computer and modem, there was still no resolution. All the other network connected devices were able to maintain an internet connection through both wired and wireless connections...
  3. F

    PSU for Building my RIG

    Hi, I'm going to build a PC, but I don't know what PSU is good for the PC that I'm going to build because it might broke the components if it has a low voltage or higher voltage. Do you need to calculate or do you need to get the voltage of the mainparts? Here are the parts that I'm going to...
  4. B

    program files and program files x86 is missing

    I wanted to reinstall windows and delete all files i have in my comp so i started i did everything fine and when i was in partition part i deleted one and made a new one from unalocated space Happy Everything was fine but i tried 2-3 times because i couldnt find my local disk d i tried googling...
  5. C

    My GPU overheats

    Hi everyone, I've been owning the MSI Radeon HD 7870 for 3 and a half years now. Here's a link to the card's specifications : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127662 When I launch a game (CSGO for instance), it overheats immediately (95°C in 30 secs) and it makes hell...
  6. A

    which is the cheapest graphic card that can run a 4K TV smoothly

    I am building my first PC i will be using a 4K TV for display which graphic card can i use
  7. D

    Weird information boxes

    Recently I was playing Arma 3 in windowed mode and my game randomly crashed twice together with my display device drivers (Radeon R9 390X OC). However after the crash I started seeing weird squares instead of information boxes in Task Manager, Web browser, Desktop and all other applications. I...
  8. S

    Looking for a silent PSU

    I had to purchase a new PSU recently because my old antec TP750 was failing on me. I decided to bite the bullet and get what I thought was the best - Corsair AX860i. It is a pretty awesome PSU and does way more than I will ever need, however it has one thing that I hate - the fan. It is silent...
  9. A

    New Gaming/School Laptop options?

    So, I was one of those guys that always had a desktop that I tinkered with and used for school, writing, and gaming. I hesitantly bought a laptop as I left home for college out of state, and while I am still partial to a desktop I can work on myself, I love the portability of the modern laptop...
  10. MitchMuiz

    MSI 970 GAMING VRM heatsink?

    I have a AMD FX 6300 with a motherboard where the VRM's aren't heatsinked, so it heats up really quickly which causes enourmous framerate drops. Is the MSI 970 GAMING the motherboard I'm looking for? Thanks in advance!
  11. B

    100% Disk usage when i play ARMA 3

    Guys, everytime i open something to do with arma 3, either the A3L launcher or Arma 3, the disk usage shoots up to %97 to %100, and it makes my game pretty unplayable as it frame drops everytime the disk usage goes up, can someone please help me?
  12. H

    My GPU just died, but I HAVE to wait for Pascal!

    ;) !!!RANT WARNING!!! ;) The GPU (HD5700) in my desktop rig where I do most of my photo editing and other work just died. But I've been waiting for Pascal to drop for the last year or so anyway. (I went so far as to buy a PS4 to stave off GPU buylust while I waited.) Anyway, now with Pascal...
  13. E

    Opened up my laptop to clean/fix something, now keyboard won't work.

    Hello. I have an Asus Laptop that I recently bought a few weeks ago, and I had just opened it up because I had a metal piece stuck inside my audio/headphone jack and I had opened the laptop up to examine what was wrong, and when I re-screwed the cover back on, now when I boot up my PC, the keys...
  14. evyosh

    Asus GTX 960 2GB OC or 4GB

    i am planing to buy a new graphic card.. but they have 2 different card and they are huge difference in the price gap.... https://www.asus.com/ph/Graphics-Cards/TURBOGTX960OC2GD5/ https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/TURBO-GTX960-OC-4GD5/ what would are you guys saying....
  15. G

    Anyone still use LGA 775? (I got questions for you!)

    This is for people who still uses LGA 775. I got some questions! Also add some your specs, will help my situation. :)
  16. K

    Why does this happen everytime I boot my USB Windows 8.1 Install?

    I tried 4 different methods and 3 different iso files to make a bootable USB disk (one of them being windows 10 the rest being windows 8.1) and this is the closest I got to installing windows 8 on this laptop. I keeps giving me this error even after I go into startup settings. It had windows 7...
  17. A

    gtx 970 viable for my PC?

    Looking for help to see if it's worth putting a 970 in my current PC. Specs below: cpu - AMD FX6300 3.5 - 6 core board - msi 760 gma p34fx Ramm - 8 gb 1600mhz PSU - 400 watts Also, when i do a search for the 970's, various are listed. Besides manufacturer,price, and size, is there a difference...
  18. L

    what is Error 0x8078002A

    I have a 500gb external hard drive. It has worked well until know. My back ups keep failing giving me this error message 0x8078002A sometimes it says there is not enough space but there is plenty> any help is greatly appreciated :)
  19. A

    Need suggestions for a build..

    So my dad wants a PC to connect to his UHD TV. Here's what I've come up with... http://pcpartpicker.com/p/TVQKt6 -Is this sufficient for playing latest titles at medium - high settings at UHD res? -Is it worth it to upgrade to i7-4790 or a GTX980? I've haven't used AMD before so I'm kind of...
  20. M

    how do i reduce bandwith to wifi

    I know this is a strange question, but how do I reduce the amount of bandwith my wireless connection allows to be used of my total bandwidth? there are bandwidth hogs in the house running my internet experience. I have a centurylink connection 12 mbps, with main computer connected by Ethernet...