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  1. N

    Question Linx Vision 8" Tablet - Stuck at Windows 10 Recovery Menu

    Hi there! I recently bought an Linx Vision tablet running Windows 10. I wanted to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 But I still wanted to preserve the original OS so I tried to install a fresh new install of Windows 10 (32bit of course!) to an micro SD card slot (since it the only real port I...
  2. S

    Question D and F drives have disappeared completely

    Hey, I have a PC built in 2015ish that was top of line at the time. I inherited it a couple years later, and it's worked for my needs so I never bothered to update it. I booted it up this morning and everything seemed normal. It was on for a couple of hours before I started playing Warframe...
  3. PureCarbine

    Question My EFI & Recovery is on a different drive from windows install and i cant boot from new drive

    Hi, I've got a new drive, I can either clone the drive that contains the efi system boot and recovery or i can clone the drive with the operating system, at the moment i have the windows installation cloned. When i remove the old drive that had windows and boot from the efi on the other drive...
  4. O

    Question Do I need to re-install Windows again?

    Do I need to re-install Windows again? Hi everyone, I am pretty new to using Windows 11 and am finding my feet, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid! I had a BSOD that happened nearly a month ago and was an unspecified error. I did a hardware scan which found no errors and I...
  5. Assassin Iron Man

    Question Evil Disk Read Issue ?

    This one’s quite a lengthy read, but I’d appreciate it if you’re a tech wizard who could help. I made an audio file of this story to make it easier to digest: Backstory: So, a few days ago, I was trying to design a script for my controller while simultaneously asking ChatGPT questions on...
  6. N

    Question BSoD on boot and unable to restore after a System Restore ?

    Issue description: After a system restore, Windows stopped booting correctly. It now throws a Stop error CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED on boot. The boot logs indicate that the error occurred after the point where CLFS.SYS was loaded. The restore was done in WinRE, and therefore the restore could not be...
  7. SparkyTech934

    Question Suggestions for complete server backup program

    Hi All, I'm currently running Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition on an HP Z640 Workstation. I also utilize Hyper-V and run VMs within the host. Up until this point I have been using the included Windows Server Backup program as part of the standard windows features. While it works fine for...
  8. LazyTechNerd

    Question I'm looking for a Windows Vista Recovery Image for my Gateway GT5656 ?

    Hello. I'm currently searching for a recovery image for my Gateway GT5656, which I got without a hard drive. I want to put a drive in it, which I have, but with the original operating system, as it was from the factory. I have not been able to find an image containing the complete factory...
  9. C

    Question Windows 11 "Reset this PC" option missing

    Hello everyone. I have a clean install (with reformatting whole drive) using Windows 11 pro installation media from Microsoft site. Everything were good, i can use easy recovery environment (shift + restart to get their) and there was "Reset this PC" option. Then i decided to install Dell...
  10. Y

    [SOLVED] HDD from external drive is showing strange partitions

    Hi Experts, I have an old 2TB HDD that I pulled out of an external case a long time ago. I recently hooked it up and I am stuck with the following: image of computer management I have a 233.88Gb RAW partition followed by 1630.14Gb Unallocated I am sure this is wrong - it would have been...
  11. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Recovering Data From Offline Uncorrectable Sectors

    Hi All, I am running Windows Server 2019 Standard on my HP Z640 Workstation, and this morning I noticed that my machine had crashed/rebooted. Looking at the logs, it seems that it was a critical kernel-power error, so it must have been a temporary power outage or issue. per usual in these...
  12. I

    Question Windows 10 Reinstall Blank Blue Screen

    Hi all, Specs are: cpu - i5 3570k, graphics - 1070 ti, motherboard - asrock z77 pro3, RAM - 16gb of cosair vengeance To start I believe my motherboard is blown but I cannot figure this out. It is about 10 years old so it might just be that. Computer was running fine the night before yesterday...
  13. iamonkara

    Question Gigabyte TRX40 debug code F3

    BIOS won't POST at all. Specs: Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Master rev1.1 mobo Threadripper 3970X 32 core Corsair 64GB 2x32 2x SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB, M.2 NVMe Issue: I normally don't power down my machine, I just suspend to RAM. But over this weekend I had powered down. And yesterday morning...
  14. bimbawzsvk

    [SOLVED] Win 10 typing results in invisible characters, cant login or recover

    Hi, I turned on my PC today and I cant login, only thing that happens is when I type it makes invisible characters. I tried to get into recovery mode, but it requires me to type in my password which I'm not able to do as typing only prompts invisible characters. What can I do to fix this please...
  15. Grabps

    Question Files totaly disappeared after copying them to external HDD

    Greetings Everyone! I have encountered a very inconvenient problem yesterday and I need your help. Scenario: There is a Lenovo T420 laptop with Windows 7 operating system on it and I wanted to install a Windows 10 instead. On the laptop there was around 32GB personal data - all included in...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Seagate External Hard Drive not working - Tried to Troubleshoot - No Luck - Can you help?

    I have an external hard drive, Model # SDR00F1, from Seagate that I was using, and it suddenly stopped working. I transferred data to it and it went to the drive at a good rate (20 MB/sec). After a little bit, the drive started lagging and I couldn't open anything on the drive. I removed the...
  17. Sereck132

    [SOLVED] Laptop Destroyed, SSD intact. How to recover data?

    My Dad dropped my laptop, resulting in the computer completely being snapped in two. I’m unsure how to recover the data, as I have no experience with SSD’s.
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Windows not booting

    Tried all the basic stuff, let me run through whats going on. I have an 2tb nvme with windows. Wanted a clean installation, so I decided to first clone that nvme onto a HDD so I can boot from that if something goes wrong. Cloning the HDD worked, but it wasnt able to boot. Couldnt figure it out...
  19. C

    Question SSD Likely Failed - Recovery Options?

    Hello - I'm fairly confident my Boot SSD has failed. I don't know why. (It was powered off for 4 months, had worked without issue for years). I moved several times, finally re-assembled computer, it was recognized in BIOS and tried to boot into Win (got the Win logo, but it hanged...)...
  20. thamesh149

    [SOLVED] Why multiple recovery partitions in my sony vaio laptop?

    I have just 240GB SSD. Why my laptop has 2 recovery partitions? I want more space so should I delete that 22.82GB partition? I have created recovery media in USB.Will I be able to Refresh(not reset,reinstalling windows without deleting personal files) my pc using external USB, if I delete that...
  21. KekoTheFox

    Question Windows 10 won’t boot - blue Recovery screen ?

    Note from moderator: Your screenshot has been removed as it contains the "F" word. Swear words are not permitted on these forums. Kindly remove the offending word if you wish to include screenshot. Hey, I’m pretty certain my windows installation is screwed but I’ll ask here anyways So...
  22. K

    Question How to obtain the HP Recovery Media for Pavilion g6-2202TX?

    Hey! I have an HP Pavilion g6-2202TX that keeps getting BSODs (Error Codes: IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL, PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA) on Windows 10. I tried resetting twice but I still get the BSODs and the booting screen has the Windows 10 logo instead of the HP logo. So I guess something has...
  23. G

    Question Failure to Boot “Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f”

    SYSTEM = HP Pavillion 590-p0100na Desktop OS = Windows 10 Home So I have just updated to the latest software patch and now my PC fails to boot with an error code “0xc00000f you’ll need to use recovery tools” So went into BiOS to boot 1st from USB drive and inserted by flash recovery drive...
  24. AngusMcFife

    [SOLVED] Windows recovery issue.

    Hi. Having a bizarre problem with my PC. Every time I boot up it takes me straight to recovery. That in itself is fine. The problem is the keyboard and mouse don't work. Tried switching the USB ports and restarting every time but nothing. Have used a ps/2 adaptor, nothing. Borrowed a ps/2...
  25. Z

    Question Zip file password, please

    Hey guys I just tried to open an old file with some very important things in it, to the point I'm really depressed about it because i can't remember the password... Is there any way to get around it? I don't care how difficult..i just need to get into it. Any help would be really appreciated...
  26. H

    [SOLVED] Need help with finding an Ultra-ATA/100 2.5" adapter for FUJITSU MHT2030AT.

    I want to recover files from my old dead laptop but the hard drive has Ultra-ATA/100 2.5" disk interface and doesn't work with my current pc. What kind of adapter should i buy? Picture of pins; View:
  27. H

    Question Windows will not boot

    Right then, About two weeks ago I bought a new Motherboard, CPU, Fan, memory and a WLAN PCIe card. These were to be placed into a four years old PC. The power supply and SSDs were replaced about two years ago. All went well except for the WLAN card. It simply wouldn't work. Finally got...
  28. georouv

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to be recovered?

    After a format of my hdd , i tried to recover my data in the same hdd, and i could not find them so i deleted them again? But i stopped using it.Is it possible the recovered data with those names file0001,file0002 etc contain the files i want? It was mostly videos.And the hdd was full so it...
  29. P

    [SOLVED] 0x80042453 error when installing windows

    Hello there , While I was working with my laptop , It suddenly turned off then I tried to turn it on , I realize that windows cannot be loaded and it keeps saying "no boot sector on internal hard drive" , I tried to install windows but it was unsuccessful at selecting and making new partition ...
  30. MentalParadox

    [SOLVED] Trying to salvage data with EaseUS but it's stuck at 20% ?

    Okay, so I have this fairly old 1,5 TB Lacie drive from 2013. Last week, it started giving me an error when trying to explore the drive. The few times it does let me in, it's EXTREMELY slow when opening folders and files (if it works at all) and causes regular Explorer crashes. So yeah, a dying...
  31. S

    Question How to cancel or revert factory reset process on synology DS216Play?

    Hi everyone, I choosed to reinstall DSM 7.0 because of issues what I experienced, so I went into control panel and choosed the factory reset option, with erase all data. Now I changed my mind, because on the two 2TB hdd there could be some files, what I need though. I look over the internet for...
  32. B

    Question 4TB WD hard disk activity light always on, partitions visible but cannot mount, no matter the OS or port (USB/SATA) ?

    Hi, been using computers for over 20 years, first time this happens to me and I'm at a loss here, so I hope somebody has new ideas for me to try :-/ 4TB Western Digital Blue hard disk (SATA) only 15 months old. Last year, I upgraded from a 3TB WD Blue (approx. 4 years old, never had an issue...
  33. C

    [SOLVED] Canceled Acronis True Image Recovery caused system failure

    Windows 10 totally bricked my pc. Even worse, when i ran an acronis true image recovery (not in Windows 10) i cancelled the operation to validate my selection, only to cause system failure. Now in BIOS/UEFI my C Drive (NVMe) is not listed as a Boot option, and the drive that is listed under...
  34. Jdear

    Question Windows installed but freezes during boot or at desktop ?

    Hi there all, over the past few days I have experienced difficulty with my system, it boots into windows, although at an odd resolution , (no safe mode) And typically freezes a few seconds after boot and when opening apps, half the time I boot into an infinite “watchdog clock timeout” screen or...
  35. F

    Question failed restore with EaseUS Backup

    I am using the free edition of EaseUS ToDo Backup and run into problems with restoring in a specific situation. I was doing regular full backups of a Win7 system partition, located on Disk 1 (not sure if it matters, but when I installed Win 7 a long time ago, I forced Windows to use that...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] how to recover deleted file that has been overwritten?

    hello, i accidentally delete videos that i make and its very important. i tought it was gonna go to recycle bin but its not! i think because of the size is 40+gb? and i already use easeus, recuva, diskdrill and no result. i think its been overwritten. i cant use system restore because of the...
  37. Noobugandu

    [SOLVED] I have a simple question. Can shift deleted videos be restored on a laptop?

    Many months back. I deleted a bunch of videos in a folder deep inside my laptop. I no longer remember the folder. Can these videos be restored, maybe using a software? It doesn't have to be good quality. As long as I can see the filenames, I'm ok. But if it is fully recoverable that would be great.
  38. L

    Question SSD Intenso 256 gb not recognize - SATAFIRM S11

    Hi, I own an intenso 256 gb 2,5 SSD. it is not recognized from pc and appear like SATAFIRM S11. Is there a tool to repair firmware phison ps3111-s11 and recovery all data? Thank you very mouch.
  39. C

    [SOLVED] Recovering Data Off Old Boot Drive After Installing Windows On New NVME

    So, here's the deal. I made this post about trying to boot off of my old drive and trying to keep the original configuration. The original post can be found here: My new question is...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Your PC/Device needs to be repaired 0xc000000f

    Hi, so first of all i am a complete noob on pc stuff. I recently finished building my new PC and i installed Windows on my HDD instead of my SSD. After talking to a friend i wanted to have my Windows on my SDD instead so i installed it on my SSD without unplugging my HDD. After, I wanted to...