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  1. J

    Windows 10 Desktop freezes with no error message

    Computer Specs COOLER MASTER HAF 912 MSI MS-7640 PROCESSOR: AMD FX-8350 EIGHT-CORE 4 GHz RAM: 8GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650 Power Suppy: Corsair CX600M Model 75-002018 Speccy Link Description of problem I'm having a recurring problem...
  2. R

    My parents did something and now my pc boots up really slowly

    Hello I have a one year old gaming pc that my family has used as the main computer while I was away. Now that i'm back I finded out that often the pc doesn't boot up, leds and fans are working and there are not any weird noises but the mouse and the monitor don't have any signal,... usually...
  3. J

    Computer working but no display

    So a few weeks ago I turned on my computer, the display wasn’t working so I let it sit and the computer shuts itself off and turns back on again but this time the display was detected. It was suspicious but I left it there anyways. However a few days ago I had an i3 6100 and gtx 1060 6gb, the...
  4. M

    Toshiba Satellite Chasis, Case, Restpalm to Model C845D-SP4186KM

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite C845D-SP4186KM with a lot of parts broken althought the laptop is working in that way I would like change the chasis completely but I couldn´t found it in the common online stores. Do you know if this model is similar to another? Thanks in advance...
  5. L

    New Build for Virtualization and General Purpose

    Approximate Purchase Date: This month Budget Range: $2000-$4000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Running 2-3 virtual machines, email, browsing, streaming. No gaming. Are you buying a monitor: Yes, at least two. Parts to Upgrade: CPU, mobo, Ram, SSD, fans, heatsink, psu, video, etc Do...
  6. J

    No video output from onboard graphics

    I am currently building my first PC and it has been pretty rough. The first problem was when it appeared that the motherboard was not receiving power. I was taking my Mobo out of the case and my cpu fan had become loose. I removed the fan to realize that the CPU was attached to the fan as if the...
  7. K

    touch pad not

    When I started my laptop,touchpad isn't work while keyboard is okk and I have an account with password bt isn't typing password bcoz touchpad is not working plz help me?
  8. D

    Switched Hard Drives

    I wanted to use the SSD that's in my laptop in my desktop that I'm building soon. I used Macrium Reflect to clone everything from the SSD to the HDD that I'll put in my laptop. I switched the SSD with the HDD and everything works but it still says that I have 35GB of 232GB left, my SSD is 250GB...
  9. M

    i5 7500 turbo frequency

    Hello community! Well I have a i5 7500 and the min. clock is 3.4 and the max 3.8, but when I playing game the cpu only reaches 3.7, should I worry about that? why iy stops at 3.7? ty all guys
  10. L

    My Cloud ALPHA's Headphone Jack Isn't Working

    Today, after I woke up, I decided to play Alien Isolation with my Hyper X Cloud ALPHA's, and randomly, the audio went from my headphones to my monitor, then back into my headphones. It continued to do this, so I stopped and put my computer to sleep for about 5 minutes then turned it back on. It...
  11. I

    LAN upload speed becomes zero when connected through switch

    When I connect my desktop directly to router , I get the 80/10 mbps download/upload speed. But when I connect it through a Trendnet Gigabit Switch (TEG-S50g), the download speed remains the same but the upload speed almost becomes zero. I need the switch so that I can connect my printer to the...
  12. S

    My Graphic Card Support DX12?

    I am on window 10 just wang to know my Graphic card is support dx12 i have this version asus just wondering why its dx11.1 even Sapphire one was dx12...
  13. A

    How to have a keyboard, mouse and screen if a different room from the computer

    I am looking at building two gaming pc's (for me and my brother) and putting them in a server case so I can put them in a rack in the family office that doesn't get used. So far I thought about using a KVM switch over IP. Just wondering if anyone has a better solution or any experience. Thanks...
  14. D

    HELP! No Power on my Dell Laptop

    Hello All, I have a DELL INSPIRON 14-3452. I've lost power to it; no lights, no beeps, nothing...just dead. Steps I've taken so far: 1. Tested the AC Power Cord (using the multimeter) and I did have my 19+ volts. 2. Plugged AC cord into laptop, removed the battery, tested the power going into...
  15. F

    Need help choosing gpu

    I havent kept up to date with the pc community in a while and I know lots of new good cards came out. Im trying to upgrade from a r7 240 and my friends tryna go from a gtx 730, idk, some really out of date card. I was wondering if the 1050 ti will do us any good. Its cheap which is what scares...
  16. J

    Ryzen R5 or R7 for gaming?

    I want to get a ryzen CPU but im not sure which one? Can someone please advise? I want to use it primarily for gaming at max settings , and want it to be future proof. (atm I have a gtx 970 but i plan to upgrade this too) Obviously the R7 are more expensive but I hear its because they serve a...
  17. E

    What is the pci-e version of this mobo?

    What exactly is the pci-e of this motherboard? and does pci-e version can affect gpu performance?
  18. A

    Specification for gaming

    Hi I have amd fx4300 processor 8gb ram 1tb hard disk I am intrested in playing games like gta 5 what graphic card should I add to play games thanks in advance
  19. A

    ASrock Fatality AB350 Gaming 4k boot loop no video signal

    Hello. As i just bought new parts ant put it all together. I have a problem that after starting pc it get powerd on all fans are working there is no sound and no video signal readed. After 30 seconds of work it reboots and starts again and again etc.All parts are brand new from store. Build...
  20. TwistedFury

    Windows 10 UI issues

    Hey, I'm having a few issues with Windows 10. I'll list everything I'm having issues with. Whenever I drag tabs to where the taskbar is, it overlays them instead of being behind them. This issue just started and I haven't changed any system settings. Whenever I open system apps such as...