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  1. G

    Config the fps around

    Hello, what this low fps in cs:s mean?
  2. T

    32 bit compatibility

    Hello, I need to repair Internet Explorer for vista home basic. it is 32 bit ?
  3. T

    Pinnacle studio 9 compatibility windows vista

    Hello, my laptop crashed, motherboard was replaced and all programs erased. When I try to reload the Pinnacle studio 9, I get a Program Compatibility Assistant message that says Install was "blocked" due to "Compatibility issues".
  4. W

    Driver for epson scaner perfection 610

    Hello, I want vista driver for epson scaner perfection 610
  5. X

    Need help fixing this problem

    i have a friends laptop here who's windows seems to off stopped working, upon turning the laptop on it says windows failed to start, and you have the option to start normally, or launch repair, well after you get that little grren loading bar that says microsoft under it, both of these options...
  6. G

    Update driver software wan miniport

    cant connect to the internet. all the wan miniports cant update drivers. cant delete them. please help me.
  7. J

    My dvd wont play anymore

    my dvd wont play anymore...called DELL and they had me reinstall PowerDVD DX and it worked...now it wont work again...what is the deal. This is a brand new Dell Studio laptop computer. thanks
  8. J

    Need driver compatible with windows vista

    Hello,where may I download a driver compatible with windows vita for a printer x6100 3 in one
  9. G

    Error code

    Hello, I try to down load files from pictures to a toshiba extunal hard drive 500gb. Get error code 0x80070052.
  10. Q

    Vista Freezing

    Alright so not sure if this is the right area but i figured toms was the best place to find somebody that might have a clue whats wrong with my vista machine :( Here goes its pretty simple, about 3 weeks ago my old GPU which was evga 8800 gt superclocked was coming up in vista as having a...
  11. T


  12. moegoer

    RON installation

    Hello, I have downloaded the trial version of RON. When I try to install, I get "checking exception data" then after a time, i get "RON has stopped working". Then i get "windows is searching for a solution and will notify you". What's going on? I have Vista home and a quad core computer by HP...
  13. F


    Hello,I am trying to upgrade is Service pack 2 and/or 3 and each time I try it bombs because it cannot frind proplus,msi. How do I get around this to upgrade?
  14. C

    Slow keyboard

    Hello,My key board is working normally now,it is very responsive,but as soon as I go into gmail and try to write a message the key board is very slow.I have rmoved the battery,but that didn'y make any difference,could it have something to do with installing spy doctor?
  15. T

    Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! At my wits end!

    Hello, I have a hp compaq presario V6000 laptop and I can no longer play cd's or dvd's, it is no longer showing up in my computer and every time I plug my internet dongle in it now recognises that as my E drive for my cd/dvd drive?
  16. F

    Can I transfer itunes from one pc to another ?

    I have itunes with all my music on one pc with XP. Can I transfer it to another with Vista? Would I be able to do this with an external backup hard drive? I also want to send over all my photos. Thanks
  17. A

    Dell laptops 1440 64 bit

    Hello, well i want download vga graphics card and videio card . how can i proceed
  18. T

    Why wont my yahoo messenger open

    the sleepy guy at the bottom of the page by the icon says yahoo messenger when i scroll over it but when i left click right click or double click it wont do anything, all the other icons wk. when i click on it from the start menu i get nothing, i have uninstalled reinstalled and restarted the...
  19. J

    Ssvagent exe free virus removal

    Is there a free fix on the web for the ssvagent.exe virus? I have downloaded scans and everyone want $29.95 to remove it, Already paid once for something else, then the ssvagen shows up. Help!
  20. E

    File associations erased by malware

    Hello, i just got rid of some nasty "rogueware' from my laptop. but now when i try to run a program i am asked what program it should run with. when i try to run the control panel i am asked where "control.exe" is. this is very frustrating. i have tried a couple of fixes. there is one to fix the...
  21. R

    Is this a software issue in vista or is my mouse causing this?

    Ok, every once in a while the mouse would stop working, the light would go out and even after unplugging and plugging it in it would not work. I could plug in usb drives in the same port, but it would remain out. When I had the mouse and keyboard on the same pair of ports it would take both out...
  22. V

    Vista logging off after login

    I need it immediately
  23. R

    AWDflash with vista issue.

    Im in the process of flashing my bios.. but the program that my motherboard company (asus) provides from the site, doesnt work with vista 64bit. does anyone know of a program that i can use... ?
  24. M


  25. G

    how to erase hard drive on bios screen

    Hello,My computer just stopped showing the start up screen it does not boot up the os. although its loads up to a blue desktop screen with the cursor only, i tried installing windows 7 and xp on it but it still doesnt work, even tried recovery, still doesnt work, On bios hard drive test showed...
  26. S

    Should I switch to Vista?

    My PC has an upgrade from XP (my current OS) to Vista in it. Should I use it? I used Vista two years ago and it was awful, is it any better now? I have a Pentium Dual Core E5300 Processor (2.6GHz) and 2GB of RAM.
  27. W

    How do I turn off the vista pop up blocker

    How do i turn off the vista pop up blocker?
  28. OrangeJuice

    Install Vista Leads to black screen.

    Trying to install vista to a new computer which i swapped hard drives with decided might as well upgrade from xp to vista now it boots to windows loading files rather quickly i must say in like 3 seconds then goes to a black screen and it wont boot up the disc is working tried it on my main...
  29. G

    MS DTC console error won't start Vista 64 after restore

    Recently I restored a windows image backup of windows vista ultimate 64 using the backup and vista CD boot disc. All went well, except now when I restart my computer I always get two successive windows that popup saying that "MS DTC console has stopped working....." It checks for a problem...
  30. G

    Windows paint wont work in dell

    windows paint opens up without the side tool box no amount of mucking about will get it to open properly
  31. P

    Ms dtc console stopped working

    I am constantly getting the following message: MS DTCconsole is not working. I click cancel and it goes away; but what is it? Is it important? Does it need to be fixed? Would this have anything to do with my autostart not working. I try to sync my cd player but Vista 64 bit does not...
  32. G

    Problem of copying file to pendrive

    Hello, i am facing a problem of copying any file from laptop to pen drive-- it shows the problem of , you need to provide the admission of administrtaor to copy this file
  33. G

    How to delete hardware in vista

    hi.. can you pls teach me to delete a program from vista
  34. R

    Vista home premium 64 bit os

    A few months ago on the early morning news I heard that the price of the Vista operating systems were going to drop to @ $30 - $80 dollars being that Windows 7 was due to be released soon. I can't remember exactly how low the price range would be but it sure was not the $200 we paid for Vista...
  35. T


    hi I'm looking for a way to disable a wireless network adapter, but still leave the user with as many administrator privileges as possible
  36. G


    My administrator has been deleted somehow and I can't find it.
  37. G

    Eliminating cookies

    I want to eliminate tracking cookies.
  38. G

    Install a software

    i need a software to install my miniDV DIGITAL SONY HANDYCAM
  39. R

    Hp pavilion dv6500 drivers

    i dont have the video controller driver
  40. B

    Free toshiba recovery cd download

    Hello, May get Toshiba recovery cd for satelite A200