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  1. T

    Chkdsk errors

    Hello, when i run chkdsk i get he message error attribute reord 128,,,, from record segment 62397seg
  2. G

    I need software for my lexmark x1150

    Hello, i lost my software disc for my lexmark x1150 whre can i download that so i can use my printer
  3. E

    Catalyst control centre vista

    My computer keeps telling me the catalyst control centre is not working/supporting the drive, what do I do? Has anyone got the answer please.
  4. G

    Operation has been canceled

    In MS Excel 2007 I created a hyperlink in one cell to another cell in the same Work Book. But when I click on the hyperlink, I get the message: "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". I'm logged on as...
  5. G

    Troubles microphone conexion

    Hello, Hello, I have windows vista, e, microphone built into the compu .. I follow all the instructions to activate it, and whenever I get the microphone is muted. could tell me how to solve this problem ... thanks
  6. G


    Hello, can i contact my son on his ps3 from my laptop
  7. M


  8. S

    Windows recovery error HP dv5

    Hello, A few hours ago on my vista laptop Hp dv5, as I was turning off the computer I had the option to update the system on the turn off button in the start menu in the right down corner. Later when the updates were done and that the computer had shut down and that I tried to boot up, it would...
  9. P

    Desktop not working vista

    desktop starts up icons are all working select anyone it opens up go back to desktop and nothjing works can someone help please?
  10. P

    8800 geforce sends my pc back to stone age

    Hello, i have a dell inspiron 530 1.6ghz on vista home basic. I tried putting a nvidia geforce 8800 gts card in it. my computer boots up with all the icons looking 'olde worlde' and i can hardly read anything on the screen. Have i forgotten anything(i downloaded the driver for it from nvidia)
  11. C

    Vista error message The handle is invalid

    Hello,I have a gateway laptop and a week after installing Microsoft security essentials i went to log on with a Huai air card from Alltel and I keep getting a Error message The handle is invalid it has a triangle in yelow with an ! in it. Any one have any Ideas. I have removed the Microsoft Sec...
  12. P

    Free blu ray software

    Hello, Why can we not download Windows Media Center from Microsoft that plays the latest Blu Ray movies, I bought an Acer 6920 that played the demo disc ok, but you try and play a Blu Ray movie off the shelf and I'm afraid the media center software will not recognise the format. Another rip...
  13. B

    Offline Event Log Examination

    In the unlikely event that Vista fails to boot :sarcastic: is there a way to boot from, say, UBCD4Win, dump the event log to external media, then examine this data on another machine? I ran into a problem where all I could get was a black screen with a mouse pointer, no desktop, no error...
  14. G

    Find cd/dvd driver

  15. Derbixrace

    Bad image error

    hey guys, im having a strange problem that is probably caused by a virus of some sort because this started happening after i deleted some viruses with Avira Antivir. everytime at windows startup i get an error: "CRTCMediaController: msnmsgr.exe - bad image c:\windows\system32\hid.dll either...
  16. T

    Vista "No Emmulation"

    Hello, I am tryuing to do a fresh install on a system that was working perfectly fine until I turned it on a couple of weeks ago. I continue to get error message one after another. I found most of my support in Techguys but noe i'm getting the initial message again, "No Emulation". I don't know...
  17. G

    WHY NO ADDS just red squares

    Hello, why do I have a red square instead of an advert?
  18. jckbss

    .net framework

    Hello; Everytime I try to use microsoft fixit tool I get a response saying I need to install .net framework 4.0 and (.net framework 2.0,which is installed as part of vista os). These are already installed as well as 3.5 SP1 and 1.1 . I've tried to uninstall/reinstall using ms .net framework...
  19. A

    Matshita DVD RAM UJ-850S ATA Device not working

    I have a sony Vaio laptop (vgn-n220E) Recently my driver failed for my dvd drive, When I first got the laptop I was able to install a few things and burn some CDs. Now about a month later, I can't read or write CDs or DVDs. My device manager for the CD/DVD ROM drives sais "Windows cannot...
  20. G

    Vista windows mail attachments

    Hello, in vista my received jpeg pics in windows mail are blocked - message is:- 'windows mailremoved access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail' - the attachment files are 'greyed out'. The pictures do show at enormous size below the mail text - about 10% only shows on the screen...
  21. G

    Lpr error 64 bit windows

    Using lpr client from the command line has always been available on Windows 32 bit systems. In attempting to use this on a 64 bit system, I get "command not found". What do I need to do in order to do lpr -S -P from the command line on Windows 64? Thanks,
  22. D

    Vista cannot see other computer

    I have a wireless vista 32 which cannot see other xp units wired directly to the wireless router. All units have "WORKGROUP" as their name group. Xp units have shared their file folders openly. The router is not secured. The router has been reset (wrt110) and units rebooted. The xp units talk to...
  23. P

    Problem with monitor connected to my laptop

    Hello, My laptop monitor and external monitor have the same info on it. Therefore I cannot drag a spreadsheet to one monitor while looking at info on the other. How do I get the external monitor to show a blank desktop
  24. M

    How do i get m D drive back from

    Hello, my D drive is missing from my computer i have a HP computer windows vista 2007
  25. G

    My cd drive wont open on my computer

    Hello, my cd drive wont open... how can i fix it?
  26. G

    How do i install vista on dell dimension

    I found a computer so I don't have a password. I was told I must install windows over agin. I have a vista disk. How do I do it? :o
  27. G

    How to lighten the computer monitor

    Hello, my computer monitor is almost totally dark. HELP!
  28. A

    Making my acer computer new again

    Hello, i need to make my computer new like it was fresh out the box
  29. M

    Vista compatability

    Hello, I have not had one compatability issue sucessfully resolved with vista 64bit. I should have bought a mac. I will have to buy new software anyway. -and I would have a thin computer-. Question :- How do you (or I) get the compatability thingo to work???
  30. B

    Windows update problems vista

    my problem is that I update from Microsoft, and it seems to install, then a short time later, the same up-date info comes back, I go through the install process and it keeps saying I need to update, eventhough it says it was successfully installed. what's going on?
  31. J

    Weird Vista?

    Why does Vista report my 1TB SATA hard drive as a SCSI hard drive, when BIOS says it is SATA?
  32. G

    Laptop mother board in sri lanka

    Hello, hi my laptop is not getting restart pls advise me what is the problem
  33. T

    Mobo switched usb keyboard and mouse not working

    I'm not real good at this stuff. I don't know how to load an unload drivers and anything found in the thread here if the keyboard and mouse don't work. All of these instructions seem to me to be impossible to perform if you don't have an input device.
  34. G

    How to improve copying cd/dvd speed in vista

    Hello, when i copy a dvd in vista it take 45 minute or 1 hour to completing copying process.I am really frustrated to these type of work so please help me,,,,
  35. L

    Audio service not running on sony vaio

    Hello, I have a sony vaio vgn-cs215J. Red X through the speaker icon. Tried everything. What is this bios everyone is talking about?
  36. G

    My toshiba laptop

    Hello, i want to install windows on my computer but i dont have the d can i download it from the internet Thanks.
  37. M

    Not enough server storage is available to process this command

    I am trying to connect to a mapped network drive on my desktop that is shared and has been in use and available for years!! Suddenly I'm getting the above message when I try to connect to the drive. If I use Windows Explorer and go to the mapped drive it will not connect, with the above...
  38. mmmcheese

    Can i put windows xp on a vista machine?

    hello i have windows xp disks from my pc im using and im looking to upgrade i have seen some cheap vista pc's is there any reason i wouldnt be able to put vidows xp on them?
  39. S

    Acer recovery

    Hello, how to make Recovery
  40. G

    A vista update killed my Vaio

    Hello, I did a Vista auto update about 3 weeks ago and my Sony Vaio has not booted up properly since. It only allows me to start in Safe Mode. I have restored to just prior to the update, but same problem. Any ideas?