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  1. A

    Question Youtube stream blurry while moving

    I used both dual pc setup(NDI Source Plugin) and single pc setup , used both x264 and NVENC new Encoders. Checked log files, no render lag or network lagged frames Using OBS Studios Internet bandwidth - 45mbps Up/45mbps down CBR - 3000-4000kbps Base Res - 1080p Scaled Res - 720p Fps- 60...
  2. Imerci

    Question Building Comp for Streaming/Gaming

    Alright boys the time has come. After many a hour in the hard works I finally feel confident to begin my assembly. I require recommendations for streaming games like apex legends. I want to be running stuff like apex with good fps and space to do other things on other monitors. Im currently just...
  3. CoDrift

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to view StreamLabs OBS on another PC?

    So I have this old Intel Atom laptop that's doing nothing. I want to use it to as my secondary display (I already set up Mouse without Borders). But it's processor is too weak for actual streaming. I only want to see my chat and stuff on my laptop while my PC does the actual streaming. Is it...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Build dedicated to console streaming

    I’m trying to build a PC that can adequately stream my Xbox one gameplay. I’m still learning everything so I was looking for feedback regarding what I have put together on partpicker. What do you guys think? Any advice, opinions, or...
  5. Juker

    [SOLVED] Streamlabs Skipping Frames

    Hello, I'd like to stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But I keep getting skipped frames and my stream feels laggy sometimes. Here is my pc build: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB GAMING X 8G Video Card MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON be quiet...
  6. R

    Question How to make an audio output output to another output

    so i want to record gaming videos but i also want to listen to music but dont want to have the stream pickup the music, so how can i make 2 outputs one of which outputs to the other so i have a fake output linked to the stream with game sounds and the real output to my headset with both game...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Dual streaming setup

    So i wanna start streaming at 10i0p 60 fps. But ive read online that a dual setup better is so ik planing on getting a second pc ryzen 3 2200g 8gb ram and a 1050ti and my main pc is ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram 1660. Do i really need a second pc to stream 1080p 60fps? If not wil the second pc be good...
  8. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] What should I be upgrading in this system ?

    I want to edit/stream video games and need a decent system to do it all with. If you do think of something I can upgrade please tell me what and why. My budget is anything under 200 per new part My system : CPU : Ryzen 3 1200 GPU : RX 580 RAM : 2×4 VENGEANCE Corsair HD : 1tb Western digital...
  9. R

    Question Record/stream

    AMD ryzen 7 2700x 2060 RTX 32 Gb Ram 3200 Is this system good enough to stream/ record?
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Feedback for PC upgrade

    Hi! I want to upgrade my PC in a while (some months or so), so I'd like to get the best performances with a good budget. I am a streamer and I'd like to stream at 1080p 60fps quality. I stream League, not any AAA games, so there's no need to go too overkill. With my current setup, 720p 60fps...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] [Help] High end PC Build for Gaming / Programming (UE4) / Streaming

    Hello guys, I come here to you today because I need your help to finish my high end pc build. The current state of the AMD vs INTEL fight made me unsure of what to do. I made this build in order to: play the latest games coming in for the next years in ultra 1440p with 60+fps use resource...
  12. S

    Question Speed slows down when playing games.

    So I just got this new laptop the other day (Lenovo Legion Y540 RTX2060 version) and was thinking about streaming games. Then I found out my internet speed wasnt enough. I normally have 500/500 but when I startup a game, even if it doesnt require an internet connection, the speed slows down...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Stream Settings

    Hey guys, I recently started streaming on Streamlabs OBS and I was wondering what the best settings would be for the stream, please and thank you! Game: Fortnite PC Specs: RAM: 24GB Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3600 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s) NVIDIA...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrade path for streaming

    Hi all, I am looking to stream and/or record with my PC but there is so much information and various theories I am not sure what to upgrade or how to test to determine a definitive answer. Currently I have: i5 9400f ASUS TUF B360-PLUS 8GB DDR4 2666mhz RAM MSI RX580 8GB LG25 inch Ultrawise...
  15. S

    Question ELGATO HD60 S can't make custom res.

    Hello, i used to play at 1440x1080 with a stream on 1080p60fps on a single pc stream, now i have dual pc stream and i bought elgato hd60 S and everything works fine, quality is great, audio is great but when i try to make custom res in NVIDIA Control Panel it just wont let me do it and im forced...
  16. M

    Question Can i stream?

    Hi, i was wondering if i could stream Cpu : Ryzen 3 1200 It's not overclocked.
  17. D

    Question Unable to use miracast

    Hi, I've recently bought a Smart TV and a usb wi-fi adapter alongside it, so that I could stream my desktop to my TV wirelessly via Miracast. The problem is that I can connect my laptop but not my desktop, and I've already confirmed that my desktop supports Miracast. The TV just won't show up on...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Best CPU for Photoshop?

    What is the best cpu for medium - heavy photoshop and light - medium streaming/gaming?? Would also be nice if you could suggest a mobo to go with it.
  19. S

    Question Audio getting more and more out of sync when watching streams

    Recently I notice when I watch streams, both Twitch and Facebook, the audio will grow more and more desync the longer I watch (I hear the sound before people's mouth moves). I need to refresh the page for it to sync again, but after a while it will become desync again. Doesnt seems to happen on...
  20. V

    Question Quick question

    Hi, I bought the RTX 2060 some time ago, and I see that when I for example play Beat Saber on my PC with this GPU on Oculus Rift, it doesn't lag at all, but when I try to record/stream when I play Beat Saber, It lags like crazy! So is it the GPU I have to upgrade to not make it lag so much or...
  21. Z

    [SOLVED] a8-7600 for osu streaming

    Is the a8-7600 with its igpu capable of live streaming to twitch or facebook live? sadly its the only pc that i have at the moment.
  22. Z

    Question Gaming + streaming pc

    Ok I want to stream games like pubg,fortnite apex legends basically just triple A titles. Are this specs enough for it (i7-8700, 16GB RAM, RTX 2060, 1TB HDD + 120GB SSD, 750W PSU, DOS)
  23. C

    Question Can i stream...

    can i stream with gpu? mi pc specs rx 570 4gb amd fx 6300 3.8@ 16gb ram 2tb internet: I have 35mb of upload and 35 download just i want to stream with the gpu, i know it's posibble but i don´t know how. can someone answer me ?
  24. faiqueee

    Question Can I stream?

    Can I stream games like cs go and fortnite on a gtx 1060 3 gb paired with an i5 4690 and 8 gigs of ram!? I did stream the other day on facebook through nvidia aad it went fine but now I can't. So any advice?
  25. H

    Question Streaming on these specs. Is it capable?

    Will I be able to stream at, at least 720p and remain at 100+ fps on fortnite low settings and other games remaining above 60 fps. What games wouldn't I be able to stream? Specs: AMD - Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor Asus - PRIME B450M-A/CSM Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard Team -...
  26. L

    Question A system to run 4-6 virtual machine at ones with a game being run in it and being stream out all happening at the same time.

    I'm looking to take a server like this one: and turn it into a desktop but still can use the resource and it as a server managing multiple virtual machine through the os. Things i like to be inform on: Every video I see it seem...
  27. W

    Question What is decreasing my pc's performance

    ok so my build is this cpu: i9 9900k EDIT:: CPU COOLER IS A KRAKEN X72 gpu: gtx 1080 duke ram: corsair: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32gb DDR4 2400 mobo: Maximus hero 11 ssd: 3 hardrive: 2 in raid and m.2 psu: CORSAIR RMx Series RM750X 750W 80 PLUS GOLD and elgato hd60 pro im trying to stream but no...
  28. St3r3kfan24

    New to building here, Need some advice

    Hey Gals and Gents, I'm new to building PC's and would like to not break the bank... I am wanting to stream to twitch/fb/yt, interact with my followers, and utilize a webcam all at the same time. I used my general knowledge of computers (which is more like intermediate than novice) to create a...
  29. Z

    Question [Streaming Dual PC Setup] Non-Traditional Advice needed for an upgrade

    Hello Experts and community! I will appreciate if you can help me to find a nice build to upgrade my Streaming PC: Right now my Gaming PC has this specs: ● GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1070Ti AMP! ● CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k ● RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 ● MOBO...
  30. M

    Question *UPGRADING PC* i7 7700k & GTX 1060 Compatible?? & Streaming

    Hello! I was wondering how this upgrade would fit into my PC. Currently I'm running a i5 3470 being cooled by a Corsair H60 on a Gigabyte H77, 2x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, included with a GTX 1060 6GB by MSI, along with a 750watt Corsair PSU. All I need to run at one time is OBS...
  31. tplay2003

    Question Can my pc stream at 720p?

    Hello I want to ask will my hardware be enough for 720p 60fps streaming. Thanks in advance my internet is 50mb/s. Motherboard: Asus p8h61-mx usb 3 OS: Windows 10 Pro ( 64 bit) CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3,40Ghz ( non k ) RAM: 8GB ( 2x4 ) GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti CPU COOLER: DeepCool Ice...
  32. J

    Discussion Streaming problems with obs

    Hello, everyone! I have problem. I want to stream with obs, but I'm getting low fps in game (CS:GO). No matter what I tried. I have tried to use the nvenc encoder, downscale it to 720p, turn off 2 pass encoding. But nothing seems to help. I'm wondering if I even can stream on my pc. Is my CPU...
  33. T

    [SOLVED] Any feedback on my build?

    Current build i have Cpu: intel i5 4690k @4.3ghz cpu cooler: Dark rock 3 RAM: 1x 8gb hyperx fury 1600mhz mobo: msi gaming z97 Gaming 3 GPU: MSI gtx 970 SSD: 240gb crucial HDD: 1TB PSU: i forgot I want to sell my current build and use that money on this build. My current build is just not...
  34. K

    What settings should I use to Stream?

    Specs: i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 Ti(Mobile) 16 GB DDR4 I want to stream Apex Legends and get 60+ FPS. I get that without streaming but when I do, I get frame drops even though my CPU usage is around 50-60%. Should I use NVENC or x264 in the OBS settings? Right now it is on x264. Thanks
  35. B

    [SOLVED] What parts of my pc I need to upgrade to improve my stream?

    Hello, I've just a started to stream and already have few issues. I want to ask you guys what parts of my pc I need to upgrade to stream without lag on 60fps or even 30fps with my webcam turned on at the same time. My spec: - Intel® Core™ i5-9600K / 9M Cache / 3.7Ghz / iki 4.6Ghz 8GB DDR4...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Primary monitor game lag while watching stream on secondary monitor

    Hi all, The title pretty much says it all but in more detail: I have a dual monitor setup, primary is plugged in using DisplayPort and secondary using HDMI, both plugged directly into my video card. When I have a stream/video open (using Chrome) on monitor 2, my primary monitor games become...