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  1. H

    My motherboard seems not having any drivers for audio,what can I do?

    Hi! I have motherboard asrock N68C-S UCC,few days ago I upgraded my os from Win7 to Win 10,and I dont have any sign of sound,I installed all the win 10 updates,searched alot for a solution just to find out that on the official site of asrock I can find drivers but not for Windows 10. Is there...
  2. J

    Is GTX 970 compatible with new coffee lake cpu / associated motherboard?

    I heard the new coffee lake processors are not backward compatible. I am assuming yes, but will an older graphics card like a gtx 970 still fit into the required, newer, motherboard?
  3. A

    can I play games on my laptop cleanly?

    My laptop is a lenovo ideapad 100s and i have recently got another laptop for school but i do not know what to do with my old one. I thought maybe I could turn into a gaming laptop. please I need to know
  4. pgfunny124

    ASUS Z270E WiFi & Bluetooth not working

    The WiFi and Bluetooth on my ASUS ROG Strix Z270E Motherboard do not appear to be working correctly. I've checked in the BIOS and both WiFi and Bluetooth are set to Enabled. I've checked device manager and 'Network Connections' and the only things that seems to show up is my Ethernet connection...
  5. P

    Can Computer Drives Reliably Play Store Bought DVDs or NOT?

    I have a well used HPxw4600 workstation (it has a decent CPU, a Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0GHz and runs Windows 7 64bit) with a TSSTCorp TS-653Z CDDVDW drive. I have been trying to figure out why I can't play any store bought commercial DVDs in the drive. I can say the following: 1. I cannot find...
  6. S

    2 liquid coolers?!

    Could I install 2 liquid coolers in a Corsair Spec-Alpha. One cooler for the CPU and one for the GPU. The one for the GPU is because it's inbuilt (it's called the GTX 1080 sea hawk x). My motherboard is the Asus prime Z370-P if anyone needs to know.
  7. S

    Low budget GPU

    I am looking for a low budget backwards compatible GPU.My PC specs : 3rd gen Core i5 ,8GB DDR3 RAM
  8. R

    computer has rebooted from a bugcheck

    Checked in reliability monitor and this is what it said " The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000119 (0x0000000000000005, 0xffffd58259a75000, 0xffffd58259a66ad0, 0x0000000000006ea0)."
  9. RushNReady

    Found a piece of something on top of my psu from my motherboard

    hi there i just recently re wired my pc to hide them up better and gave it a clean and i found this on top of my psu guessing it fell off my mother board while re wiring any one know what it could be
  10. P

    My windows pc froze and then doesn't start now

    My pc froze randomly and it doesn't show any thing. First i thought it the vga cable that has loosened. But I checked it is all right. Nothing happens when I turn it on. Just black screen
  11. V

    Motherboard short circuit?

    I have a Lga1155 and my computer was getting too hot so I decided to buy a hypercooler 212 LED cpu cooler and I had a friend come over and help me install it, we took out everything and we installed the CPU and put everything back in, when we turned the computer on and then we got a heavy burnt...
  12. E

    cant get a 500gb hard drive i recently added to work

    hi! i recently installed a toshiba 500gb hdd to my system! i formatted the drive from diskpart, then went into disk manager and it still didnt work. it shows up as disk 0 and wont let me do anything to it except view properties. i tried assigning a drive letter to it from diskpart.
  13. C

    How to fix keyboard on toshiba laptop c55-a? I can’t put in my password.

    I’m trying to put in my password on my laptop and the keys are not working.
  14. S

    1080 or wait till Volta is released

    I am thinking of upgrading my gpu in my PC to a gtx 1080, however Volta doesn't seem to that far off. So am I better waiting off Volta or buying a gtx 1080
  15. M

    what Motherboards are compatible with the i3 8100?

    Do all 1151 cpu socket mobo are compatible with the i3 8100? if not what mobos does the i3 8100 supports?
  16. Sagar_20

    Active Cooling vs Passive Cooling for GT 1030

    I have an option to pick up a Passively cooled Asus GT 1030 at a good price but i doubt if it would be able to run cool in my small form factor Dell PC. Though i'm not going to OC. The other choices i have in mind are Zotac, Palit and Gigabyte. Please suggest what i should choose. If active...
  17. A

    Sign in problems

    i just registered and can't complete the sign in because it wants me to type my email address,but there is no block to type it in. The "contact us" button is useless because I am not a member of the media,etc,etc,etc.
  18. S

    Upgraded PC now windows wont boot

    Just recebt upgraded to ryzen 5 1600x and using my same hdd from old pc.. Windows 10 will not boot correctly.. Please help i just wanna enjoy this pc for a little,before having to go to bed
  19. B

    New User Account has caused unexpected administrator password prompts

    I have owned this computer for about 3 years now and have never been promoted to enter any administrator password ever and have never had one setup. I recently added an additional user to the computer and now I am being prompted to enter a administrator password when installing or removing...
  20. R

    Upgrading my old PC to give my brother

    My friend built me this PC in 2012 and I have recently upgraded to a new PC. My brother has always been interested in getting into PC gaming but he has never been able to afford a gaming rig. I want to give him this one but I need to make sure it at least outperforms his PS4. This is the current...