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    CrystalDiskMark on Samsung 840 EVO, is it ok .... or am I Lucky?

    I got this crazy fast speed even it beat NVME ??? Is this real or some error. This is my 5200rpm normal laptop HDD attached to my desktop SATA This is my 840 EVO 120 GB how the hell ??
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    Graphics card issues

    I have quadro k600 graphics card that I plugged into the PCIE2 x 16 slot that has the fan spinning when i power the computer on but no display appears on the monitor using a DVI cable. Please advise
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    Windows Freezing with Ryzen Build

    I just upgraded my PC with a ryzen 5 2600 cpu and ever since then my PC would randomly stop responding. All my audio would stop the screen freezes and I can’t do anything. I have to reboot my PC with the cases power button. I thought it might’ve been because my CPU was overclocked so I undid...
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    Monitor works on laptop not on desktop

    Ok, so I have old monitor with VGA input and my mission is to have dual monitor setup, so I bought active converter digital-analog hdmi->vga and I hooked up that monitor to my desktop PC and nothing happens, then I tried same thing on old laptop that has HDMI output and monitor works great. So...
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    Help me plan out a Gaming PC

    Hi there, I am planning to get a new PC. I mainly use it for heavy gaming as well as music production. I'm not too sure how to build a PC myself, so that's why I need some help. I live in Canada, Ontario and my current budget is $1500 CAD. One of the main components that I want on my PC is... -...
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    Monitor recieves no signal from newly built PC

    I have recently built my new PC and my monitor is a 1920×1020 with only VGA female input. SPECS Nvidia 1050 Asus strix 2GB IntelCore i5-8500 B360-F Gaming Motherboard 2×4 DDR4 RAM ThermalTake 700W power source The thing is that when i start the PC all the fans start running, all the lights pop...
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    Will Intel's Pentium G4560 work with H370 board?

    I have a G4560 with me and I plan too choose a board that will work with Coffee lake processors since I will upgrade to i5 8400 in the future. Please helpp
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    Motherboard all ports give power but don't work

    Just yesterday all of my ports died. All of the ports give power but there is no signal going through. This includes mice keyboards and external thumb drives. The motherboard is a MSI B150 gaming m3 that is just under two years old. I have tried the power supply on another computer and have...
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    sony vaio sve151G13w fan noise not heard and screen is black

    my vaio pc sve151G13W turns black screen while playing game. Now fan noise not heard . What happen to pc, how much it cost ?
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    Asrock 880G Extreme3, is it really support AMD FX...95W CPUs?

    This MB have AM3 socket, which in theory support only Athlon and Phenom CPUs, but in support list are present FX(AM3+) with power 95W. Who had experience with this part, will FX work on MB with AM3 socket?
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    PC randomly restarting

    I had this problem for a long time, pc shuts down itself and then reboots. Event viewer says Kernel power 41... which basically means system shut down improperly. Recently I replaced my hdd with new SSD and I did a clean Windows 10 install. From now on the restarts are way more frequent. Note...
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    Does a UPS provide protection from storms?

    What I mean is if a ups has built in surge protection does it protect from a thunder storm? Im not sure how this works. I know the UPS provides a safe way to shut down in the event of power loss, but I thought I read somewhere that once the UPS is on full battery it provides a kind of barrier to...
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    Is my Cpu bottlenecking my Gpu?

    First my computer specs: Processor: Intel Xeon W3550 @ 3.07 GHz (4 CPUs) ~3.01 GHz Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI OS: Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit) DirectX version: DirectX 11 RAM: 8 GB I can't run Fortnite on it. Is it Bottlenecking or my graphic card is too old? I even get...
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    Best PC Case for MSI R9 290 4GB GPU!

    I'm looking for a Desktop Chassis which would suit perfectly with the MSI R9 290 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. Any recommendations?
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    Please Help Me Choose My New Laptop Important!!!!

    Hello Guys Im just about to start the new year and this time im going to learn software engeneering in college so i have decided for suitable laptop that will be able to hold on to its preformance for a long time... im searching for a laptop with and 8th gen core i5 or i7 cpu 4k display and good...
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    Is it possible to make a program unclosable?

    ^topic or at least make it unclosable using alt+f4 I just want to keep sticky notes from being accidentally closed.
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    Max download speed vs recommended for internet plan

    Hi, I have a Arris Surfboard SB6141 modem and I recently upgraded my Comcast plan to 250 Mbps. However, when I connected my laptop to modem, I was only getting 173 Mbps on speed test. I called Comcast support and they told me my Modem is not capable of handling 250 Mbps. So, I am not sureif...
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    R9 270 2GB Vram 2560 x 1440?

    I just got a brand new Omenn 27 inch monitor that supports 144Hz. I know my graphics card is quite old and I don't expect it to perform well although the only games I'm playing at this resolution is a league of legends and counter strike. After giving it a gaming test it stutters, not horrible...
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    Good build?//Compatible?Mobo has all the features?

    Hello, This is my build, only for gaming. Games like Bf1, The Witcher, Rainbow six siege,farcry etc...I play on 1440p and 144hz. CPU: Intel core i7 8700(non K) MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix B360-F(is this a good one, can i connect the chase usb to it?) GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G PSU: Corsair...
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    core i7 8700 vs 8700k (heat and performance)

    Is there any difference between them in terms of heat? the k version will be heater that the non k one even at stock without oc? And the performance in games, any difference between them or not? I really wanna an answer for the heat thing as it's really important to me at the moment.