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  1. P

    X1150 software

    Hello, I lost my setup cd. Where can I find it?
  2. G

    [solved] Vista Sleep Causes Major Problems

    The PC often crashes when "woken up". Most notably, I am now stuck at the BIOS startup screen and can go no further. THE LONG STORY: I have an HP m9350f PC running Windows Vista. Dunno if posting links is kosher, but the specs can be found on the first search result on Google for {m9350f fry's}...
  3. lazyperson17

    Jumpy sound issues

    Hello, So, now that ive done my best to help others, im having an issue. I recently moved, and when i did so, took very good care of my computer (especially the tower). When i set up the computer system after i moved everything in, i turned it on, hooked up the speakers (through USB port...
  4. poorya_user

    Need Help, Access Denied on C

    Here is the problem, I have just one partition and one user(admin) in my Notebook . yesterday I lend it to my friend, so for protecting my data , I went to security in C: => Properties and put the whole ticks in deny part. Now I can not go to my C drive, I can not open regedit with RUN , I can...
  5. winrot

    New Gaming Computer. Vista or XP?

    Hey folks. I could really use some advice. I am making a new gaming computer. (And really, I am mostly using it for gaming and music). I have to purchase a new OS anyway, should I upgrade to Vista or Stick with XP. Is DX 10 the must have for future games? If I go with Vista, What version...
  6. G

    How can i take pic with webcam

    Hello, how do i take pics with webcam . what are the steps to be taken, ty
  7. D

    Error on windows update

    hi i'm getting an error message on windows update: 0x80072efe can't download updates because of it? any help?
  8. L


    Hello, i can fine my dvd rw drive (E)
  9. S

    Built In Mic.

    I Have A Dell Inspiron 1521 That Runs With Windows Vista And The Computer Itself ,Skype/Oovoo Will Not Recognize My Built In Mic. And Ive Been Trying Everything Posible To Get It Working Because The Computer Says That Its Working Properly But Its Not........ Can Anyone Please Help Me???
  10. G

    Problems with my hp laptop

    Hello, my hp laptop is acting up. For a little while now it has been going into hibernation (sometimes shutting down) intermittenly without prompting. Last night, when the system restore came on, it caused an issue with my browser, not allowing me internet access...I have checked my router and...
  11. H

    D-link dsc-350 for vista

    Hello, I need a driver for my DSC-350 camera for win vista
  12. S

    Missing Vista

    Hi, I have two partitions one had XP on it and the other Vista, I am not sure what happened but Vista has disappeared and I can't find it. I have booted and when it asks me choose operating system all that is there is XP. I never deleted Vista can someone give me some ideas of where it went or...
  13. M

    Gaming on ati hd 4650

    Hello, can i play assassins creed 3 with this card?
  14. G

    How to uninstall driver whiz from windows vista

    mistakenly downloaded driver whiz and need to get rid of it please
  15. L

    How to get items from the queue to the printer

    Hello, had to do a restore point to before i had a printer, printer is hooked up and I see 12 items in a printer Queue, I don't know how to get them to the printer. before the restore point I had a toolbar that enabled me to print directly with no queue, how do I get that back?
  16. G

    How do I get my pc to recognize the cd/dvd

  17. S


  18. G

    Restoring user accounts

    Hello, my brother deleted my old administrator account along with everything that was on it and had to create a new one. Is there anyway I was restore my old User Account?
  19. G

    How to get rid of osd lockout on my monitor everytime i logon

    what do i have to do to get rid of osd lockout on my hp1907 monitor
  20. M

    Toshiba 3d graphic

    Hello, how will i change standard video graphic to latest one
  21. G

    Increasing buffer size in vista

    Hello, streaming movies, videos from CNN and Fox and other network channels for premium evening shows, all report "buffering" for minutes and then start playing for seconds. How can I correct this so I can watch, say a 5-minute video in 5 minutes rather than continuously hanging up.
  22. M

    Vista upgrade to win 7 for free?

    Hi, recently i heard from friends that Vista can be upgraded to Win 7 for free? How? My notebook and desktop are both Dell machines, both been installed with Vista Home edition.
  23. N

    Games on dual booting

    I have a dual booted machine.Windows Xp and Windows Vista.i had previously installed a few games on xp such as Splintercell Conviction,etc..but when i am trying to play them on vista 'xinput_1.dll not found' is shown.Is there any way to run the previously installed games?
  24. J

    Can't Download Anything!

    My computer is all messed up, all of a sudden, and I don't know why. I will take it from the beginning. Out of the blue, while trying to boot up, I get a message saying "Windows cannot load, there is a missing file that is needed..."(the rest I can't remember, sorry). Please use your...
  25. B

    Windows explorer

    when i open my pc the message appear says the windows explorer has encoutered problem and needs to close.i have windows vista
  26. H

    Vista slowdown, HDD light blinking like mad, slow/non-shutdown

    Hello all, Just in the past few days as I have been using my PC I have noticed that after about half an hour, for some reason I get immense slowdown. Most often I have noticed it occurring while on the Internet and Firefox will stop loading pages (but not a network issue). The one major...
  27. E

    MS DTCconsole

    MS DTCconsole program has stopped working keeps on popping up on my screeen. How can I get it fix? I have the Registry Booster but it did solve the problem. What else can I do?
  28. V

    No CD/DVD Driver Available ???

    I have never attempted to burn a CD/DVD of photographs until just recently and when I do I get the message...."No Cd/DVD Drive Available". I am using a Compaq CQ50-142US laptop and have been able to burn both CD's and DVD's in the past with no problem. I use Photoshop Elements 7 for all of my...
  29. M


    Hello,hi.i have an acer travelmate2420.was xp pro but i have install vista.when i try to play second life it wont let me .so when i try to install the video card drive.i get theis computer does not meet the minimam requriements for installing the softwear .so please explain what it meens.thank u
  30. S

    System standby disconnects internet and wont go back on automatically

    We have a fast cable modem and I am always hooked to the internet. When I put my Vista 32 bit PC into system standby and then come back to Windows, every time I have to manually repair and reconnect the internet. On my XP32 system the internet automatically reconnects instantly as well as many...
  31. R

    Reformating Vista laptop

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of reformatting my laptop but I'm not sure about one thing. The thing is I have vista home premium installed on my laptop and it came pre-installed so if I reformat my laptop how will I reinstall it since I don't have a vista disk. So I'm unsure on what I should do so I...
  32. S

    Hdmi tv as computer monitor

    Hello, I have having a problem projecting the contents and video from my laptop to HDTV monitor. I use to watch netflix movies from the laptop through the HDTV now i get no signal.
  33. G

    My folders- lost folders

    Hello, when i changed e-mail addresses i lost all my folders i do not really know how to find them or if i can find them.PLEASE, SOME ONE HELP ME.
  34. P

    Hp pavillion dv6000 cd driver no detected

    Hello,hp pavillion dv6000 cd driver no detected
  35. D


    i'm working on an emachines running Win Vista. at startup it will go through post but as soon as it hands over to OS the PC shuts down. cleaned out case (wasn't too bad) problem still persists. i disconnected the HD and it will run all day. i ran MalwareBytes and got a few hits (i installed HD...
  36. S

    PDF forms

    Hi all, I am trying to insert date into box/cell in a pdf form, I insert a day (i.e.22) space across to the month (i.e.03) it then "pings" I am unable to space across to the year. The rest of the form no problem. Many thanks
  37. J

    Audio formate for windows 7

    hello i have developed a programme to capture audio from mic. this programme works fine in xp-sp3 with sample rate8000.0 and atxp2 at 41100.0 but when i execute this progamme on windows 7 .it crashes with exception . can anyone tell me sample rate of audio formate fopr windows 7.
  38. N

    I want tv tunner software for vista

    Hello, i have supercomputer TV tuner but vista is not supporting for that product
  39. B

    XP on VISTA laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop with VISTA and would like to have a dual boot with XP Pro but everytime I try to install to a second partition that option is grayed out and a message says I already have a newer (not better) version. Is there a way around this?
  40. D

    Personal security virus

    my other computer is a vista its infected with a virus PERSONAL SECURITY i can get on the web with it to down load any thing i am now using an old computer to contact you please help