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    Question [MAJOR] Fix Potential Corrupted SSD; How to Revert The SATA Controller Back From RAID to AHCI

    --CONTEXT-- Greetings, everyone. So, over the past five weeks I've been dealing with a corrupted ssd after I unplugged the desktop from the power socket. I was getting impatient when the computer took longer than usual to boot up. Bad move, I know. I've been learning that the hard way. About...
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    Question Why do i get an error for optane/RAID and can't access BIOS even after unplugging all the SATA devices?

    CONTEXT: So i built this PC for a friend last week, it has an ASUS B360M-A motherboard, an intel 9400F processor, one SATA3 2.5" SSD (new) and one SATA3 HDD (used). To be able to use the 9th gen processor, i used an 8th gen processor to install windows 10 in the SSD, and ASUS Ez update software...
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    Question RAID migration query to new motherboard

    Hello All, My first post here, I'm hoping to get a better understanding of an issue that I have been faced with. I had a 4x 4TB WD Red drive array running in RAID5 on a ASRock Rack C2750D4I mobo, unfortunately for me the board died and I now need to purchase a replacement, hoping that I can...
  4. Question Errors configuring RAIDXpert2

    I am having some difficulty setting up RAID on an ASRock FM2A68M-DG3+ Mobo. When I run rcadm.efi and enter rcadm -M -id -d 0 1 to initialize the drives I get the following message: Uninitialized disk or disk with unknown state found Unknown Online, Disk 0 Before I go an alternate route, I...
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    Question MSI b450 tomahawk RAID issues

    MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16 gb ddr4/2400 CPU: Ryzen 1600 Storage: 3 x Samsung Evo Asus DVD drive. I have a strange situation with setting up RAID 1 on this MB. I set the SATA Mode to RAID in the BIOS and boot the machine up. I <ctrl>R are the top of the boot up and get...
  6. velocci

    Question dlink NAS DNS 323

    Hi all, I have a Dlink DNS 323 nas and I just bought two 2gb HDD. I want both to be the same, but not use Raid 1. I want to do it manually. So I have all my files on the first HDD. I want to insert the second HDD and copy the files from the first HDD to the second HDD. instead of doing it...
  7. Kevin Kalash

    Question AHCI OR RAID?

    Hello, today I wanted to see something in the bios of my pc and I found out that I could choose between ahci or raid. I was wondering which would be better for my pc? My pc:
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    Question RAID setup on AsRock x399

    Hello i am trying to setup a raid on mobo asrock x399 - as manual said to switch SATA mode to RAID - but after that i cant boot from any hdd (i can only see a usb drives) even with that i cant see any array to create too (only see all drives in list without arrays) manual...
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    Question Switching information between two SSDs

    So I got two SSDs, 256 and 1TB, I have most of my stuff in the 256 since I got that first. I started storing useless files in the 1TB...&Now I'm running out of space in the 256. Is there a way I can swap these? What I'm thinking is making a split on the 1TB, and transfer everything from 256 to...
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    Question How to add another logical volume to KVM

    My VM can't see the second RAID array on my server system. I have a Dell PE2900 with ubuntu server installed on a small RAID array set aside for the OS. I have a second larger array for working with.. plan to use it for storage and serving up a game online. when I create a VM the only drive...
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    Question Intel matrix raid ? Intel optane in raid

    A quotation I received from local shop The Final Spec List:- Intel i5 9th Gen 4.2GHZ 6C 6T.OC Extreme Overclocked Arctic Alumina AS5-12G Syringe Thermal Compound 120MM LGA 1151 Cooler Gigabyte H370 ITX Mbo 128GB DDR4 SUPP. 16GB DDR4 RAM OC 2400Mhz XMP Low Latency HS RGB OpenGl and Cuda...
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    Question Best way to setup disks

    Hi, I have setup a PC based on a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi + 2700X. I have the following disk attached: 500GB Samsung nvme disk on m2.1 Sata0: Samsung 250gb ssd Sata1: Samsung 250gb ssd Sata4: WD RED 3TB Sata5: WD RED 3TB Obviously the two WD disk are for storage / backup. Any...
  13. Question Raid HELP

    So my server has a raid array Logical Drive 1 showing critical status so i go to view what it is. one of the 2 drives shows up as missing (see photo below) I cant find a way to get the drive back into the array when i view the unassigned drives the drive that is missing is there (see photo...
  14. p7r0x7

    [SOLVED] RAID 0 vs AMD StoreMI

    So StoreMI is incompatible with any non-AHCI drive configuration. Is there any info regarding the comparative performances of each? (this is said from the standpoint of someone who has access to both) Update: if you come across this, I misread what StoreMI does and my question is no longer valid.
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    [SOLVED] Cannot create RAID on Win7 x64 Pro using External 32gb USB sticks

    Would any know why this is not allowing me to create a RAID? SCREEN CAP: View:
  16. B

    Question RAID 0 and Crazy Boot Time

    Hello everybody. I have 2x 1TB HDD in a RAID 0 configuration (Onboard Intel RAID Controller)... I then have a M.2 SSD that I use to boot off. When I restart or turn the computer on its take roughly 10 minutes for the computer to actually boot. During this time the Hard Drive are not working...
  17. J

    Question Cannot install windows 10 with RAID Controller

    I'm having real trouble getting this set up, What I'm trying to achieve is the following Samsung 500GB SSD: Windows 10 WD Black 3TB HDD: Games and some media The trouble starts with the two new Seagate Ironwolf 10TB I want to set up in a RAID 1 setup for Movies. My MBO is a ROG Maximus VIII...
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    Question Can I run Intel RST and SRT with 2 SSDs (NO HDD)? Want to improve performance!

    I only have 2 SSDs, and I would like to run Intel Rapid Storage Technology in conjunction with Smart Response Technology. Can I do this to improve performance? I do not have an HDD. It takes my computer over 1 minute to boot up. I would like to reduce this time, as well as improve performance...
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    Question RAID disk usage (Active Time) at 100%, slowing reads to a crawl

    I've had a RAID1 working flawlessly for several months now, and last night, after a failed update that was automatically rolled back [on Windows 10 Pro], it developed a serious problem. It's a single RAID1 used for data only as my D drive. Whenever I try to access the RAID disk, it's usage...
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    Question PC firsty had BIOS loop, now died

    Heyy guyys, i am desperate and just trying to search for hope that doesn't exist. 2 hours ago my pc crashed, everything freezed with 1 click. Then i had a BIOS loop. After restarting the pc via the restart button (because the pc was frozen so i couldn't restart the normal way) it opened the msi...