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  1. R

    5.1 Surround Sound

    I am looking one of these 5.1 surround sound systems: 1. Logitech Z506 ($118) 2. a) F&D F6000u ($132) b) F&D F5060x ($134) 3. a) Microlab FC 730 (~$160) b) Microlab FC 861 (~$160) c) Microlab FC 360 (~$160) I have converted the price from my currency to USD $ I will use them for...
  2. S

    most powerful cpu for lga 1366 x58 mobo

    i have a foxconn renaissance x58 lga 1366. what would be the most powerful cpu compatible with this mobo?
  3. P

    Stylus Friendly Laptop for Pharmacy School

    Hello Everyone, I need a work friendly laptop for pharmacy school. My budget is around $500. The more affordable the better, but i will be interested in what others suggest as the most suitable laptop. I would like to buy it on amazon Below is the link for the requirements for the laptop...
  4. S

    GT 1030 and Q6600 for gaming

    i have a old pc laying around with lga775 socket so i decided to upgrade it a little and play some not demanding games mainly internet surfing etc. I'm not gonna play high end games i'll just play games like CS:GO, LoL how will it handle? you can suggest another cpu for the same socket but...
  5. K

    Advise on a simple graphics card

    I have a simple graphics card, however, run into increasing driver-support issues (Nvidia 6200) due to that card being old. What would be a modern - yet simple - card suitable for my system and usage: photo edditing, no gaming Linux Xwindows 2 20-inch LCD monitors (and looking at an upgrade of...
  6. K

    Will my power supply suffice and do i need more fans?

    So i need around 250 watt for my pc will a 400 watt power supply sufice? And one other thing I am buying this case does it need any more fans? Case: (CPU (just in case)...
  7. A

    multi cpu Xeon W3670 on motherboard dual cpu?

    can two Xeon W3670 on dual cpu motherboard? I don't find any answer about W3000 series, I heard only Xeon L5000, E5000, X5000 support multi cpu.
  8. C

    XFX RX 460 No Display, No Fans.

    Hey there. This problem has been recurring for awhile now but seems to have popped up out of the blue. When I boot my PC, it seems to boot fine but I noticed that my GPU fans weren't spinning and then no display popped up on my monitors (yes plural, I have 2) Basically I'm here to ask if anyone...
  9. B

    design rendering build

    Debating on this build, really hitting the budget to the point of a very budget friendly GPU would be great. if anyone knows of a decent one, focused towards more graphics design and light gaming. see any flaws or any ways i can cheapen it up but keep the power. please tell...
  10. W

    Is This Fixable?

    When using an option from the game WarFace that has something to do with Nvidia GeForce which it like glitched
  11. Universe

    Mild noise in HDD

    There is a mild noise from HDD while do something, while processing. Rest of the time normal and quite. It is new one. Do you think I should consult the seller?
  12. F

    Building my first PC - advice welcome

    Hey. I'm planning on building my first ever gaming PC and could use some expert advice on what I came up with. I intend to use the build for everyday tasks, gaming and (potentially) recording / streaming. I'm looking for very solid performance (1440p, 144fps) that'll last me a decent amount of...
  13. G

    Fluctuations in Ping

    I play PS4 ever since i moved to this new house i havent been able to play any online games, both on Xbox 360 and Playstation 4, The game (Rainbow six siege) would say my ping is at 60-80 which is good but I still get set back 10ft every 2 seconds, and at times my ping woulf jump into the 1000's...
  14. R

    Is this a good overclock?

    I've been overclocking my 6600k With My EVGA z170 FTW Motherboard. I am currently sitting at 4.6ghz at 1.304 Vcore. My CPU is air cooled by a Noctua U14S. Is 1.304 Safe for air cooling? And why are my temperatures only at 50c full load using AIDA64?
  15. I

    Will My GPU Bottleneck my PC?

    I am currently building a PC and wondering if the following graphics card will bottleneck my Intel Skylake i5-6500 GPU:
  16. swompdonkey

    Mobo help? Incompatibility? Eek?

    Good evening all...I have started my first build. Albeit with limited knowledge and no experience. I fear I've already made one blunder. I have purchased a B150 Mobo: MSI B150 Gaming Astheticaly pleasing? Yes, but is the upgrade for use with skylake processors going to be a hassle? MSI...
  17. H

    is reliable in india?

    I am going to order four computer parts from this site. Is this site really reliable for buying from india 2017? Your answer will be appreciated.
  18. L

    dual monitor set up not working

    Hi I have just finished my first build and I seem to be having a problem connecting my second monitor the BIOS runs on both monitors but once windows 10 boots up only one of them connects my setup is nvidia geoforce GTX 1050 Ti MSI a68hm-e33 v2 CPU AMD athlon x4 860k I think that is all thats...
  19. I

    Will INNO3D NVIDIA Geforce 730gt 4 GB run on MAHOBAY motherboard

    I've recently purchased with build-in video card, which is not exactly what i expected, so i decided to place another video card. The problem is, that my motherboard is using only low-profile video cards, and i didn't actually knew very much about them. Then i decided that i'll need help with...
  20. abhisheak

    Wireless streaming of audio (on old system)

    Hi, I have a 2.1 wireless Sony speaker system (SRS D9) which has only 3.5mm audio jack input. I want to play audio wireless-ly from my windows laptop and android phone to it. Kindly suggest some device to stream wireless-ly. I am also planing to upgrade my system to something of audiophile...