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  1. N

    Sql server software installation problem

    Hello, a previous program installation created pending file operations on the installation machine. you must restart the computer before running setup is coming in windows vista home pc while installing sql server 2000
  2. captvizcenzo

    Cant install win vista

    i cant install windows vista in my pc. during installation, blue screen suddenly appear. it will appear during the 'expanding files' session. i only manage to install win xp. but, when i install windows vista into my hdd using other pc, then use the same hdd in the latter pc, it works. any...
  3. jhejr1

    I need help!

    How do I find and print my address book? Thanks.
  4. G

    How do i get my top taskbar to show up

    I just got a new HP laptop like a month ago and I opened an Internet Explorer thing and my bottom and top task bar are gone. I've tried the locking thing and it is not on any other sides of the screen. The only place to get the start and actually open programs is the little Start button on the...
  5. G


    Hello, i have a trojan. says something bout my c files. m not comp. smart, so i ave no clue what to do bout it. somebody plz help me.
  6. C

    What do I do if the Safely Remove Hardware Icon in Vista is missing?

    Hi, does anybody know what to do to make the missing Safely Remove Hardware taskbar icon re-appear in Windows Vista? I still saw the Safely Remove Hardware taskbar icon in the past few days up until today. What do I do?
  7. J

    Keyboard types instead of @

    Hello, My keyboard types " instead of @. What can i do?
  8. ElMoIsEviL

    D-Link DWL-520+ on Windows VISTA x64?

    I can't seem to find a driver that works. Anyone know of a 64bit driver that works with the DWL-520+ on Windows VISTA x64? Thanks.
  9. G

    Need driver hardware for my hi-definition lcd tv monitor

    "found new hardware-unknown device on high definition audio bus".?????can you help me?, i have a samsung lcd tv connected to my desktop pc.
  10. G

    I got a new drive but my laptop wont start

    my drive went bad so i got a new one but my computer keeps saying drive is missing. what should i do?
  11. G

    Support ea/chat

    I can't get bf2 to work on my pc my screen goes blank like it wants to start but then goes back to my desk top I have downloadded the 1.4 patch on the ea bf2 web stite
  12. C

    Audio device

    how to install an audio device
  13. G

    Matshita dvd-ram driver

    My CD room is not working in Windows Vista...
  14. Tec9

    Should W7 be made a free UPGRADE to Vista Owners?

    :hello: I also do feel like W7 is the polished up version of Vista. Wondered if I and one other person were the only ones? Hmmmm............... Please take the time to answer this poll. Happy New Years
  15. P

    How to do a scan

    Hello, I would like to scan a letter on my printer and to keep on file on my labtop so I can then email it to someone how do I do this
  16. D

    Vista becoming slower

    All, My PC (see below for config) is nearly 3 years old. Over time I have seen a degradation of performance (likely because of the additional software I installed over time, registry entries, etc.). It is specifically noticeable at start up; and when opening Firefox. Besides websurfing, I use...
  17. G

    Toshiba satellite

    hi i need to download the toshiba drivers and recovery CD
  18. G

    Why i playing The Sims 2 got some lagging in windows vista?

    When i playing the game,it got lagging a few minutes and then fine. But the days before did not happen these. Did my house is so big and the graphic cannot support that big house? Or got other problem?
  19. E

    Fixing error 80048820

    Hello i have a problem signing in with error 80048820
  20. Z

    Vista - PC locks up and constant restarts before BIOS

    Hi I bought a new PC recently, i installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit and it's Service Pack 1. Now last night i was listening to music and web browsing when suddenly my PC froze completely and the through the speakers you could hear a DDDDDDDDDDDDDD (non stop ruttering noise). I had to...
  21. O

    Installing Windows Vista gets Error Code 0x80070003 but wait it gets better

    I'm getting error code 0x80070003 when I install vista around the time vista extracts the files. I've tried multiple discs, multiple isos, and installing through a USB Drive. Nothing works I get that code. I thought perhaps it was some bad ram so I took out each stick and tested each one...
  22. D

    Vista Continuous Reboot

    My Presario F500 keeps rebooting upon start up with no light or anything coming from the screen. I have recently sent it to 2 professionals who worked on it but didn't fix it. I dont want to waste anymore money. I do realize that there is a recall on my battery. So i run the presario without the...
  23. A

    Windows Vista Licence

    Hi guys, I bought Windows Vista Ultimate of ebay in October this year..the version with the 64bit disc included. It is in a case with a manual inside, it was shrink wrapped when I got it and activated fine with the included sticker inside. Now just recently I went to apply for the...
  24. B

    Autoplay doesnt show files on software CD Windows Vista

    When trying to install software on a client's PC (that is running Windows Vista Home Premium) autoplay shows a blank directory...in other words, it doesn't show files. If I look at properties, it shows the CD is full but it doesn't show any .exe or other types of files on CD. When I load the...
  25. blacklic0ric3

    Google redirecting virus

    Yesterday I kept getting a fake antivirus pop up on screen telling me to update so I ran norton 360 n got rid of it. Now whenever I google something and click the link, I get redirected to random sites and sometimes that same fake antivirus thing(except on the browser). Norton wont pick this up...
  26. M

    "Error Loading OS" in Vista no bootup...

    Ok i have a p5q deluxe,Q6600,Vista64bit,4850 asus,750w Corsair PSU, Samsung20x DVDRW drive & a WD6400AAKS HDD & a Maxtor 120gb (ribbon style HDD not sata) Ok i got the P5q Deluxe about 2 weeks ago was able to install Vista64bit on the WD6400 HDD no problem but somehow ended up getting no...
  27. G

    Machine restore problem

  28. M

    Unable to login or enter safe mode

    Laptop is Toshiba Satellite A300-1MM ( Pentium T3200, GMA 4500M, 250GB...) with preinstalled x32 Vista Home Premium. Initial problem seemed to be just forgotten password. I tried to enter safe mode, but it stops for few seconds after loading crcdisk.sys driver and continues booting in normal...
  29. A

    Service pk 2

    i wanted to know if i have too upgrade to service pk 2 and what happens after i do upgrade to this service pk?? i play sim 3 games on my pc which took me forever to find a computer to play the game , i dont want to do anything that will mess my game up , my computer works really good, so what...
  30. G

    Vista home premio 64 bits drivers

    is my windows is orignal?
  31. R

    Computer beep codes 4 beeps pause 3 beeps

    Dell Inspiron 1501 Does not Boot. I can hear the CD/Rom running at Boot. I get a 4 beeps pause then 3 beeps code. I can't find anything on this beep code. It only has 512mb memory in slot "A" I put it in slot "B" and the indicator light did flash the "A" meaning no memeory installed in slot "A"...
  32. G

    Epson helpline

    can u help me the paper on my printer keeps jamming when printing of the internet can u help
  33. G

    Virtual disk removal

    I have uninstalled virtual disk (a program) but the virtual cd/dvd drivers have remained and i cant get rid of them. I have tried going in to disk management dut there not there, I've even tried reinstalling virtual disk but that didnt work. So can someone please help me? :cry:
  34. R

    Size after cutting 700mb file is 2.5Gb

    Hi Gurus, I do not know if this is the right place...MOds please redirect if I am at wrong part of forum. Issue: I have just installed Cyberlink Power Director 7 on Vista. But when I use it to cut/trim a part of a 700MB .avi movie, the newly generated clip (which is of 2 minutes) is of 2.5 Gb...
  35. C


    I have lost my task bar on my desktop ..after accidently clicking the windows sign in top left hand corner instead of the back button which is beside it.. whilst l was using my media drive to look at my photo's ..please could you help me get it back ...? Carol