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  1. I

    [SOLVED] Cannot locate second ram slot on laptop

    Hi. I have an Acer Aspire a315-55g. Cpu-z and general device information tell me that my laptop has two ram slots, of which one is currently in use with one stick of 8gb. However, when opening the laptop up, I cannot seem to find where the second stick would be supposed to go. Here are some...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Half Ram slots not working on a particular CPU

    Hey everyone, yesterday I ran into an issue of pc getting stuck into a boot loop before the bios screen. Upon diagnosing, it turned out to be half my ram slots are not working and it won't boot if the ram is inserted in them. The technical guy tested the motherboard by mounting another processor...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Ram slot A1 and A2 won't work. Possible missing pins?

    As written above, I can't get ram slot A1 and A2 to work in a new build I helped my friend build. The PC fully works using B1 and B2. (I have built several PC's before, with no issue, so I am somewhat experienced) The motherboard is TUF B560M- Plus. I have tried reseating the CPU and the...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my RAM, but not to sure

    I was thinking on doing an upgrade to my computer, I have a kit of Hyperx Predator DDR4 2x8 3200mhz, so I have 16 gb, I want to have more RAM at 3200 frequency, I don't know too much about building pc just basic stuff. My specs: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Hyperx Predator DDR4 2x8 3200mhz ASRock B450M...
  5. Badral231

    [SOLVED] ram and slots

    i had a 4GB ram ( PC3-10600U ) ( 1333mhz) board h55(mini)(DUAL -channel). I bought a new 4GB ram ( PC3-12800 )( 1666mhz ). So here's problem. Both ram works fine one by one on slot 1. Both doesn't But neither of them work on slot 2 (monitor keeps black). When using both on slot 1, 2. ( 10600u...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] What is the best slots for 24GB RAM 8-8-8 ?

    Hello guys, im using motherboard GigaBite X570 Aorus elite && Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8x2(16GB) - 3600Mhz And i installed it on slots : •-8-•-8 and everything is fine, And now i bought one more 8GB, should i install it : 8-8-•-8 or •-8-8-8 ?
  7. _BlueCrown

    Question Extending RAM on Asus z170 Sabertooth Mark1

    Hi all, amazing community here. I have search around but haven't found anything that solved my problem so I decided to participate and ask here for a solution. So, I have an ASUS z170 Sabertooth Mark 1 motherboard, I had 2x8GB of ram installed from GSkill Raw (G.Skill Ripjaws V Red DDR4 2400...
  8. R

    Question Problem with 2/4 RAM slots

    Hello folks, so today i decided to clean-up my PC. Disassembled my PC and cleaned up its components. Then of course i put the PC together and tried to boot it, powered my system, yet there was no picture on screen. Then i decided to try 1 stick in every slot and boot. At the end 2 slots didn't...
  9. I

    Question Broken Ram or Broken Mobo?!

    Hello my people I have a little question to ask, I gave my little brother my old PC when I say old its pretty old, It was upgraded though and now runs a few games at pretty decent fps, but anyway... Specs ---- Mobo : asus p7p55d-e Ram : samsung 1333mhz ddr3 8gb 2x4gb running at 1.34v Gpu : gtx...
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] Noctua nh-d15 + RAM, slots issue

    Hello there. So input data: Asus X99-A motherboard, 5820k processor, 850 Corsair PSU, RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 - 16gb (BLS4G4D240FSA ) 4x4gb. And the crown - Noctua nh-d15. Noctua's specifications says that i'm free to set 32mm height RAM modules in slots under the cooler. Thus I'm...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Quick Question!

    Hi there, I am thinking of upgrading my RAM. I am running a single channel (1x8gb) stick at the moment and i want to upgrade to a (2x8gb) config. The only problem is that one of my RAM slots on my motherboard doesn't seem to be working (RAM slot number 2). In the motherboard Manual, it says...
  12. S

    Question Problem with my dimm slot on a laptop

    My laptop is a ideapad 300 it came with 6 gigs of ram that I changed for 1 8gb ram stick because it was blue screening to much then it didn't stop went to an expert and he changed the ram stick to the other dimm slot, but when he did that he didn't tell me but it worked fine, but then I stupidly...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Asus Maximus VIII Ranger Ram Issues

    So I have been running a system on an Asus Maximus VIII Ranger for some time with no issues. Recently I decided to upgrade some so I replaced my old 1060 6GB GPU with a 1080ti and after that I bought a G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (2x16GB) (F4-3200C15D-32GTZ) set to upgrade the RAM. I checked with the...