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  1. V

    Question PWM, PST, and Fixed Fans. HELP!

    Hello! I was wondering what the difference was between PWM, PST, and Fixed fan speeds were. I am looking to buy silent fans for low speeds for when I am browsing YouTube and higher speeds when I'm playing FH4, per say. I am tired of hearing a jet engine in my ear. I was looking at the ARCTIC...
  2. S

    Question Downloading at higher speeds

    I've got a Internet connection plan that provides me upto 50Mbps till 180GB it was much higher before but i changed it to their lowest plans now everytime i hit FUP i get slowed down to a mere 3Mbps, but for the last 2 months or so after browsing 2-3 days in 3Mbps my internet somehow peaks to...
  3. E

    Question Bandwidth DDR4 vs. DDR3.

    Though DDR4 came with higher frequencies, it also came with higher CAS Latencies (CL), resulting in a pretty small improvement regarding responsiveness, over DDR3. How is the bandwidth of DDR4 compared to DDR3? Are there any improvements? (as it is between single channel vs. dual channel; or...
  4. Gosraj

    Question Ryzen 7 2700x RAM Speed

    I'm building a new PC, and the CPU I'm choosing is, well, I think it's kinda obvious. What I do want to know though is what is the best/maximum speed for my RAM with this CPU? I'm going with DDR4 16GB, but I don't know how many mhz. Based on the NewEgg page for the CPU, it says it supports DDR4...
  5. N

    Question Does performance of a phone SSD slow down like a computer SSD when full?

    It is commonly known that SSDs perform best when 10-15% of the space is empty. Does this rule also affect phone SSDs? I am looking to speed up my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my internal storage is almost full.
  6. H

    [SOLVED] second router as access point decrease of speed

    Hi, I have a main router (Huawei EchoLife HG8245) downstairs connected with cable to my PC However due to weak wireless connection upstairs I wanted to extend the range with second router (DLink dir 605L) I extended the range successfully by connecting main router to second router and second...
  7. H

    Question Different reading speeds depending on machine

    So I can't wrap this around my head, but I have a laptop that reads the HDD at around 60-70mb/s (used a boot usb to test) but when I did the same test on a desktop by plugging in the HDD from the laptop, the speed I was getting was 110-120mb/s. Could this be bottlenecked due to cpu?
  8. M

    Question I want to boost my wireless connections as well as my ethernet connections, will this type of thing do that?

    I have an issue where if I stream netflix/amazon prime my download goes from 70 upload to around 20. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't happen but I'm trying to boost my speeds and was wondering if this...
  9. Pau91

    Question Router halves the download speed

    Greetings everyone, I humbly ask for help about my internet speed. My router (TP-Link TD-W8960N ) halves the download speed after max 1 day from its reset. By "reset" I mean that once in a couple months my connection goes completely away (router lights flashing at all), so I sistematically call...
  10. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] Do ssds have big differences in speed?

    I was looking around on pc part picker for an SSD, and I saw vast differences in prices for the same amount of storage. The Samsung - 860 Evo 500 GB is about $77, but the Mushkin - Source 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive is only $55. Can SSDs have a big difference in speed? Thanks in advance.
  11. D

    Question Powerline speed drop question

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows why my powerline connection has dropped 90% of its speed. I'm using tp-link 500Mbps powerline adapters, and for the first 6 months of using them in my new house i was getting 90-110 Mbps speeds with no drops. Nothing has changed regarding my setup, but...
  12. C

    Question 2666Mhz CL19 or 2400Mhz CL16

    Title explains it all. I am planning to do gaming and will overclock whichever one I end up getting. CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G GPU: Vega 11 MOBO: Gigabyte B450M S2H
  13. C

    [SOLVED] SSD write speeds dreadful.

    Hi all, I've recently built a new computer and have just noticed that my write speeds are terrible on my SSD, here is my SSD. https://www.amazon.co.uk/YUCUN-Internal-Solid-State-Drive/dp/B07F2J4S18/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1551705658&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=yucun+500gb I have looked online...
  14. Question RAM (and CPU) being automatically underclocked.

    So, here's the thing: I've been running this setup for a while: -ASUS Prime X370-A -AMD Ryzen 5 1600 -G.Skill 8GB DDR4 3000MHz Aegis (single channel) -Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze As for the rest (which I don't think is relevant, but will leave here for the sake of safety) I'm running my old...
  15. J

    Question Cryorig H7 fan extremely low RPM compared to cpu temps.

    I've looked at a bunch of forums and I haven't found the answer yet. I have also tried controlling it with SpeedFan but it doesn't detect any of my fans. My motherboard is an Asus Prime Z370-A (incase anyone knows or thinks it's the motherboard, I have messed with the motherboard settings before...
  16. Mo.R


    hi, i want to connect a ssd to my computer but i can only use a slimsata cable to plug it in, with an adapter. would that be still faster than an HDD? as I think i was told that that slimsata only will transfer speeds of sata 1. but im not so sure. thanks
  17. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I Upgrade My SSD?

    I have been considering upgrading to a Samsung 970 Evo Plus due to it’s speed increase over my current SSD: WD Black NVMe 250 GB. It is my Boot SSD. It is worth the speed increase? Thanks! Specs CPU: i7 7700K Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270XP SLI SSD: WD Black NVMe 256 GB (WDS256G1XOC)
  18. D

    Question Desktop Internet slower than other devices

    My desktop download speed is significantly lower than other devices. Whether they are on Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable does not seem to matter. Phone and tablet on Wi-Fi are getting over what I’m paying for. Same for PS4 & Laptop, except they are directly connected to the router with ethernet cable...
  19. S

    Question Interrupting while downloading

    Hello guys! I want to ask you about my problem which appeared like a week ago. So when i start to download some files or things from internet the pc focuses on max download speed which in my case is 23Mbps. My download speed on speedtest site is 200Mbps and Upload 50Mbps. So when i download i...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Scratch Disk Speed

    Hello, How fast should scratch disks be for Premiere Pro, 3D software and Photoshop? Is any SSD sufficient, or are there any recommended minimum read/write speeds? OS and project files are on 970 EVO drives (so, pretty fast) and have 32 GB RAM. Thanks!