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  1. M

    Question stripe size for RAID 5 with 8TB drives?

    almost all video files, mostly over 10GB each. Connected to an LSI 9260-8i. Previous RAID I made was eight 3TB drives in RAID 5, 256kB stripe size. I'm leaning towards 512kB, or even 1MB.
  2. D

    Question Raid 0 NVME Stopped Booting After Plugging an HDD

    A week ago i bought a Samsumg 970 Evo Plus 250gb. I did a Raid 0 with another Samsung 970 Evo Plus of 250gb too, the same drive, in the bios of a gigabyte with the intel rapid storage tool and installed Windows 10 pro on them.All working flawlessly for a week, i wasnt specting much of a speed...
  3. jlandi

    [SOLVED] What is the best SSD for using in a system doing block chain work with RAID?

    Hello all, I am looking working on a sensor monitoring server that is using block chain as part of the system. Bit of an oddity I find myself in because I have not used blockchain in any form with SSD or RAID environments. I bring that up because I will be doing a lot of writing/reading from...
  4. R

    Question Looking to switch out my motherboard without having to lose too many other internal components

    I am a freelance video editor and since I have recently been working on more demanding projects I've decided to assemble a RAID (Raid 5) mainly for the sake of speeding up my workflow. The only problem is that to be able to fully utilize the benefits of RAID I'd need a thunderbolt 3 port which...
  5. S

    Question Checking Compatibility and Picking Drives for Upgrade[Need upgrade soon!]

    Hi, I was running quite low on my desktop storage and really am trying to switch over to m.2 only to remove the need for cables. I was wondering if the following would work for my system and how I should go about doing it. I am running an x99 platform(x99a godlike gaming carbon) which currently...
  6. olaf

    Question SSD not detected in Windows until manual refresh!

    I have a Gigabyte X570 Gamming X, latest bios and drivers, and a clean install , with 2x 2TB HDD in Raid 0 , a 512 GB Sata SSD as boot , a 3rd 2TB SATA HDD and another 1TB SATA SSD as well, now my problem is that the 1TB SSD(Patriot Burst) keeps disappearing after each reboot, in the bios it's...
  7. B

    Question Qnap Tr-004 with (4) 4Tb drives

    Yesterday I set up the Qnap TR-004 with (4) Tb WD red drives. I set the dip switched for hardware controlled Raid 10. I understand I loose 1/2 of the total drives capacity with raid 10. Once the drives were installed, it required formatting. My question is...Windows 10 disk management is...
  8. naMfoesrever

    Question I can’t get into my raid configurations.

    can somebody please help? I can’t get into my raid config utility. I have it on to shown in BIOS. I’m using a Sony-vaio VPCZ1117FC.
  9. R

    Question Mixing RAID disks with standalone disk - RAID undetected

    Hello Everyone! I was planning to have clean windows installation, after taking all necessary backups. but then got troubled with RAID configurations. Here is my system specs and followed by my HDD planned configurations: > System Specs: Motherboard: Asus H97-PRO 1x HDD: Seagate 1TB -...
  10. Ihaveaquestion9000

    Question Best solution for RAID 1 setup?

    Hello! I just bought and received the WD My Book Duos in order to use it as a RAID 1 Backup for my Data. To my amazement it has enabled hardware encryption which can't be turned off. This is unacceptable for me as it destroys the whole purpose of RAID1 and data recovery - so i will be sending...
  11. S

    Question Old raid on a new windows install (new SSD) on the same computer

    so i installed a new windows on a new SSD on the exact same computer, but my 2 hard disk drives that i had a raid on shows up with a yellow warning triangle in computer management - device manager. i used the bultin way when i partitioned the hard drives Any tips here? i had trouble finding...
  12. P

    Question Asus Strix Z270-F Bios Upgrade

    Hello Guys, I want to upgrade my BIOS Setting but I have a RAID setup with two 4TB HDD's. How can I make sure that that RAID Setup works, after the upgrade? greetings Lukas
  13. michaelbs

    Question How to create RAID 10 with LSI HostRaid 2008 RAID Card

    I've got a Quanta Stratos server with an LSI HostRaid 2008 controller. I've got 24 SAS drives in it. No matter what I do I cannot get configure RAID 10 across all 24 drives. I've no experience with LSI controllers, I've only ever used PERC and I've always been able to generate volumes across all...
  14. Squids4daddy

    Question Followup on Question from 2017

    Not so much a question, but some information. Back in 2017 I posted a question about not being able to get a RAID 1 array to rebuild. Over the last 3 years I've had the problem a few times, culminating in me discovering that a lizard had crawled in and shorted himself across a couple of...
  15. N

    Question Intel Rapid storage technology SATA available disk: Removed

    Hello, I got a Seagate 2 TB Hybrid drive a couple of months back. But since a few days I get this message from Intel Rapid Store Technology, 'intel rapid storage technology your sata available disk removed'. But once I reboot or shutdown and start the system again the drive is shown again in...
  16. BatchMatch

    Question is Aorus raid ssd 2tb compatible with asus x99 deluxe ii and intel i7-6050x?

    Hi, after some searches, I got this idea to either get an Aorus raid ssd 2tb or build one to upgrade my hard drive speed to max. Currently my motherboard is a Ausus x99 deluxe ii which is gen03 and I can't get those gen04 high speed m2s. But I stuck with some questions and would be rly...
  17. L

    Question Switched AHCI to RAID

    I was installing an ssd into my pc and it wasn’t being recognized in the bios so while being frustrated started messing with settings and stupidly changed the sata mode from AHCI to RAID when windows was installed on my hdd through AHCI. Now windows won’t start even in safe mode and the recovery...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Must all drives be in RAID?

    I was wondering If all drives in a PC had to be in a raid configuration, or if you could have say your OS on an SSD and then have to HDD's in a RAID 1.
  19. Mzt.optics

    Question Help! I'm having an issue booting up

    I have two hard drives in RAID 0 configuration and I'm getting an error screen when booting up my computer. After this screen and get the windows logo and the spinning circle on the bottom for a few minutes. After that my screen just goes black and nothing happens. I'm wondering if there's...
  20. Question AMD-RAID on Linux: rcraid. Is it working with NVME disk?

    Hello to all. I've a new X570-based system with 2*1TB NVME SSD configured in BIOS as an AMD-RAID (zero). I successfully installed Windows on it providing the RAID drivers at setup time. My plan would be install Linux (Mint) alongside Windows on the same system: using the Mint live USB i cannot...