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  1. T

    Headphone to tv

    I have a vizo tv and eould like to hook up wired headphones to it, is there a standard headphone jac on it?
  2. C

    PC won't boot

    I'm surprised I don't see a forum for 'computer help'. So I'm trying to pick the best one. Configuration: ZSRock Z97 Extreme, Intel i7-4790k, Windows 10 on boot SSD, HD.. Background: homebuilt PC had a history of crashing, until finally the graphics card and MB were replaced by warranty. I...
  3. D

    How to go about having a 1080p TV and 1440p monitor

    Hey guys, first off, I feel like a complete idiot asking this question but I'm quite confused and thought I would ask before I do anything stupid. So I currently have a 980TI for my 1440p monitor and due to recent renovations, I've placed my tiny 32' 1080p TV back into my room and this time...
  4. J

    PC freezes almost daily

    Hi, ever since around Feburary, my PC began to freeze at random intervals in the span of 1-2 days between each freeze. The system would run perfectly fine until suddenly the system completely locks up, with the audio suddenly stopping, resulting in me having hold down the power button to shut it...
  5. P

    Can I use a hard drive with Windows installed on a new build?

    This is probably a stupid question but I'm VERY new to pc building. I'm about to build my first pc, if I boot it up with my previous hard drive that has Windows 10 installed what will happen?
  6. M

    Despite meltdown/spectre patches, is there a big performance gain using nvme m.2 on a Z370 system?

    Hello, I am choosing a 1TB SSD for a workstation made of 8700K and Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming board. I read that meltdown/spectre patches have performance hit on I/O such as SSD. The lost could range from about 5% to 40% in some applications. Taking this into consideration, will there be a big...
  7. TheMitjaX

    Fullscreen games don't use full resolution

    So today I came across a problem but now the other problem is that whenever I open a game in fullscreen mode it isn't 1600x900 resolution but instead it uses a smaller resolution when I set the...
  8. T

    Deleted Primary Partition, Can't Find External Harddrive in "This PC"

    I was trying to install Windows 10 onto my external usb harddrive, when I had accidently reformatted the drive due to the media creation tool, which assumed it was an USB and as I said formatted it to FAT32. On discovering this I Deleted the Primary Partition, which was the FAT32 Formatted...
  9. R

    Windows 10 installation problem on Lenovo 100s ideapad

    Hello, I've been trying to re-install Windows manually from my USB stick but without any luck. Keep in mind that this laptop doesn't have a CD-DVD drive, therefore installation from the USB seems to be the only possible way. Originally this laptop came in with Windows 10 x64, but my main intent...
  10. electro_neanderthal

    Case Modding: Primer or Not?

    So, I have an old PC case that I've been modding, and I've gotten to the point where painting is coming up soon; however, this is my first case mod project. Essentially, I have a spray-can of "Beauti-Tone Enamel (satin white) Interior/Exterior" paint, and the instructions say nothing on the can...
  11. A

    just to know > is a cpu with 2 GHZ and 6Mb cash better than 3 GHZ with 2 Mb cash?

    to know more about cpu i was wondering if the cash is more important than its cycles speed i know what the cash is but can't determine which is more important
  12. K

    Toshiba Satellite C55dt-C5245 Touchscreen

    Last Windows 10 update removed all traces of my touchscreen drivers. Microsoft claims they have no touchscreen drivers. Toshiba claims the touchscreen drivers are provided by Microsoft. MS tried a system restore and it malfunctioned so they reinstalled a new version of Windows 10, but still no...
  13. D

    combining ram speeds/sizes because of cost

    i currently have 1 8gb stick of hyperx savage ddr3 2400 in my machine, the other is in the process of being warranty replaced through kingston(hopefully). im toying with the idea of increasing the ammount of ram i have once i get the new stick in, or if i dont get a new one then i'll definitely...
  14. X

    Do I need a GPU brace?

    Card is an asus strix 1080 ti .. Is it a must? Can it be simply lifted up with clean/proper thread works?
  15. I

    Which is better, a cheap air cooler or a cheap AIO cooler?

    Right now I have a kind of bad CPU air heatsink. It is an ID-Cooling 902X. I bought it for about 10 dollars. The problem I have with this is the fan clicks and the insanely loud fan noise when playing games like Fortnite, CSGO, GTA V- is it normal for it to be so loud? It sounds like it's over...
  16. A

    Help choosing a CPU

    I was recommended to upgrade my i5-3330 to the Ryzen 5 2400G with 16gb of RAM (budget of £340). I'm confused how AMD cpus differ in performance from intel ones, such as this benchmark shows similar priced CPUs with the intel one seeming to be better. Do AMD cpus perform better with more RAM...
  17. J

    Suddenly SSD Dead?

    Hi All, I have a Samsung SSD 840 Pro where one day i turned it on my computer all i got was a black screen with a cursor. My hope was that if I followed the windows suggestion to check the drive that everything would be fixed. All it returned was file had an invalid security key and it was...
  18. R

    How long will the i5 8400 last for in gaming?

    I just bought an i5 8400, waiting for it to be delivered. How long will it last gaming-wise? Will it be good enough for the next 3 years?
  19. N

    Windows XP Crashing Before Setup

    Hi there! I'm trying to install Windows XP on a laptop from 2011 that originally shipped with Windows 7. The laptop has the following specs: Intel Core i3 2350m Intel HM65 chipset Geforce GT630M USB 3 ports only Here are a few things I tried so far (64 bit pro iso with SP1): Slipstreaming...
  20. A

    i7 3770 not running at base clock speed

    I7 3770 ga z77m d3h 8gb ddr3 gtx 970 4gb Cougar sl500 Not knowledgable about pc techs or what not. I got this system for about 3 days now. But when i checked open hardware to check temps i find that the i7 is only running at 2700mhz on all cores. Not that im complaining it still workd great and...