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  1. J

    Help me to chose VGA/GPU for 3D rendering and AE, 300$ budget

    hi... i have computer build with core i7 skylake, 16gb corsair vegence, 1tb wdc blue, and corsair vs450 Psu, my mobo is gigabyte b150m. i have play around After Effect and cinema 4D, but my computer seems quite slow on lighting (Cinema 4D) and AE while to much footage needed to use. i can even...
  2. D

    Need Confirmation I have a bad card please.

    A couple days ago my two monitors started flashing while I was in a game running on both screens. Then, on the second day it flashed again but this time the computer froze and I had to do a hard shut down. When the system rebooted it would come up with little blue lines on the screen and no...
  3. GrowTFM

    Can't go back to a older build

    I can't go back to older build. I had no issues in W10 Creators Update but i did one thing and all my files are the same the same name but i was just meant to rename one folder but it turns out it renamed 80% of my files. but now i cant go back to older build even though the Windows.old folder...
  4. S

    R558U i5 7th gen 4 gb ram

    It responds 3 seconds after i click
  5. I

    Saved for a 3rd GFX Card but not sure what to get , please help me, RX470|480 RX570

    Hi, I currently have 2 RX470s and i would like to get 1 more card, but i am not sure which would match for the cards i have. Im very concerned about the power usage. Current set up: RX470 4GB PowerColor + RX470 Sahipre Nitro+ 8GB Please assist me in deciding which would be the better card here...
  6. C

    No display on montior

    I just installed a new CPU and I know my motherboard supports it, i turn my pc on it works fine but there is no display on my monitor. My hdmi has been plugged into all the slots hoping that would work but no, also I have the right source selected on monitor. Help please!
  7. J

    Installing win10 without internet?

    Hi, I am trying to install win10 on a new built. I created a USB bootable copy but the install freezes just after the dots loop. I was wondering. My computer is not connected to internet. Is it the reason? Do we absolutely need to be connected to Internet to install win10? Thank you
  8. L

    Connected to Ethernet, cant connect to Internet

    So for some reason my internet completely crapped out, and after resetimg both my modem and router hundreds of times and restarting my computer a dozen times. I still cant get it to work, Ive read about 20 pages of ideas to do and NONE of them worked, so I dont know what to do now.
  9. Y

    Graphics card works with hdmi but not vga

    gt 630 graphics card works with hdmi but not vga only my tv has a hdmi port so i need help. i have tried bios reset bios update driver update thanks
  10. F

    Ryzen Power Plan not showing up

    I am on windows 10 pro and i have the latest amd drivers (17.7.2) and supposedly the drivers come with the ryzen power plan but i do not see it in my power settings, i only see balanced and power saver. Any one know how i can get it to show up?
  11. Serenity_3

    How to set up dual pc stream with i5-7600k pc and a Lenovo laptop with a mobile i7 4th gen

    Same as above - I don't know if my i5 alone is enough for streams. How would I set this up with my laptop doing the stream and my pc going the actual gaming? Pc specs: i5-7600k Asus Strix gtx 1060 Asus Strix z270e motherboard.
  12. I

    is the AMD FX 6300 still good if paired with a gtx 1050ti

    i am looking to build a pc for around £400-£500, I am thinking of the AMD FX 6300 with a gtx1050ti and just wanted to know if it would still be a good choice in 2017? if so do you think it would run player unknown battlegrounds on high at 900p ?
  13. B

    Can I connect my bose AV model 3_2_1 media center made IN 1996 to my Panasonic 5 IN 1 home theatre system and is it worth it

    Contact my bose 3_2_1 to my Panasonic 5 IN 11 and is it worth it the bose was made IN 1996
  14. M

    PSU For mining with 6 gpus

    Hey so I was looking around for a psu for 6 rx 470s and I found something thats pretty cheap @ 1300w but I couldnt find any reviews on it and if a corsair hx1200i is worth the extra buck These are the spesfications according to my store http://imgur.com/a/IBOIG
  15. S

    Search files by the partial name

    Hi all I have many files end with (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)......etc and I want to move those end with (2) to another folder They are all in the same folder so I searched for (2) using File Explorer search (at top right corner) however it's not helpful at all it returned ALL files in the folder...
  16. J

    Cant delete folder and file. Please help

    Good afternoon I downloaded a program so i could monitor cpu temps and load. I downloaded a program called Open Hardware Monitor. After i downloaded and unzziped a folder i run the program, i didnt install anything. When i was done with the program i tried to delete it and it deleted all the...
  17. H

    No cursor on lenovo ideapad

    I've just bought a lenovo ideapad 110. I turned it on for the first time and discovered there was no cursor and the touchpad wasn't working. After managing to get through the setup with the keys only I still can't get the cursor or touchpad to work and am unable to Check any boxes in the mouse...
  18. R

    GTX 1060 6GB Freezing on Windows 10 Logo

    Hello, i recently bought parts and i freshly installed windows 10 and the GPU wont boot into it. it just freezes on the LOGO. When i use the on board graphics it works perfectly fine. i also installed all drives for the GPU and it's showing up in Device Manager with a Yellow triangle. I tired...
  19. eidolon171

    Replacing Laptop CPUs

    I keep seeing folks here in the Tom's community saying, "You cannot upgrade your laptops CPU." A statement usually followed up with, "Laptop CPU's are soldered onto the board." And yet, for the past 5 years I have been upgrading laptop CPU's and have only ever encountered a soldered...
  20. H

    Mobo compatible with AMD FX-4350 AM3+ for $50 - $65.

    So as the title states I am looking for a motherboard that I can purchase for my new and first desktop build, I need it to be compatible with the CPU in the title as I just got that. I also would like it to be able to take a bunch of different ram types by that I mean the different MHZ but be...
  21. A

    Older HP Computer Issue

    I have an older HP desktop from 2007. It wasn't turned on for several months since we had no use for it, really. It did have a problem trying to power up the DVD drive, since it'd show lights but will not pop out. So I thought I'd switch the cable with the hard drive and see if it was the...
  22. B

    Fool-proof NAS software that is free and is well documented

    I have been waisting my time trying to setup many NAS softwares such as: FreeNAS Nas4free Unraid Ubuntu My problem is that these softwares either work but cost money, don't even boot, or have unfix-able permission errors. I have wasted weeks trying to fix these problems via reading online...
  23. M

    VLAN Setup for a dummy

    Hello everyone! I am on a short 3-week apprenticeship,and have been assigned to see if I can set up a small back-up network should the main ISP in the company fall down. There is alot of sensitive data on the computers and network, so there are two seperate subnetworks in the network, one for...
  24. Z

    help with cortana please, she has no voice?

    when i type in the search box and talk to her that way, she only responds with text and no speech/voice do i have to have a mic/headphones for voice to work that way? if so is there anyway i can get around that and force speech on? i have a gaming headset, and when i plugged that in and...
  25. P

    Where can i find the board # on a Lenovo 775 board it came in a K300 case - M#5316-2fu build?

    Basically have a Lenovo K300/no power boost or lights MTM:5316-2fu. Build date is 2010-8-8, Machine Type:10021. Found the PSREF sheets, my MTM is not in the list, pretty close to the 5316-2cu,I got it at BestBuy, it has a E5700/4GB- PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3, non-parity, four 240-pin DIMM sockets...
  26. R

    GA-H110M-S2H wont boot

    Hello.I just purchased Gigabyte H110M-S2H,Intel Pentium G4560 and GoodDram DDR4 4GB 2133MHz CL15.I have 500W power supply.When I put everything together,computer wil just turn on for 5-10 seconds,then turn off,and than repeat.I tried another power supply,another ram (Kingston Hyperx fury 8GB...
  27. I

    does an acer aspire es1 533 have a pci express slot

    i got an acer aspire es1 533 for my birthday and I wanted to add an external graphics card to it but to do so I need a pci express slot to add an adaptor for a graphics card
  28. B

    Fresh build, everything powers up but no Display

    Hi I just build a new PC for the first time. This is the parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xk7ftJ . Everything powers on but will not display on my monitor. All I have is HDMI so I can't try anything else atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  29. B

    Need contacts from old phone

    My metro PCs coolpad phone was stolen and I'm trying to get my contacts on my new coolpad from metropcs don't know my password for the old
  30. E

    System doesn't meet requirements? WTF

    I had to reset my pc to factory settings because my computer screwed up so i started to download the programs the games you know the usual stuff. But when i wanna download forza 6 apex it says doesn't meet system requirements and when i scroll down it says i need directx 12 or 11 but i have...
  31. L

    Purism Laptops To Use ‘Heads’ Firmware To Protect Against Rootkits, Tampering

    Purism announced that infosec expert Trammell Hudson will be joining the company to integrate his "Heads" open source firmware into the company's laptops. The firmware will further protect Purism laptops against third-party tampering and rootkits. Purism Laptops To Use ‘Heads’ Firmware To...
  32. I

    Opinion on Build, Please? First PC Build.

    Hey guys, so for the past 6-8 months I've been really into pc-related videos, etc. and I finally decided that I'm going to build my very first PC myself. Keep in mind that the prices in the European Union are a lot higher than the ones in the USA. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NTGgNN Ignore the...
  33. fourseven

    which first thing first???

    I know the title is odd :D well... here's the thing, I have passed down my saving habit to my son, and now it's been a year my son already gathered about $300 (more or less) from his weekly money, he's confuse about buy a Graphic card between RX 460 4GB ~ GTX 1050ti price range, or upgrade the...
  34. F

    Converting Raid 10 to Raid 1

    Hi, My current setup is that my OS and other important installed files are all installed in my raid 10 array, however, I need the 2 drives (ssd) in the array for something else, is there a way to convert my existing raid 10 to raid 1? or do I need to clean install? Can I just backup my drive C...
  35. G

    Close to finishing my first build. Thoughts on this parts list?

    Here's my build. I live in USA. Any obvious problems? Any personal recommendations? Thanks!
  36. C

    Need help with monitors and my gpu

    I have a gtx 1060 strixv6gb and I have a vga monitor and also a hdmi tv/monitor. I have to buy a connector or I can play with the hdmi monitor? And if I want to use my vga one which connector I have to use
  37. B

    Spiderman shattered dimensions stuck on low

    I tried using regedit but I don't know the values of the settings. So right now. Everything is set to low Gtx 850m Windows 10
  38. Joseph Kuma

    Toshiba power led

    i have tried removed my Toshiba battery and charger, pressed on the power for 20 secs or more but the power led still flashes
  39. R

    Laptop wifi disappears after awhile

    The problem I'm having is that about 5 minutes after booting the laptop's wifi would become 'not connected' and all the available wireless networks would disappear and the only way to fix it it seems is to restart it. Is this a hardware issue with the wifi card or another problem?
  40. P

    Is This A Good Build?

    https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/NBg7d6 If you can make it any cheaper I don't mind losing a couple frames I only want to game and the most demanding one I can think of is bf1 on high/ultra thanks