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  1. The Electro Machine

    Question SAS-3 vs. SATA III - in terms of defragmentation speeds and data rot prevention tasks

    I need to expand my backup / archive capabilities. Among other measures, I keep offline two archive drives: ● HDD 3.5" Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC550 16TB SATA III 7200 RPM 512 MB cache [0F38460 / WUH721816ALE6L0] ● HDD 3.5" Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB SATA III 7200 RPM 512 MB...
  2. P

    Question Rzyen 5 5600G iGPU gives smoother gaming than the GTX 1660 Super ?

    Hello! I tried it out and for some reason the Ryzen 5 5600G iGPU gives a smoother game and less input lag, for some reason it is better than the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super 6 GB. Why is that? Thank you.
  3. Lauritsballe

    Question how to get faster download speed

    whenever i test my internet speed on ookla it says i have 20mbps but whenever i download something on steam it only downloads at 2.5mb/s at it only uses 20% of my network when i look on taskmanager i have i wired connection and i've tried all the tricks on youtube but none seem to work (edit: i...
  4. Giorgi379

    Question increase internet globla speed with gre tunnel is really?

    Hi, all i have problem my office network topology is on picture. my global is very slow 5Mbps it's not enough for 10-20 users with some users video call. i think GSM modem is fix that problem and it will make 30global speed local 30mbps global speed but some users say best practice here is...
  5. krisrmgua

    Question Wired UP speeds crawling yet WIFI UP blazing fast

    I have Centrylink Fiber Internet. 1GIG Speeds for up and down. I can to internet speed test on my devices on wifi and get around 600 up and down. Which is great. Yet my Wired devices get the same down but up is only like 2.8 - 3.5 Up. Crazy slow single digit slow. I have connected the laptops...
  6. M

    Question At what frequency will my RAM operate in this scenario ?

    Hey, guys! I was wondering.... Let's say that I install 32 GB (2x16) DDR4, 3200 MHz memory sticks onto my MoBo (whichever that one is, it's not important for what I'll ask, but let's assume that I've perfectly matched the right MoBo with the right RAM memory sticks) and that my rig works as...
  7. harsh44444

    Question WiFi ping issue on Asus Rog G15 laptop ?

    I have an Asus Rog G15 ryzen7 wifi6, and when I plug in the charger my ping spikes periodically .. as heartbeats like 20 to 200ms up and down ... also download speed changes drastically....when its unplugged its all normal avg ping is 15 -25ms.please help i tried all updates .. drivers reinstall...
  8. D

    Question How do I speed up my ddr5 RAM

    Motherboard-6600 RAM-6400(3200) Bios says-4400 DRAM Freq-1794.8 +- Why are there so many conflicting numbers? Do I have to add voltage to the ram to get faster speeds? I tried overclocking. There is a "profile" for lack of a better term. XMP or something that says 6000 something but when I...
  9. D

    Question Why the dif in speed?

    I have an old HP with the Holly-2. That has a 1gbs on board network adapter in it. I upgraded the cpu and ram to max at amd 3080k and 8gb. I just built a computer with a b650 aorus pro ax motherboard with on board 2.5gb link speed and a ryzen 9 7950x 128gb ram. I don't know how to find the link...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] my GPU fans are not at the same RPM is this a problem ?

    hi people . i noticed that my GPU fans are not at the same RPM the other one rotates 60 units (RPM) slower than the other one is it ok ? View: https://imgur.com/eutNMl7
  11. F

    [SOLVED] SSD not running at full speed?

    So I recently installed a samsung 980 ssd 1 TB NVME on my HP computer, but it is not running at full speed. When I checked crystal disk info and samsung magician, it stated it was running at PCIe Gen 3x2, and doing some research I found out that this is why it was so slow. It is currently only...
  12. S

    Question R8000P Slow speeds - Wired - why?

    Hello, Over the weekend I decided to test my wired connections in my house and noticed slow speeds (I currently have 500 MBPS download/upload cap with Verizon FIOS), and I was expecting speeds better than 70% when connected through Cat 5e or better ethernet cables. 70% is what I get when I...
  13. Q

    Question Low SSD write speed when downloading via Steam

    Good afternoon! Could anyone explain to me, why I have low write speed with SSD when I am downloading a game in Steam? I have an internet connection with stable speed of 1500+ Mbits/s. So, since I have an SSD, I expect a downloading speed of the game via Steam of about 1500/8 ~ 190 MBytes/s...
  14. TroopieLoop

    Question [HELP] System Fan Readings Spiking Abnormally High

    Specs Case - Deepcool CG560 Motherboard - MSI Pro Z690-P DDR4 CPU - Intel i7 12700k GPU - RTX 3080 10Gb RAM - Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 Power Supply - Corsair RM850x CPU Fan Cooler - Freezer i35 RGB So i just got done with a new build and when i went to set up my fan control in bios i...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] I9 12900kf Physical core dropping to 798mhz

    One or two of my physical cores are dropping to 798mhz but instantly going back to its normal clock speed is that normal ? View: https://imgur.com/a/H7JTRUh
  16. rcheulishvil

    Question So how fast is my PCIE 3.0 x16 slot?

    Hi everybody, I have a very basic and cheap Mobo Gigabyte H310M. I've had it for years now and it's working great. However, I've ran out of Sata Slots for SSD's and was looking into m.2. What I found out, is that I can use this mobo's PCIE slot to plug in an adapter, that can hold m.2 SSD...
  17. Dedluchh

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD only reaching 400 MB/s write speed

    Hello, I have KINGSTON SNV2S500G installed on MSI Pro B660M-G PCIe 4.0 slot, my CPU is i3 12100F. The drives speed should be 3500 MB/s read and 2100 MB/s write. According to CrystalDiskMark I get 2900 MB/s write which is fine but I only get 400 MB/s read. I have set the software to NVMe mode...
  18. U

    Question Ai Suite 3 guide + cpu and fan speed anomaly.

    Hi I have a ryzen 5800x with asus tuf x570 plus motherboard and i noticed strange things. When i start playing then the speed of all fans starts rotating near maximum( thats not a problem) The problem is that when inside the game the fan speeds are constantly revs up and down like in every...
  19. P

    Question How to fix input lag: nvlddmkm.sys and dxgkml.sys drivers

    My problem would be that for some reason I have an input lag and it's only and I looked in this program and it's because of 2 things LATENCY MON _ CONCLUSION _ Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts. LatencyMon has been analyzing...
  20. AwashZ

    [SOLVED] How much max Ram speed can a i5-13600k handle?

    Hi, Since i am rebuilding my rig this year. I wanna know what max ram speed limit OC and non OC (Ddr5 memory), for the i5-13600k. So i can buy the right ram kit for the system. Already search on intel's page, but they say "up to MT/s" instead of "MHz". Thank u ! Here some links that can...
  21. Bipman

    Question New system slow

    Hi all. I thought I knew most things about a PC but obviously not as my new PC (custom built by another company) seems very slow as in 50FPS in COD Cold War. The specs are :- Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i5 10-Core Processor i5-12600K (3.7GHz) 20MB Cache Motherboard GIGABYTE Z690...
  22. Q

    Question Ram not hitting advertised speed - please help

    I just purchased a new motherboard, ram and CPU. I purchased 2x16gb/3600 Vengeance LPX ram and it would only hit 3200 speed. Selecting xmp would just blackscreen my computer on reload until I disabled it. So I sent that back and bought Kingston Fury Renegade ddr4 ram 2x16gb/3600 instead...
  23. P

    Question My monitor was at first very smooth but after a while it's not like that anymore?

    Hello! My problem is: I Buy monitor and first run and gameplay: csgo: fast run and smooth gameplay, and after a while it's not like that anymore not smooth like the first game and my question is why? My Pc: Proc: I5 7400 Videocard: Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4GB Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M3 Ram...
  24. Hamoon

    Question i added 6gig ram, still no change of speed

    hi i added 6gig ram on my laptop but there is no change of speed. i had 6gig ram and i changed 2gig with 8gig and now i have 12gig RAM. also i have an SSD for my windows drive. but adding 6gig of ram made no difference in speed of programs running and anything... i searched in google there was...
  25. mostafa edalatpoor

    Question a usb 3 plug in usb 4 or plug in usb 3?

    i have a usb 3 and a pc with both usb 4 and 3. when can i get the best possible result ?? a usb 3 plug in usb 4 or plug in usb 3?
  26. Monitep

    Question Help! Extremely slow write speed on NVME M2 Raid 1 Boot Drive!

    Good morning everyone, I hope someone can help me, Boot drive has an awkward writing speed and I can't understand why. Some details: PC configuration: https://valid.x86.fr/7bb8c2 The problem occurs with both Win 10 and Win 11 The problem occurs even when changing the motherboard and the...
  27. Castler

    Question Can't go over 3333MHz on a 3600MHz kit

    Hi there! Originally I had 2 modules of this ram module: HyperX Fury RGB, 16GB, 3600MHz, DDR4, CL17 - HX436C17FB3A/16 Back then I was able to get to 3530MHz, but never up to 3600MHz. Today I installed 2 extra modules of a RAM that's almost identical. The only technical difference is the CAS...
  28. I

    [SOLVED] New Portable HDD very slow ?

    Hi people, Yesterday, I received my Seagate 5tb portable hdd and when I try to write anything on it, it goes slow, really slow. Is there a reason for this? Did I get a bad drive? I'll post my benchmark below this. it makes absolutely no sense, would I be better off buying a WD elements portable...
  29. tomer77

    [SOLVED] Want to Upgrade My 8 GB Ram

    asking for advise for replacing my 8GB ram to 16GB ram motherboard: Gigabyte model H97-D3H-CF processor Intel core(TM) i5-4690 CPU 3.50Ghz MHz 4 Core(s) which kind of Memory Manufacturer Should i buy thanks for help
  30. S

    Question HDD read speeds suddenly reduced.

    Hi, I have a windows 11 PC. My C drive is an SSD and I have two HDDs installed. One is used for back-ups and the other for multimedia files - video, music, photos etc.. About two months ago I noticed that I was having problems with the multimedia drive - see below: File manager would take 2-3...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] Problem with fiber lan speeds

    Hi all, Just set up a fiber connection for a small company and that is supposed to give near 1000/1000 download/upload. I am currently testing the speeds on my work laptop, server, and spare laptop. Regardless of where I'm connected, it seems like all speeds are the same. Connected to network...
  32. P

    [SOLVED] Slow upload speed on entire network when PC is turned on

    So over the past few months, whenever my PC is turned on, the upload speed on the entire network tanks after around 5 or so minutes. Normal upload speed for us is ~40Mbps, and when the drop occurs it falls to ~1 or less, across all devices. However when the PC is off, the network is stable. I...
  33. C

    [SOLVED] Can I use two different ram speeds?

    I have 2 pairs (4 sticks in total) of corsair vengeance rgb pro RAM. One is 3000mhz, the other 3200mhz, both are 16 gb's each. Can I use all 4 of them at 3000mhz so I can have 32gb's of ram in total? Mobo : Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi B450, and CPU is 3800x
  34. P

    [SOLVED] Windows capping my ethernet speed at 350mbps ?

    So this is really weird thing happening to me and I don't know why. I think it is a windows thing. I have 500mbps up and down but for some reason my pc only recieves around 350mbps while on wireless with my phone I do have the full download speed. I tried different ethernet cables but I didn't...
  35. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] PNY XLR8 8GB 3200Mhz Vs Corsair Vengeance 8GB 3200Mhz Ram!

    In my region, Pny costs cheap than corsair ram. Can I choose this particular pny ram over corsair? Is there any difference in performance?
  36. R

    Question Internet connection dies when downloading games on my desktop PC, but other devices don't have the same issue on the same network ?

    Hey everyone , thanks for reading . My problem: When I download games from Steam , for example, it downloads at full speed, no problems, then the speed starts to drop quickily and the connection dies, every device connected to the modem lose internet connection as well. This only happens...
  37. Purpleflax

    [SOLVED] Vastly differing WiFi speeds.

    Hello! I thought I'd come on here and ask about this issue since I've been struggling with this one myself for awhile. Recently set up a new network with about 50Mbp/s down on my devices. The problem comes though that this speed seems to apply sometimes and not other times. For example if I do...
  38. A person?

    Question Suddenly slow internet speed only on Pc.

    (New PC got it 2-3 weeks ago) Hello whilst I was playing a game averaging (50-90ping) suddenly started to spike to 300s then 700s then ultimately to 20-30k which I thought it was my router so I went and restarted it, but even after that it was still very laggy, so I searched up speed test and I...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] Network with EOP limits to 100Mbps

    Hi guys, i was looking for any similar trouble but i haven't found any. I am paying for 500Mbps, my Modem (https://www.vodafone.cz/pece/internet-data/datova-zarizeni/compal-ch7465lg/) is capable of 1GBps. From that modem I've got cat5e (newly bought) running to Powerline device (...
  40. mmzf

    [SOLVED] How to tweak Windows 10 efficiency ?

    I have Dell Precision M6400, with an 5400rpm hdd, and Core 2 Extreme QX9300 processor, due to some drivers support and issues i cannot move to linux, i was experiencing many issues so have to go back to Windows and windows 10. I use win 10 debloater from Christitustech from github, by which i...