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  1. G

    Question Screen waving/tearing without V-sync

    Hello there! So, im having this problem for the first time in my life. My screen is "waving" after my PC hits more than 60FPS. This doesnt make any sence to me, because ive builded many PCs and i havent ever faced this problem before. Some people say this is because i have 60Hz monitor, but i...
  2. O

    Question Monitor tearing/waving while V-sync is off

    Hello everyone! So my problem is pretty simple, my monitor is waving/tearing when V-sync is off, while V-sync is on, it wont. I dont want to keep playing 60FPS so i want to keep V-sync off. I have tried diffrend graphics cards and diffrend monitors PLEASE, i would like to get simple anwser...
  3. K

    Thinkpad T420 refurbished for web development and browsing?

    My son wants a laptop to code and browse the web. I'm not sure whether to get a chromebook or not. Lots of people have suggested a business class laptop like the thinkpad t420 refurbished like: https://www.ebay.com/itm/311439017491 and to buy it a battery...
  4. S

    Got new gpu,but psu doesn't have 6 and 8 pin connectors!

    ok,I just got new gpu (not really new,it's EVGA gtx 760 2gb),but my psu doesn't have 6 and 8 pin connectors,which are needed for this graphics card.I thought to get a adapter and connect them to my molex connectors,but I only found 1 free molex connector,which isn't enough.I need minimum 3 of...
  5. K

    2 PCIe PSU slots for one GPU

    Short story short, I have a GPU that requires 6+8 and a PSU with two PCIe slots but each is 6+2. Can I use two cables and both slots on my psu to power one GPU? I don't want my neighbours thinking new pope got elected and also lose that hard earned moniii If it matters, PSU is be BeQuiet Pure...
  6. J

    Radeon R9 390 xfx power demand?

    I recently bought a Radeon R9 390 xfx and I encountered a question, and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I have a 450W power supply, is that enough to run the graphics card + the rest of the PC itself?
  7. T

    Help on build

    Anyone got any advice on connecting a corsair vs550 to a msi b250i gaming pro av motherboard? Im building my first pc and never done anything like this before and struggling to connect it! Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  8. C

    Need help with upgrades for old computer

    I have an old computer from 2010 that needs upgrading. It is needed for work and some low to medium gaming. I am debating whether it is cheaper to get a new computer or try upgrading this old one. Here are my specs to see what I should upgrade. Thank you for helping...
  9. A

    Suddenly a buzzing sound from my ASUS Strix GTX 1070?

    Hello everyone! I just discovered som problems with my GPU. When I'm in-game the GPU starts to make a buzzing noise, but when I tab out of the game it stops. Also I have noticed some fps drops that i haven't had before. Is this coil whine or something? Should i replace my card? I have alos...
  10. K

    Are my Temps too high? (i5 6600k, corsair h50)

    Just built my rig. I'm getting around 60c on prime95 v26.6 with an AIO liquid cooler (Corsair h50). This is for *no overclocking* whatsoever. The i5 chip is stock at 3.5ghz. I feel like for an i5 6600k, with the liquid cooler, it should be lower than 60c. Will I have much room to...
  11. Anti-grandbean

    Keep 290X or upgrade to 390x?

    My current build uses an XFX R9 290x with 4 gigs of vram and a clock speed of 1000mhz. I run at 1080p currently with plans to move up into 1440p soon, when DX12 utilizes Vram and the like better. I am really confused still, after hours of reviews and scouring the web, about how exactly much...
  12. pcham

    PC turning itself off

    Hi everyone, So my homebuilt pc has been working fine for almost a year I think and now it's facing a really annoying issue. After booting the system and using it for like a couple of hours more or less, it suddenly just shuts off on its own without any warning and I can't turn it back on for...
  13. C

    Fast path & Interleave

    OK first my connection is adsl and am playing most of times online games which am having terrible ping at most servers which sucks but as i read that u can disable interleave in your adsl connection or change it to fast path which gives noticeable improvements in latency is that correct ? if so...
  14. M

    G1 Gaming 970 0% fan speed, how to?

    I recently got this card and I am using MSI afterburner to set a fan curve for it (I've done this before so I'm not new to this) and I've set the fans to run at 0% at below 30degrees. HOWEVER, the fans are currently spinning at a minimum of 34% at 24degrees, not 0%. Can anyone explain why...
  15. Artorias33

    R9 290X eyefinity WoW questions.

    First off this is my first post so I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. Hey, I am about to upgrade my graphics card and was wondering how a 290X would preform in WoW with 3 1080p monitors. PC specs (after upgrade): Intel 4770K Asus M6F r9 290x 16g 2133 ram and about 18 500g ssd's lol...
  16. N

    I think my CPU voltage is messing with games since MOBO upgrade.

    Hello, I recently upgraded my PSU mobo and ram. I tested my ram thoroughly, and I came up with no issues. Same goes for my Graphics card (660) and everything else I can think of. Ever since I upgraded, games that ran smooth as butter run smoother, for a few seconds. They then drop down...
  17. D

    Gateway FX Gaming laptop Mobo replacement.

    hey guys! i need some help. i just bought this gateway FX gaming laptop on ebay, (yes old ancient but i wanted a project to do on my first laptop) my model is P-6831FX and was wondering if this mobo would fit??? and if the CPU i have will fit to??? thanks in advance.
  18. P

    WD green or black

    Hello, I want to build a pc and I don't know weather to get a WD caviar green or black. I also want if anyone knows to tell me the power that they use. For example what diference would they have on booting?