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    [SOLVED] Quick Question!

    Hi there, I am thinking of upgrading my RAM. I am running a single channel (1x8gb) stick at the moment and i want to upgrade to a (2x8gb) config. The only problem is that one of my RAM slots on my motherboard doesn't seem to be working (RAM slot number 2). In the motherboard Manual, it says...
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    Question Problem with my dimm slot on a laptop

    My laptop is a ideapad 300 it came with 6 gigs of ram that I changed for 1 8gb ram stick because it was blue screening to much then it didn't stop went to an expert and he changed the ram stick to the other dimm slot, but when he did that he didn't tell me but it worked fine, but then I stupidly...
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    Question Asus Maximus VIII Ranger Ram Issues

    So I have been running a system on an Asus Maximus VIII Ranger for some time with no issues. Recently I decided to upgrade some so I replaced my old 1060 6GB GPU with a 1080ti and after that I bought a G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (2x16GB) (F4-3200C15D-32GTZ) set to upgrade the RAM. I checked with the...