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  1. Laceyn

    Question I need help bad!

    My system- Evga x58 ftw3 mobo 6 2gb ddr3 ram 500gb samsung 860 evo GTX 680 Rocketfish 700w psu i7-960 So my computer restarts randomly without warning. I have swapped power supplies,graphic cards,ram and ssd's. I ran aida64 for 3hours without a restart occuring. As soon as i launched CS:GO and...
  2. N

    Question Pc getting really slow and stucks frequently

    Hi guys, i m not sure if this is the right place for this so please tell me if i need to post it someplace else. So i have an Asus X555L laptop (Windows 10 64-bit 8gb Ram) It was running perfectly but a while ago (almost 1-2 months) it started to get really slow sometimes it freezes randomly...
  3. Spectral-1

    Question ASUS ROG Strix 2080 OC 8GB POST signal bypass.

    I have an ASUS ROG STRIX 2080 OC 8GB graphics card. I recently installed an EKWB waterblock meant for it. The graphics card works, with the factory fans and RGB installed. Currently, I have a really stupid configuration with the waterblock and factory heatsink both installed to on the graphics...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Is My Monitor Beginning To Fail On Me?

    Hi there, I recently purchased a Dell s2716dg from Best Buy and have been happily using it for the past 4 months. I use a display port for my input and always have 2 USB ports being used for monitor back lighting and a light up RGB mouse pad. I recently have moved my setup into a different room...
  5. 0

    VGA Led on Motherboard stays on after pc start

    My pc crashed and gave me the Error (windows bluescreen irql_not_less_or_eqal) now if i wanna turn on my pc the white motherboard led stays on (asus strix x370f vga led) and im not even getting to the boot menu. i tried a different GPU but it didn't work either. Ryzen 1700x Gskill Trident Z...
  6. X

    Anti-Static Bag or Not For Shipping?

    So, I need to ship my GPU and found the box, and all the packing inside but cannot find the anti-static bag. Will the GPU be safe just like this or should I try to go find an antistatic bag? Will something else work just as good?
  7. HarryGRGamer

    Worth buying a 144hz monitor. if I mostly play at 60fps?

    Hello everyone! So I'm currently thinking about spending money on a new monitor. so I came across with this one Asus VG248QE I'm mostly playing games on 60fps with my 970 but sometimes even more on games like CSGO (200fps) and I'm also editing videos Does it make sense buying the monitor. and...
  8. B

    Headset crashes PC

    Whenever I used to use Skype with my old (cheap) gaming headset and play a game it would work fine. I've recently bought a Logitech G430 headset, I now use it to Skype and it's fine but whenever I load a game I can hear people cutting in and out untill eventually I can hear them but they can't...
  9. P

    Ratio of Tweeter watts to Woofer watts

    What is the appropriate ratio of tweeter watts to woofer watts? If im going to assemble a speaker with a 500watts woofer, how much watts of tweeter should I buy? and If a 1k watts woofer, how much watts of tweeter should it be? Also, I guess there's also watts and impedance as specs in a...
  10. Z

    Nothing happens after setup reboot

    I decided to install windows xp on my PC, and the first part of the installation worked fine, but when it says that it will restart and continue the setup, it just restarts and it gives me nothing, only a white line ticking, the red light isn't flashing at all, when i boot from my usb, theres a...
  11. T

    Best Gaming Headphones?

    Greetings everyone! I am currently searching for the best headphones for a great gaming experience. I need something with great sound to add to immersion when spending hours on Witcher 3 but also have work functionally for FPS games and still have that sense of what direction sounds came from...
  12. E

    HDMI Port Does Not Work (GTX 970)

    So, my HDMI port on my basically-brand-new computer simply does not work. Drivers are fully updated/reinstalled. HDMI cable is brand new, has been tested and works perfectly with other electronic stuff. I have tried connecting my main monitor (AOC G2460PQU) via HDMI and it results in a black...
  13. M

    GTX 960 and Radeon 5550 at the same time ?

    i'm currently upgrading my GPU from ATI Radeon HD 5550 2GB DDR3 to Nvidia GTX 960 G1 Gaming 2GB GDDR5 the problem is my monitor (Samsung syncmaster b1930) only have VGA port which the gtx haven't so can i run both together to get maximum performance and avoid possibly crappy DVI to VGA...
  14. P

    Overclocking i5-4690k temps, swiftech h220 / Offset Voltage

    This is more of a 2 part question: First part is I am stable at 4.5ghz at 1.23 Vcore, with the temps being around 80-81º C under full load. While Idle it is around 27-30º C. This seems a bit high compared to what i see other people. I have 5 fans in my case, and i assume i set up the swiftech...