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    [SOLVED] High packet loss when connecting to router and huge intermittent latency spikes when playing games

    Hi everyone. I am currently living in a pretty crowded area with tons of internet users (there are 47 networks around me that I can connect to, with a lot more outside of my WiFi adapter's range.) My problem is that I experience huge packet loss in the connection between my router and my...
  2. G

    Minimum GPU to run 4k 60Hz for WORK

    Hello there! I would like to update my Work PC with a 4k monitor, what would be the minimum gpu required for a 4k 60hz display? I mainly use AutoCad, Illustrator, Lightroom and Photoshop
  3. P

    Secure my phone

    Hi really just need to be sure there isn't a tracker on my phone if it is i need taken off
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    Looking to upgrade my low end prebuilt "gaming pc" wondering if this will work.

    I have a rebuilt Cyber power PC, and want to upgrade the build to achieve 60+ fps on most games. I have a 166hz monitor, a nice Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 so I just need better parts. I hope this will make games able to run mostly at the highest settings. My parts i'm considering are...
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    How much is my computer worth?

    I'm looking to either sell my computer as a whole to someone nearby or sell parts individually to put towards a completely new and different build, but I'm not too keen on the resale of items. -GPU: ASUS Strix Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti -CPU: Intel i7 6700K @ 4.0GHz (4 Cores) -RAM: 32GB of DDR4...
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    Cannot get my bios to update

    I recently purchased a ASRock Fatality AB350m Gaming K4, and I am trying to get the bios to update. I went to the ASRock website, and followed their procedure on how to download the "instant flash" option. I downloaded it onto a USB drive, and when I rebooted into the Bios it brought up an error...
  7. K

    HDD indicator light always on, HDD health is good

    Hi, maybe one of you could help me. I've run Avast full scans to check for viruses, I've run Malwarebytes to check for malware, I've run HDTune to check my HDD health, as well as check it's SMART and everything checks out. But, when I monitor my hard drive activity while I use my pc, it spikes...
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    HDMI colors are awful - Intel graphics 520

    Hello, I own HP EliteBook 840 G3. The GPU is Intel graphics 520. First, when I plug my PC to a TV screen with the VGA the colors are great and there are no problems. When I plug my PC with the DisplayPort (with an adapter to HDMI but that's not the issue) to a TV (tried LG and Samsung) with a...
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    GPU Recommendations needed

    Hey everyone, Just gonna keep this short and simple, my current rig consists of an i7 4770k 4.4Ghz, 8gb ram and a GTA 960. I need to upgrade my gpu and I need some good suggestions. My budget will be around £250-£300 And the requirements I need are: The card must be future proof for gaming...
  10. T

    Sooo please help

    Okay recently I order a bunch of stuff from newegg and they decided to throw in a gift card from Hellofresh, is just this service where they delver fresh goods to your door and cook it. But i'm wonder if there is some way I can redeem a gift card like this for something else like steam money or...
  11. N

    970, monitor problem.

    Been having a problem with my monitors starting very slowly on a fresh startup of the day. They can take from 10-20 minutes to start displaying anything. Mean while they have a black screen and flicker slightly. Once the monitors display they function fine. I recently changed my psu for a...
  12. A

    It will support or not

    My motherboard is gsonic ddr2 processor Pentium dual core 2ghz.. Can nvidia 710 ddr3 support on my mother board answer me fast...
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    Is my build compatible, enough wattage, good cooling, etc.

    Hello everyone, I simply would like To check the compatibility on my build found at the link below. I also would like to know whether you would suggest the Phanteks enthoo pro full tower as a good case. I am planning on doing an SLI in the future and possibly additional or upgrading water...
  14. Dizturb3dwun

    My CPU fan is scaring me

    I made a quick video to show you what Im talking about better than words ever will. http:// I'm terrified.
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    60 fps 1080p recording + editing.

    I would like to have suggestions on what computer build to get. Including 1 monitor, preferraly with g-sync. that can RECORD any game while running 60 fps minimum (at ultra settings). And being able to render/edit videos (so perhaps an i7 cpu). I would like to have a build for this purpose as...
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    QOS on CPE B593 router?

    I'm kinda getting kinda sick of playing online with 700 ping spikes. Probably because everyone is downloading horseporn on the Wifi. Can I setup a QOS on this router somehow? It's not on the GUI.
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    How is this for a first build.

    Case: XION Gaming Series XON-310 CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K GPU: Radeon 6970 HD Sapphire Edition HDD: 500GB WD Blue desktop HDD RAM: 8GB HyperX Fury Black Series MOBO: ASRock AMD Micro ATX Motherboard PSU: EVGA 600W PSU
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    Hp pavilion G6 black screen wireless light orange fan runs no hdd was running a little hot before it shut itself down now blac

    i was using it and it was ok went out of room came back and it had switched itself off now black screen please what can it be
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    Best GPU under Rs11000 ($ 175)

    I am thinking to buy nvidia gtx 750 ti 2gb. My other specs : i3 3220 Gigabyte h61M-HD2 Corsair 4gb RAM( i will buy 2gb more so 6gb total)
  20. D

    Windows Firewall exception

    what is exception in firewall? ipsec means what?