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  1. M

    Question TP-Link Archer T6E Not Detected By PC At All

    I have the exact same issue as this guy: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/tp-link-archer-ac1300-not-recognised-by-pc.2655741/ and like this guy, it's my first time posting here as well. However, the fix in the comments doesn't work because I can't install the drivers since neither device...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Using x1 Slot While x16 is Occupied...

    I'm just recently bought a pcie wifi card from ASUS (asus pce-ac68) and I'm trying to use it with an Asrock b250m-hdv while the 16x slot is occupied by a GPU (GTX 1050). When the GPU was installed, the wifi card wouldn't appear anywhere in device manager or settings while it was in the x1 slot...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] My WiFi card isn't working. My Wifi option in network settings is missing.

    I am using a custom Windows 10 PC. The only thing I can use it Ethernet and my Ethernet cord has been missing. I have no WiFi Icon in the tool bar and only a screen with a red X. When I click on it it says not connected, no connections available. I browse through the device manager and find that...
  4. A

    Rx 460 fit

    Will RX 460 power color 2gb fit into Acer aspire m3802 ?
  5. D

    1050ti not getting updated with drivers

    I got a Palit 1050ti and whenever I update it then let it restart my pc, nvidia geforce says that my installer is ready, like it did not install the drivers at all. Leaving me with 1024x784 resolution Things I have tried: DDU Updating using manual installer Moving the GPU to another PCI slot...
  6. Linkin_1

    Please suggest any one between these cabinets

    https://mdcomputers.in/corsair-mid-tower-spec-alpha-black-red-cc-9011085-ww.html https://mdcomputers.in/nzxt-mid-tower-phantom-240-black-orange-ca-ph240-b4.html https://mdcomputers.in/cooler-master-mid-tower-masterbox-lite-5-rgb-mcw-l5s3-kgnn-02.html "thanks in advance"
  7. S

    running antivirus scan, freezes when scanning a particular floder

    So i started doing a custom scan, i scanned one hard drive and the scan went well, i went to scan my ssd which has my windows installed and pc hardware drivers and such, but it keeps freezing up on the same files its trying to scan, which is in Windows\servicing\packages\ or...
  8. E

    Need help overclocking my AMD 8350

    I recently just finished my first pc build and was looking at overclocking my cpu. I'm not really sure what a good starting point would be though. My specs are.... Amd Fx 8350 4.00ghz 4.20turbo Msi 970 gaming x mobo Msi gtx 1060 6gb gpu Kingston HyperX FURY 8gb (2x4gb kit) I tried using the...
  9. B

    GPU low performance/low usage

    Since I purchased a Geforce GTX 970 I have been getting strange performance issues: - Crysis 1: If I look in an area with low detail (a bush, a rock etc.) I get 100%-80% clock speeds. But if I look at a detailed area (lots of trees with god rays) it drops to 30%-50% clock speeds. The difference...
  10. D

    New 2016 motherboard still using Windows XP

    Hi! all I have to keep my WIndows XP for some old industrial softwares, but my Asus P8Z77-V pro is aging so I'd like to setup a new one in case of future failure. What do you suggest me for a 2016 very good motherboard, still using XP. And if I can still keep my Intel i5 processor that would be...
  11. T

    Clone a hdd with multiple partitions

    I have a hdd, 750 gig.. it is partitioned into 3 drives C:, D:, and E: c=50gigs d = 50 gigs and e= 600gigs . I did that so i cud just just have windows on my c, programs on my d, and games on my e. But the c is full bc of the ways windows works.. it keeps running outta space.. anyways. i...
  12. Denis  Stoikovski

    Far Cry 4 crash,need help.

    The game runs nice and smooth without low fps lag or whaterver else,but when i get to a mortar and calculate the meters and it goes to 50 the game crashes and throws me out to desktop.Any ideas?
  13. M

    Upgrading from a hard drive to an SSD

    Approximate Purchase Date: 2-3 weeks Budget Range: 170$ System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming; Light Video-Editing; Home Theater PC Are you buying a monitor: No Parts to Upgrade: Hard drive to an SSD (Using a Raidmax 535W PSU) Do you need to buy OS: No Preferred Website(s) for Parts...
  14. M

    Gtx 770 straight or gtx 760 and later add another one?

    Title says it all. Is it better to take gtx 770 or to go with gtx 760 and in year-1,5 add another 760?