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  1. J

    [SOLVED] M.2 to Sata ssd adapter?

    Hi, I found a Sandisk X400 128gb SSD in my parts box, I was wondering if there is like an adapter to convert the M.2 slot to a data slot so i can use it in my desktop for faster boot time. I looked online for converters but none of them have the slot for the M+B key connector this is the kind...
  2. O

    How do I know how many cores my CPU is utilising?

    Hey guys, I have a new new PC with an i7-7700(non-k), basically I'm just wondering how do I know if all the cores are enabled and I'm getting the best performance out of it? Thankyou :)
  3. W

    Many (15+) rapid beeps on startup after changing gpu.

    Just installed a new graphics card. Black screen and Rapid beeping (many... like 20) on startup then shutdown. Keeps looping until I manually turn off power. Tried removing ram and reseating, using 1 ram stick, no ram - all give the same issue. I'm about to put in the old gpu and see if I got a...
  4. M

    Repair operating system

    Hi everyone! I have a friend who was updating windows 10 and her computer crashed on her. Since it crashed the computer continuously loops the loading process of the operating system. She cannot even load into safe mode. I believe her operating system just needs a clean install but she needs...
  5. Marshall Honorof

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Premiere: Face-Off

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a much better device than the Roku Premiere on most counts — but not all. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Premiere: Face-Off : Read more
  6. T

    Powercolor Radeon R7 265 in I32100 system, dont display.

    Hello, my graphic card dont get display, although the fans turn on. Other strange fact is that the onboard video card worcks, even with the offboard conected. I tested de graphic cards after formatting the PC (windows 10), and also tried verified if the graphic card works after bios update...
  7. Lt Mashumaro

    Question about my case and its fans... Which should be intake and which should be exhausting hot air?

    My current set up is listed in my signature. Currently I've got all of my fans set up in this fashion: The only question I have is, which way should the side panel fan be blowing? My PSU blows air upward, and my GPU's fans blow down, and currently the side panel fan is sucking in cooler air. I...
  8. N

    Question PBO turns off after 10-15 sec in Windows

    So a few days ago i built this PC: MB: Gigabyte x470 Ultra Gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X CPU Cooler: BeQuiet! Pure Rock RAM: 2x8 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX GPU: RX 480 Windows boots from an SSD: 860 evo PS: Some Thermaltake 650W MB came with the newest BIOS update so i didn't have to do...
  9. B

    2 overheating CPUs.

    I have an i5 2500k and i7 4770k, both are stock settings, but pretty old now. The 2500k was overheating in its machine for some time, reaching over 200f at times. I applied some new compound and it did nothing. I've chalked it up to a lost cause, as it was a secondary machine. However, recently...
  10. N

    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming / 1080TI Xtreme

    Hi all, i'm buying a new PC that will be used especially for gaming. the specs are : Intel I5 9600K Asus Prime Z390-Plus Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler Corsair DDR 4 16G(2X8G) 2400 CL14 Vengeance Antec P8 Tempered Glass Corsair PSU 650W TX650M 80+ Gold Samsung SSD 250GB 970 EVO NVme M.2 Seagate HDD...
  11. zniff

    transfering everything from an M.2 C: to a USB harddrive to an new M.2 SSD

    Ive seen this is possible but im having problems of getting the laptop to boot from the USB harddrive. ive used macrium reflect to make an image but no success. so if there is other similar methods id like to know. and this is M.2 slots we are talking about
  12. A

    Win 8.1 BSOD from playing Black ops 4

    Hi everyone, So I recently started playing Black ops 4 on my PC, specs: Windows 8.1 64-bit i7-4770k 3.5ghz. 8 CPUs 16 gb RAM Nvidia geforce GTX 980 ti *Case Define R5, with good vents* CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo - And yes that is somewhat the requirements for running Black ops...
  13. J

    2 Ram slots vs 4 Ram slots

    Is there a difference in performance if my motherboard has 2 ram slots vs 4 ram slots? MSI - B450M PRO-M2 This is the motherboard I'm looking at right now if that help any
  14. K

    PC restarts suddenly and randomly.

    My PC restarts at very random times, with normal operating temperatures GPU and CPU both stays around 50°C-55°C. The PC restarts even I'm not running any program and restarts if I run a game, music player, web browser, Discord, last.fm scrobbler, etc... The restart happens without a shutting...
  15. J

    AB350M Pro Black screen, no post

    Lightning strikes right near my house, I was on my pc and whe it came my pc black screened and repeated the same noise constantly through my head set. I turned my pc off and on again but now everything lights up and spins however nothing is displayed onto my screen, the ez debug led is stuck on...
  16. M

    How to reduce bottleneck?

    Many people said that im having high cpu usage and high gpu usage because my cpu is bottlenecking. Full specs: i5-7400 16 gb ram 2 ssd,1 hdd GTX 1060 gigabyte mini itx oc 6 gb What to do with this?how to reduce the usage/bottlenecking?
  17. M

    huawei router reset

    i have done reset my huawei router and then there is change in wifi name and password. how can i get that password? I have also tried wps push button but it is not working
  18. S

    Is it possible to force a motherboard to run a cpu if it isnt supported

    Hello guys I m from Turkey, no we don't ride camels, neither we don't speak Arabic first of all. So thing is we are doing kind of a recycling job, we buy any kind of old hardware from scrap plant which is about to get melted or shipped to other countries. Core2Duo and DualCore computers that...
  19. T

    Did I screw up big time?

    I just ordered a Dell 8930 and two monitors. The items are on the way, but I just noticed the monitors only have an HDMI port and a VGA port. The GTX 1060 only has one HDMI port and no VGA port. Is there any solution? I cannot live without two monitors.
  20. S

    Motherboard Bios Issues?

    I have an ECS B75H2-M3 V2.0 motherboard which I think has issues? my Bios is listed as American Megatrends version 2012/06/08. The PC runs fine except it will need date and time reset on almost every restart and when I access the bios many of the options are missing? I have looked on ECS website...