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  1. Carla1997

    [SOLVED] Fan makes awful noise and suddenly loses RPM and doesn't recover till restart

    Hey, Recently put my laptop in for repairs and got a new fan put in. About 10mins after getting it home it started to make a funny noise if my knee touches a certain bit beside the charger (left hand side) its an Asus X550v. ive checked the temperatures using speed fan and it normally runs at...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Can't change case fan speed

    Hi there, I just built a pc for my brother, and have used a fan cable splitter to have enough fan ports. Now I realise I can't change the fan speed in the Speedfan program. Also in the bios I don't see any fans popping up other than the cpu fan. Right now the fans are really cool, which is...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Speedfan is haunting me

    So I installed speedfan (4.52) while I was folding to see if I could ramp up my cpu fans a bit, and it ended up not detecting them. But it did detect my gpu (rx580 strix) so I was like fine, I guess I'll see what I can do with those. changed them to a static percentage (automatic seemes to do...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] CPU Fan Won't Stay on.

    So long story short after meddling around in BIOS trying to fix one part of the PC the CPU fan won't stay on longer than a few minutes, almost always just a few seconds at the most. I have tried resetting BIOS, pulling the CMOS battery while the PC wasn't plugged in, cleaning the fan, and tried...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision T3500 Front Fans never speed up?

    I used to tinker with them using Speedfan back in the day but stopped as the program bugged out on me once but they never speed up now. I’m gonna reinstall a fresh Windows soon hopefully that sorts it out. Anybody’s T3500 fans not changing speed?
  6. MadsModsat

    [SOLVED] Recommended software for controlling PWM case fans connected to MB?

    Hello. I'm looking for a piece of software to control my case fans. I only need it every now and again, for when I'm stresstesting / benchmarking and for trying to find the best settings between case fans and the fans on my AiO, and pump RPM of the AiO. It is not something I do too often, but...
  7. pleyland

    Question ELI5: Why does speedfan slow down my fans?

    I'm just wondering why my PC with windows 10 blasts it's fans really loud until I simply start up the speedfan application. When I open speedfan it says some of my temps are from 50 to 70 degrees, but then within a minute it cools down to 40 degrees and the fan goes silent. Is speedfan tricking...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Controlling fans speed connected through fan splitter

    Hi. I have my two case fans connected directly to my motherboard sysfan connectors. Both are only 3pin (non-PWM), connected to 3pin connectors sysfan1 and sysfan2. To prevent the fans running at full speed all the time, I figured how to control their speed. I can set them to static speed in...
  9. B

    Question i7-3770k got hot

    Hello, i am using ml240lrgb in combo with i7-3770k that was oc to 4.6ghz. Had that in about a year, everything was working fine, 35 idle, 80 gaming. Recently i was using speedfan to make my fans quieter. After i took bencmark, i saw that cpu went up to 100 degrees. Went back to speedfan, turned...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] SpeedFan isn't detecting 4Pin PWM Chassis Fans

    Hello dear tech enthusiasts, I've recently build a new pc and now my speedfan is only detecting my 2 HDDs , my SSD and my GPU And I can only control GPU Fan. I want to able to control both CPU and Case fans with 4 pin connectors on my motherboard again, what am I doing wrong? It seems that in...
  11. [SOLVED] Different CPU temps in SpeedFan

    Hello! i recently installed a DeepCool Captain 120 EX on my AMD fx-8320 cpu and its working fine until i started to use speedfan to controll my cooler speed. i saw there is a core temp which is about 15-20 Celsius while idle and about 45C while full load. Also There are three sensors named Temp...
  12. T

    Question SppedFan's in-depth online analysis feature isn't working

    This has been happening for several months. Whenever I select a HDD and click on the in-depth online analysis button, nothing happens. I can't seem to find anyone else who has this issue. Any assistance would be appreciated. Windows 10 Pro 1903 x64 SpeedFan 4.52 (attempted as is, as...
  13. T

    Question Lenovo Y540 Overheating (?)

    I recently bought a lenovo Y540 with a Nvidia RTX 2060 and Intel i7 9750H. I'm a real fan of the performance but for some reason the laptop is having some issues with its temperature sensors? For example, when I launch a game such as PUBG or Apex, according to Core Temp my cpu hits around 95...
  14. 5

    Question Can i use Speedfan & Bios together

    Hi. i been using speedfan quite a while. Its all good as i connect my front fan speed based on my gpu temperature. but im having a problem with my cpu temperature sensor on speedfan. i already adjust fan curve on bios but it seem speedfan already bypass all the fan controller. do you guys know...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] HOW CAN I REDUCE MY FAN SPEED!??!! please helpppp

    Hello guys. i have a sony vaio laptop model sve14a2m1ew and my fan is doing a terrible noise. my cpu fan speed is 5921 rpm cpu is at 49c i have tried to rduce it with speed fan but it didnt work, i tried via bios however there wasnt the fan control option neither the power option any help and...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] Can See RGB Fans through Meshify C Front?

    I know this is dumb but I have a simple question. With rgb case fans, will I be able to see them if I put them as front intake on the Fractal Design Meshify C?
  17. V

    Question Monitor turns black while gaming, but can still hear audio

    Sometimes when i'm playing high intensive games like Battlefield V or GTA V, my monitor would turn black but I would still be able to hear audio from the game. I currently have MSI afterburner running so I can track my CPU and GPU temperatures. I also have EVGA Precision XOC running to monitor...
  18. S

    Question SSHD reading and writing score.

    I downloaded Seagate tool to see if there was a reading and writing score issue cuz I had issues with my sshd which is a Seagate SSHD 1tb drive. Everything seems to checked out. Is this score normal? Do I have to RMA it? The PC froze the other day but I realized it was my ram it was loose so I...
  19. mbayou75

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to change CPU sockets?

    Hello, In order to replace the processor of my HP Pavilion DV7-3200 with a AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Processor with Radeon Vega 8, I need to change my old school AMD socket to a newer one. The socket I have is an (AMD) S1G3 and the socket that that APU needs is an (AMD) AM4. I've read that AMD to AMD...
  20. C

    Question Corsair Fans and H500i

    Hey So, im going to be buying the H500i from NZXT and im wondering if I could use the Corsair LL120 fans with the controller? If not is there any argb fans that I could use that work with it?
  21. R

    Question What kind of coolers required for a good overclock with the 7700k?

    Hello. I'm just a bit confused, if I bought the 7700k (which I plan on doing soon), I'd like to 4.6 or maybe 5, so I'm wondering, apart from liquid coolers (which I'm not familiar with), which cooler would get my that high comfortably?
  22. M

    Question How to learn C++?

    Hi everybody, I want to learn C++. But I don't want to just read the book and learn 'if' and 'while' and say I know C++. What I want is: Ideally: Find the code on Github or some other source, with a whole ton of comments on why this piece of code is here, what it does, and so on. Better: Find a...
  23. A

    Constand BSOD on FRESH Install of windows on brand new build

    As the title suggests, I'm getting non stop BSOD's on a fresh install of windows and a brand new build. Let's Start off with the specs and i'll give you guys more insight on what I've done to troubleshoot and the information I've gathered so far. CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: Asus ROG STRIX Radeon...
  24. K

    [SOLVED] dual monitors question

    So I have gtx 1070 MSI ARMOR OC 8 GB and my question is: Can it handle dual monitors . Like can this even be combined and if yes , will it influence the performance . Thanks in advance.
  25. K

    [SOLVED] GPU or PSU Problem?

    So i've been using my integrated graphic card from my intel g4560(hd610) and now i bought a second hand car which is amd hd 7770.After a start with the hd 7770 i thought about playing some games ex.fortnite,gta V and yeah,but suddently my pc freezes and i heard some weird sound from my...
  26. C

    Difference between router and adapter and do I need both?

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a new PC. My motherboard is a Maximus XI Z390 with onboard 802.11 ac WiFi My ISP is Cox. The access point is downstairs and currently it is the Cox provided Netgear N450CG 3000Dv2 Cable modem/router. Do I need a wireless adapter in my new PC to connect to...
  27. R

    Moving OS to a new SSD, not sure what to do about old HDD

    So I'm buying an SSD and I'm going to clone my HDD onto my SSD so I have all the data and my OS. I'm just curious if I should reformat my HDD once I make sure the system boots from my SSD. I'd then use my hard drive as secondary storage. Also just curious if you guys have any tips or things to...
  28. unknown011226

    Intel Core I5-9600k+GTX 1070 underperforming

    I was recently able to upgrade my pc to have an intel core i5 9600k. It's paired with a GTX 1070 and new 16 gigs of ram. However, I'm not getting full performance. I'm getting a low of 40 fps in GTA , a low of 50 fps in Skyrim SE and in cinebench scored no more than 950. I feel like my previous...
  29. W

    [SOLVED] Will i7 4770 bottleneck rtx 2060?

    So as in the topic. Will it bottleneck it? If yes - how much? And should I change it for 4790k or it's not worth it to play without heavy bottleneck.
  30. L

    CPU causing FPS spikes in game

    when Im gaming the CPU will randomly drop and I will get a spike for no reason. My specs are...\ Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210M cpu @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz 6 GB ram 64-bit operating system Any help? I run windows 7 and I can't overclock. Any help
  31. nospecgamer

    [SOLVED] IS it worth upgrading my A8-5500 to a A10-6800K for a GTX 1050?

    I mean honestly, this A8-5500 APU is complete trash, I had this since 2012, been using I for school work and bit of none-demanding gaming. Such as playing, "Paladins and TF2". But now i'm getting into CSGO, Overwatch, and some Triple A games like Star Wars Battlefront 2. That Radeon 7560D...
  32. becominq

    Power supply help please!

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if my PSU, listed here: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Power/Plug-Type/cx-series-config/p/CP-9020121-NA , has the right connectors for the new RX 590 I ordered. The GPU takes 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin Thanks!
  33. H

    Can I boot my ram to dual channel?

    I have one G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2800. Can I buy another one and boot it up to dual channel?
  34. O

    [SOLVED] 1050 Ti or 660 Ti?

    Hi, in a few weeks I will be upgrading my pc and im not sure if I should buy a 1050 ti brand new or a 660ti from my friend for $30 (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127696) I am on a tight budget and im looking to play so games. How much more performance will i get...
  35. D

    Is My RAM Compatible With My Motherboard? (Aorus X470 Gaming 5)

    Hello! So, I'm building my first PC and want to make sure everything is just right. I'm somewhat nervous, to be honest. I have a couple of questions regarding RAM and motherboard. My motherboard is a Gigabyte X470 Gaming 5, and will use a Ryzen 7 2700x. I bought the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16...
  36. N

    Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings

    I have tried all the methods that I could find regarding this issue. Nothing works. I cannot check on "automatically detect settings because it refused to save the option. I checked "automatically detect setting" I clicked save, I went back, and it got unchecked. I tried to reset my pc but...
  37. P

    GPU gets no display - only integrated graphics work.

    Hi, so recently I have bought some new parts for my pc, and have used the same gpu, psu and hard drives from a working pc. The new parts I have bought and added are a motherboard, ram and cpu and heat sink. So as I use the display port in the gpu to the monitor I get no display however when I...
  38. J

    PC Issues (gaming PC)

    Hi, I have been having some major and some minor PC issues. First off, when I play pretty much any games, the game crashes to the desktop out of no where. Also, I have had issues with Windows explorer crashing and restarting until I restart my PC. Sometimes my PC will bluescreen and then return...
  39. Z

    Move a Windows 10 driver to 8.1?

    So I've tried installing Windows 10 recently (because I needed a driver you can only get there). But Windows 10 had some issues, and Asus recommended to go back to 7 or 8.1, so I did that. However, I'm missing 2 drivers for my gamepad: 1 for the headphone jack and 1 for the gamepad itself. It's...
  40. M

    What is better? EVGA 1050 2GB or Gigabyte 1050 2GB

    I was wondering what graphics card is better between the EVGA 1050 2GB and the Gigabyte 1050 2GB. Links: EVGA 1050 2GB-https://amzn.to/2AkhVem Gigabyte 1050 2GB-https://amzn.to/2R0IxGq