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  1. T

    Question Help! CPU fan running at 4500RPM despite normal temps.

    My CPU fans sometimes run very loud despite relatively normal temperatures. I tried changing the Fan Speed settings through the BIOS to Quiet and it still happens. BIOS has three options to choose. [Normal, Quiet, Fast]. My PC is some Lenovo Small Form Factor OEM built. Images: View...
  2. M

    Question Speed limit at my 2nd SSD and HDD

    Hello! My PC setup: Motherboard: Asus Prime B350M-A CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X SSD1 (with OS): Crucial MX300 M.2 275GB (CT275MX300SSD4) SSD2 (SATA connected): Kingston A400 480GB (SA400S37/480G) HDD (SATA connected): Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB (WD10EZEX-08WN4A0) OS: Windows 10 Enterprise...
  3. NewMemberLooking4Help

    Question SO-DIMM RAM MAX SPEED / Motherboard Compatible Memory

    Hello, im trying to upgrade my Notebook and one thing i want to do is replace or add some RAM . Im have a MSI MS-16J4 Motherboard with single channel ddr4 RAM 8 GB (Speed 2132). I want to replace it with 2x8gb DDDR4 RAM (Speed 2666). HWinfo is showing me that my max. speed is 1300? And it...
  4. Dimitrisgs

    Question BIOS doesn't recognize (sometimes) upgraded RAM

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the upgraded RAM. I use a Lenovo laptop with 4GB ram on motherboard. I put an extra RAM (8GB). BIOS sometimes recognize the new RAM, sometimes doesn't. The most of times I see just 4GB ram. I updated the chipset and BIOS firmware. I put the ram out and...
  5. R

    Question Added more memory but it's still slow

    i just doubled the amount of RAM to 32GB in my desktop PC (a Dell XPS8700), running Windows 8.1 64-bit. This surprisingly seems to have slowed it down. Obviously I was hoping that it would speed it up. Is this a known effect? Is there anything I can do to get the maximum benefit from this extra...
  6. R

    Question Pc doesn't post when switched to advertised ram speed (2666mhz)

    Specs : Ram : Corsair vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2666mhz Motherboard : TUF H370 pro-gaming (latest bios update) While going through bios settings I noticed that this whole time the ram has been running on 2400mhz. So I went ahead and switched it to 2666mhz in my XMP profile and after a save and...
  7. D

    Question Fan runs at 100% after Windows start

    I have new installed Winodws 10, graphic card: MSI GeForce GTX 1660 VENTUS XS 6G OC When computer starts or I'm in bios fans on graphic card are ok, slow speed on 44% but after Windows starts fans run on 100% still. I checked MSI Afterburn there is value of fan speed 44% and speed se to auto...
  8. Question File transfer between SSD and HDD has SSD speed for first few seconds

    Hello, I discovered something on file transfers between storage devices and I wanted to know why this is happening (just for my curiosity) I have an SSD and a Hard Drive, both on Sata 3 standard. The SSD has about 500MB/s transfer speed and the HDD has about 50MB/s. However, when I want to...
  9. eLemonnader

    Question Router getting 600mbps down from internal speed test, but everything else capped at 100mbps

    So I am really stumped here. Our new router is testing at 600mbps down from its internal speed tester, but Wifi (2.4 and 5) and ethernet are all maxing out at around 100mbps. Firmware is up to date on the router, both the modem and router are rated at gigabit speeds, all of our PCs are set to 1...
  10. Ewanstr

    Question Battle.net Slow downloads *help*

    On avarage i get 43mb/s for my download speed, however after trying to download a 30 gb update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it says its downloading at 120 kbp/s and I'd appreciate any help provided as I'm and idiot
  11. Akshae Samson

    Question Issue with copy speed in pendrive

    Whenever I copy something to my pendrive, the speed goes to ~30MB/s then it comes down to 0KB/s. Then again accelerates to around ~30 MB/s then again decreases gradually to 0KB/s and so on. It is really weird to copy, lets say, 1GB with this fluctuation! Tried both Fat32 and NTFS but no luck...
  12. appletatoes

    Question RAM Not Running at 3600 MHz

    Hello, I have the following hardware installed: Asus Z270-E Motherboard Intel Core i7-6700K 2x8GB Corsair RGB 3600 MHz RAM EVGA G2 850 WATT PSU EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 My problem is that my RAM won't run any faster than 2133 MHz but I have 3600 MHz RAM installed and they are in the same...
  13. OrdJk

    Question What happens if you install chrome on a nvme ssd ?

    I installed chrome on nvme ssd and the refreshing of tabs and stuff is faster Is this because the nvme is directly connected to the motherboard or ? If you know any things about this topic be sure to inform me Thanks
  14. M

    Question Upgrade wifi card in Laptop

    Hello I am looking to upgarde my wifi card for my laptop, i have a Intel centrino advanced-n + wimax 6250 . The max transmission speed on this card is 300mb, I get about half of that laptop runs around 150mb on the wifi. I am looking for a stronger wifi card that can push my transmission speed...
  15. Q

    Question Paying for EPB 300 Mbps but only getting around 80 Mbps?

    Router: Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk A few months back we upgraded EPB services from using a set top box to using their “EPB Fi TV” app through a fire stick, and apparently my dad also paid for 300 Mbps internet. Once the first EPB employee set our TV up, a second person came to our door and worked...
  16. PrinceSjtP

    Question Upgrade CPU or GPU?

    Build- CPU - i5 6600k GPU - GTX 1060 6GB RAM - 16 GB (3600Mhz) I'm just curious if my upgrade should be my CPU or GPU next? Im currently dropping frames and having to turn down settings on games like Modern warefare. Any help is appreciated, including what i would be the best upgrade, should i...
  17. D

    Question i7 6700HQ speed going up and down.

    I've had this Omen laptop for 3 years now. It has a 1070 and a i7 6700HQ. I've always had problems with the CPU since it's really not that great, and if I knew I would have this many problems with it I would probably have bought a different laptop. So, let's cut to the chase, lately I've...
  18. Khazio

    Question Band width/internet speed dropping when playing online game (+ streamlabs obs).

    Hi everyone, My first time posting! So I have been having an issue with my internet speed while playing an online game. Normally (when not in online game) I have around 300mb/s download and 40 mb/s upload (checked with speedtest.net). But when I am in a League of Legends match it appears that my...
  19. B

    Question Struggling to get the 1gb speed out of the XB6 (needed for video conferencing)

    Struggling to get the 1gb speed out of the XB6 (much needed for telework & video conferencing). We have the Comcast XB6, direct wired (cat5e) to the PC, and it is only getting maybe 170Mbps download. Is it the cat5e cable? Is it the NIC?
  20. A

    Question Internet extremely slow all of a sudden

    I usually get 150Mbps download and 7Mbps upload. However, as of a week ago I'm getting 15Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. On top of this I also have really bad packet loss. This is over WiFi and I tried speedtests on multiple devices, getting the same results on each. Using ethernet isn't an...