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  1. NovaInfernus

    Question Can I force a game to run in 720p while still having it cover my entire screen?

    Changing resolution makes the game smaller which I don't want. I wan't the game to cover the entire screen but run in 720p instead of 1080p for better performance.
  2. M

    Question Weird internet issue

    Hello, like the title says, I'm having a weird problem with my internet. I start playing a game, everything is fine for 2-3 minutes and then the quality starts dropping, despite my being being stable and low (fiber). Then when I join a new lobby, I lag for 2 minutes etc. After I take a few...
  3. M

    Question Lenovo series for developing: 'ThinkPad' or 'ThinkBook' - other?

    Hello Thanks to this friendly forum, with the purpose to buy an Asus (Zenbook Pro) for developing purposes (Java/Spring - VirtualBox for Linux) as an alternative was suggested Lenovo too. For Lenovo's Laptops page exists many models. For developing purposes indicated above - It seems the...
  4. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] What's a good TRUE 7.1 headphone?

    Good day, I'm currently looking for a pair of TRUE 7.1 surround sound headphones not one of those virtual 7.1 headphones that comes with BS software. I want something that is just plug and play, no BS software. Also, I prefer wired ones and ones that comes from a reliable and reputable...
  5. 600killsx

    Question Can the xbox series s run warzone and other COD games well?

    I'm thinking of buying the series s in place of buying a GPU so I could play warzone, Fortnite, and apex all that other junk can it run those at 60fps or 120fps, and do the graphics look good?
  6. O

    [SOLVED] Sound: how to record, NOT stream, sound true to how it's heard

    Have had a sound issue for a long time which is things I record sound far more quiet than they actually are as heard through my headphones and other software. An example would be me recording a small bit of an online stream or a small section of game play on any game, using something like OBS...
  7. Sumsar07

    [SOLVED] Are Silver Power PSUs Any Good?

    I have stumbled upon a brand called Silver Power, when i google it, it says that its parent company is Maxpoint. Is this psu brand any good?
  8. nazareneisrael

    [SOLVED] Longest Lasting Video Cards

    Hi. I am editing my post, to shorten it up a lot. My video card (MSI GTX1660) is failing after 18 months. Video card prices are outrageous right now, but I don't have a choice, as I need a card. Is there a "most reliable" brand of video card? I read that ASUS was considered one of the top...
  9. Subhajitdas298

    [SOLVED] About Antec NX600 quality expectations ?

    Hi There, I just got an Antec NX600 case. But it seems that, the case metal is quite thing [thin ?] and finish on the plastic parts (like HDD cage) are below professional. Is this expected? I have been using CM N500 for years, and still the quality is at least A grade, though a bit outdated...
  10. OrdJk

    Question Can the UMC22 power the DT 770 pro 80 ohm edition ?

    Since I already own the UMC22 I would like to save a bit of money by knowing if the DT 770 pro headphones can run off that AMP as well ? If anyone knows or has some kind of experience in this field please do reply to this thread , it would be much appreciated. I will try to reply to as many...
  11. tek3195

    [SOLVED] Which PSU should I keep ?

    I have two Rosewill units to choose from, one being Photon 550 and the other is PMG550. I purchased the Photon and had trouble getting a replacement cable so Rosewill sent the PMG550 at my request. PMG has two PCI-e connections at psu end although it only ships with one cable and still have to...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Quality loss

    Ok so I don't know if anybody here can help me with that but I wil ltry to explain. So...I use shadowplay to record my gameplay footage - I record at 4k (in shadowplay) after i export that gameplay footage into adobe premiere 2020 and later export it as an mp4 I see some quality loss. even the...
  13. ceprean04

    Question Image quality and pitch black corners in games on new monitor. pls help :<

    I recently swapped from an Asus 24" VG248QE gaming monitor which is 144hz 1080p display. I've had no problems with it for about 4-5 years that i've had it and some white horizontal lines appeared after a while and so I decided to buy a new one. The monitor i've bought is a DELL S2721GHF 1080p...
  14. P

    Question Any way to improve image quality to make it look like my old laptop display?

    I have an about 8 year old HP Endy dv7 laptop and recently bought a 27'' Samsung F350 Full HD monitor. The thing is, black or very dark details are almost unnoticeable in the new monitor. I tweaked every single setting I found, also tried reverting back to default settings and nothing seems to...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Displaying 1080p and 1440p content on a 4k monitor: does it look so bad?

    I am going to buy a new monitor as my old 1080p S27A950D has failed after 8 years using it. I am considering buying a 4k monitor (27" or 32"), something not high-end but "fairly decent" (such as the EW3270U or 326M6VJRMB or 27UL850 or something similar). My use will be mixed: gaming, video...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] youtube videos setting too low quality and netflix low bit rate?

    I need some help troubleshooting something. This is something that i, am so lost on. And usually i can figure issues out. Not this one. Basically, for some time now, youtube videos have been auto setitng to like 480p, and netflix as going to a really low bit rate without reason. My download...
  17. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] What do I need to power a mxl 770 mic?

    My budget is like £40-60 ($50) and I need to power my microphone with that money. I don't have much experience with phantom power and I wanted to get some advice here
  18. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Can someone tell me the ranks of the PSU quality in corsair PSU's ?

    For example some are VS , some are CX , some are RM I want to know the order of best to worst If you happen to know please do tell me
  19. P

    [SOLVED] MSI Optix G24c 2160p

    Hey guys, I've had the Optix monitor since last summer and am trying to get it back to settings I used to have it at. I know it's a 1080 monitor but I HAVE been able to get it to run at 2160p before, at 60hz. But I am unable to do so now. I went under the AMD Radeon Settings because I have...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] How good is the Hyper X Cloud Mix?

    I bought one for myself while it was on sale and there's lots of good reviews but is it mainly for gaming? And how good is the surround sound? Is it good enough to clearly hear where the enemy is and was it a good choice for a new pair of gaming headphones?
  21. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] what is going to be the best microphone for under £150 ?

    I have the audio technica at2020 in mind but it needs 48 volts and that would make it outside the budget I also have looked at the rode nt mini mic. Any suggestions (and why) would be helpful
  22. P

    [SOLVED] Sound BlasterX AE-5 vs high quality DAC

    Hi, I currently have a Gaming PC with a dedicated sound card, the Sound BlasterX AE-5 and a pair of Edifier audiophile grade stereo speakers along with the Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I was wondering if it'd be worth it to get a high quality DAC in order to get a superior sound quality vs...
  23. Dcopymope

    Question Will a dedicated sound card make a difference?

    :unsure: I have a Logitech Z623 Home Theater system linked below. The speakers are good but aren't that big, so I'm wondering how much of a difference if any would a dedicated sound card make? Can I expect a meaningful boost in the sound quality with my speaker system that it would make a worthy...
  24. Y

    [SOLVED] DisplayPort To HDMI Bad image quality

    So I bought a amazon basic's DP to HDMI, I plugged it into my GTX 1060 6GB and the results were really bad. The Screen can't reach 1920x1080 as it goes off screen as well as the image quality is really bad, it's bland and blurry. Before i had it with a VGA cable but I'm getting a processor soon...
  25. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Which of these two headphones is better ?

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0011UB9CQ/ref=emc_b_5_i -------------- beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HVLUR86/ref=psdc_5701405031_t3_B0011UB9CQ -------- Audio-Technica ATH- M50X studio monitor proffesional heaphones Both have around the same price tag, But I want to...
  26. andrewbrinkmann007

    Question Ghosting Issues

    Monitor: Acer XFA240 (1080p, 144hz, 1ms) GPU: RTX 2060S MOBO: MSI Z390 CPU: 9600k RAM: Corsair DDR4 3200mhz I do believe this is, what is referred to as, 'ghosting', but correct me if i'm wrong: I am experiencing very noticeable ghosting on this monitor. I haven't seen many topics of people...
  27. E

    [SOLVED] Beyerdynamic DT 880 or DT990?

    Hello, i want to buy a new pair of headphones but i don't really know which one to buy from Beyerdynamic , DT 880 Or DT 990, i play games, listen to music just want the best sound quality while listening to music and gaming, i know that the dt990 has more treble and more bass, but i don't care...
  28. D

    Question Do Files Degrade From Viewing Only?

    1. Assuming that the hardware is brand new and proven 100% functional, does anybody know if Adobe Illustrator's files will degrade only from viewing them without making any edits, changes, resavings? Or for that matter, is there any adobe product that will cause file degradation only from...
  29. F

    Question Help buying new PSU for gaming pc

    So i have been using a generic PSU for 3 years and i never want to changed it, so now im having problems and i need to change it, so my question i want to know the best 5 PSU 600watts under 40 dollars in amazon price/quality (money issues). My system: m5a78lm plus MB fx 6300 gtx 960 8gb ram...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Differences and better camera? Suggestions?

    I dont really know much about camera's but I'm fairly interested in them and over the next several months I'm going on some trips where I'd like to take pictures and video with good quality. However, $350 is really my top limit (like to go lower) cause a lot of these camera's I see are super...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] Did I make mistakes or is my gaming pc good

    I'm building a PC for the first time and I would like to know if what I build Is actually good or if i made a lot of rooky mistakes that'll impact my performance. thank you case - h500i (I like the aesthetics) mobo - Asus Prim x470 - pro cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 2700x (I will be using the stock wraith...