Jan 12, 2021
i purchased a acer predator helios 300 off fingerhut about a year ago i love it , i use it daily i game and edit and animate and it gets the job done , well now im heavy into AE adobe after affects for those who dont know what AE is , and had to upgrade so 3 months ago i went from my 8 gb stick shown below , which WAS showing at 2666 mhz in task and cpuz , to the pny 16 gb s of 2400 mhz ram, best buy recommended it , probably my mistake there, but i did that for 3 months and still was maxing out on ram over 15 gb a day consistant, so i ordered the 32 gb shown below and figured since my laptop IS specifically for 2666 thats what acr recommends in manula website etc, i went with the Ballistix crucial shown below again , and thats 2666mhz but for some reason after taking the 2400 mhz 16gb sticks out , it shows the 2666 32gb sticks running only at 2400 , i cant find any way to fix this as i know for a fact my computer will take the 2666 no problem , how can i do this this has been driving me nuts all night and i dont wanna order a programmer as i dont know or am comfortable flashing the bios , any help would be appreciated
View: https://imgur.com/gCCuiem

View: https://imgur.com/1ebVfeo

View: https://imgur.com/FuhHG9n

View: https://imgur.com/7c6iNhE

View: https://imgur.com/Itc8E2b

View: https://imgur.com/xXP2wHt

View: https://imgur.com/8wK91IC

View: https://imgur.com/3E3hBIl

View: https://imgur.com/flOYRsp
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Why did this person make yet another thread about the exact same issue?