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  1. L

    Question New and old ram not showing display

    Hello. So I recently got new ram to pop into my computer. I used the pcpartpicker to find some that was compatible with my current motherboard and graphics card. My old ram was 8gb and was 2666mhz I bought two 16gb 3200mhz ram (my motherboard says thats what it can go up too) After taking...
  2. P

    Question Keyboard sometimes won't type any symbols

    Hi, I have a strange problem with my keyboard that I haven't been able to find a fix for with any simple searches. Every now and then my keyboard will refuse to type at all, no numbers letters spaces etc. But my computer does pick up the other non-symbol keys, I can press escape to open the...
  3. A

    Question Computer has died

    Hi! Yesterday my computer of 3 years died all of a sudden. I am not sure as to why and are asking for some advice troubleshooting what part(s) is faulty. I have checked if the psu is giving power by looking if the lights on the motherboard/graphics card are lighting up which it does. I also...
  4. Raoul131

    Question Ram slot not working, HP OMEN Laptop 15-en0xxx. CPU-Z do show the stick but windows and the bios dont.

    Hello, I have a HP OMEN 15-en0xxx laptop. I have 2x 8gB of ram inside of the laptop(default). Recently I noticed that I only have 8 gb available in windows. I opened up my laptop and tried replacing and swapping around the ram sticks. It appears that the second ram slot does not work. I cannot...
  5. Hysee

    Question Redragon K630 RGB Software broke my keyboard

    I just bought a Redragon K630 RGB with red switches, and worked perfectly until i tried to download the rgb software from the official redragon website, when i unzipped the folder and ran the .exe file an error text appeared and the keyboard didn't respond anymore, i tried to restart the pc and...
  6. raptor2012rom

    [SOLVED] Back panel audio working on right speaker and front panel on the left speaker

    Hi. My PSU failed a couple of days ago. And when it did i heard a loud buzz on the speaker. Noe I got a new PSU. And everything works ok. But my speakers and headphones (tested both , also working while connected to phone) only work on the right channel while connected to the back panel Jack...
  7. groiss98

    [SOLVED] New CPU, no display, & keyboard and mouse aren't working ?

    Hi guys, About a month ago I've upgraded my GPU 3060TI everything worked well but since I had ryzen 5 2600x it was bottlenecking my gpu, so Ive upgraded my cpu to ryzen 9 5900x. Before installing new CPU ive updated BIOS it went smoothly pc turned on back on, so I turned it off and installed new...
  8. Redshii34

    Question My Gpu Is not being detected and not displaying a image

    I have recently Bought a amd Radeon 8490 LP graphics card and I am not to sure on why its not displaying or being detected. And my desktop is a HP - Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor I am new to PC related stuff but I kind of understand some things about pc parts but not much.
  9. TriggeredTroll

    Question Lights + some keys not working properly on keyboard ?

    About 3 years ago I got the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Chroma Edition. I woke up the other morning and the lights, "tab" key and the "qwerty" keys stopped working. Here are some videos
  10. M

    Question ARGB header not working correctly, fans are only on green colour and unable to control by motherboard software.

    My Motherboard Model: Asus B660M-PLUS WIFI DDR4 My Cabinet Model: Lian Li Lancool 215 My AIO Liquid Cooler Model: Lian Li Galahad 240 ARGB As you can see by my motherboard specs, it has 3 ARGB Gen 2 headers. Yet only 1 ARGB header seems to be working correctly. When I connect my case fans or...
  11. P

    Question RTX 3060Ti won’t post

    I got my rtx 3060ti today. I uninstalled gpu drivers with DDU. Then i put rtx in pc and it simply doesn’t work. White light on the gpu comes on but no fans nd no display. I had a gigabyte p450b PSU so I thought that was the problem. I went to buy a 750w psu and it still doesn’t work. When i...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] AKASA VEGAS RGB Fan spinning but LED stopped working

    Hey. The LED on my PC-case fan has stopped working and I cant get it back on. It lights up during boot, but after a few sec of being in Windows the light turn off. The fan spins just fine though, so that not an issue. I have been using the software "Armoury Crate" from ASUS to control the...
  13. C

    Question M.2 NVMe SSD is no longer detected ?

    My friends ssd is no longer being found as a boot device or at all in the bios. I've swapped the ports and still nothing. I've updated bios and still nothing. The ssd is a team group one and it's only been used for about 2 months. But it was working perfectly fine. She left for a few days and...
  14. ceprean04

    Question System starts for a few seconds then shuts down ?

    When I press the power on button, the system starts for a second, all fans start spinning (cpu cooler, gpu,psu, case fans) and then it just shuts down. I replaced my psu with a new 550w one which is better than my old 450w but I still have the same issue. Things that I have tried that did not...
  15. A

    Question Zotac GTX 1060 3GB Mini died?

    Hello everyone, so today i'm kinda sad because i think my 1060 died.. So i'll explain everything the best i can to see if there's even a solution for this. I bought a used 1060 3gb a few days ago and when the card arrived it was working totally fine i played some games with it and all good...
  16. Dredi

    Question Pc powers on but no hardware does

    So a while ago i bent the pins in my Motherboard while trying to apply new paste on my CPU, i didnt notice until i powered the PC on and saw that the PC is running but nothing works, the monitor didnt detect any signal my mouse, keyboard and GPU were not responding. Then i checked and saw the...
  17. Reddekz

    Question Portforward

    I just wanted to open port for valheim but suddenly All my ports are closed it worked for a month ago
  18. Sky Joshua

    Question 3.0 ports only work with 2.0 devices

    Hello i was using my 3.0 port the other day with my external hard drive and it suddently just disconnected from my system. When i tried to reconnect it to my system it wouldnt connect. The only way it works is if i plug it into either my front 3.0 ports or the 2.0 ports on the back. I have tried...
  19. N

    Question No power to monitor or peripherals after potential power surge.

    Hello all, I am not a computer savvy person so I bought a prebuilt computer about a year ago. I’m slightly panicking since my computer seems to turn on but none of the peripherals or screens turn on. I was just gaming on it last night and turned it off before bed. This morning I went to turn it...
  20. ReHack

    Question Xbox 360 controller not working on windows 10

    I have an xbox360 controller, it's worked countless times before but it was always a struggle to make it work, and now the bars around the logo only lights up then it would pop up as "usb device not recognized" then the lights turn off, what can I do?
  21. Diesel_.

    Question Mouse doesn't wanna work ?

    Mobo: ASUS P5G41T-M LX CPU: Xeon 5450 I have problems with the mouse not working, first it worked when I built the pc today, but now it doesn't. I have tried my keyboard in the same USB ports and it works fine, but my mouse or pen-drive doesn't. I have tried resetting the cmos, and also...
  22. kris_hm

    [SOLVED] USB flash drive suddenly stopped working. Can i save it ?

    I have a Samsung Bar 256gb usb flash drive i bought just slightly over 2 years ago and it suddenly stopped working. It shows up in device manager as smi usb memory bar usb device, it shows zero storage capacity, no volumes or anything like that. I was doing some reading and i think the...
  23. J

    Question monitor not displaying anything

    yo. when i turn my pc on you can see the led on the monitor turn white, and the pixels turn on but stay black. i have tried all the other ports, iv tried using my xbox, nothing works. it doesnt even display the monitor settings. pls help
  24. drosenhe

    [SOLVED] context menu item stopped working for JDiskReport

    Hi Everyone and thank you for looking at my post and perhaps offering a suggestion. Much like the tom's Hardware User in this post: I have been using JDiskReport by JGoodies...
  25. TheFlyingRay

    Question New CPU causing ports to not work?

    I got an upgrade from my ryzen 5 2600x to a ryzen 5600x today. However, once I had put the new CPU into my motherboard, none of my ports on the side of my computer worked(Most notably my USB and HDMI). Any help would be extremely appreciated! Things I have tried: Testing each ram stick Tested...
  26. BlueGuyTTV

    Question PC turns on and then off in a millisecond ? (I suspect the mobo)

    Hello. I am facing a difficulty. I had an old pc of mine, that i wanna give to my brother. I disassembled it to just the mobo and psu + cpu. With, or without the cpu the PSU turns on for just a spin then turns off, so its not the cpu. I saw some bent pins, could that be the problem? Keep in...
  27. H

    [SOLVED] MSI Laptop orange and white power light flickkering, not turning on

    Good day, My MSI Pulse GL66 laptop isn't starting up anymore. I have changed the processor voltage offset by -70 and it worked perfectly and fine. I then read that the ring/cache offset should also be changed to the same value. I restarted my laptop and changed this as well within the bios...
  28. Zangyfish

    Question Today I tried to upgrade my PC with new hardware, and the motherboard lights up but the power button does nothing?

    Hi, I tried to upgrade my PC today, and I changed the motherboard and CPU, and the motherboard's LED's are lighting up, but the power button on my case isn't doing anything. I'm pretty sure I've got the power switch cable in the right place, so im not sure what's wrong. The components I have are...
  29. C

    Question Pc wont start with new ram

    I currently have 2 x 4gb ram (corsair vengence LPX) which is working fine in my PC, i have recently bought 2 x16gb of ram of the same brand. I am wanting to replace my current ram with these, but when ever I turn off my PC remove the old ram and add the new the PC will turn on the run without...
  30. skillbeatsall

    Question Middle mouse click not working - scroll does!

    Good day! Recently, my middle mouse click has stopped working, yet, I am able to scroll, indicating that there isn't a problem with the scroll wheel. I have tried reinstalling drivers, rolling back to older updates, etc., yet it still fails to work. Is there anything I can try in order to...
  31. inspiired

    [SOLVED] DisplayPort on Motherboard not working

    Hi, I have two displays connected to my PC via DisplayPort and recently I started having an issue with one of my monitors randomly losing signal. Unplugging the power cord and re-plugging it was a temporary fix, but after a bunch of troubleshooting I figured out that when plugged into my...
  32. AwashZ

    [SOLVED] HDD Not Working with SSD

    So i have an HHD Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7500rpm in my system since the day i built it, and decided to add an SSD M2 Crucial P5 Plus 1TB 4Gen. After that well something weird happen when plugged first HDD, the SSD wouldnt show up in my Bios/win10 and vice versa. The thing is that when have a 2xHDD...
  33. O

    [SOLVED] Please HELP, Displays aren’t showing despite PC working

    Please HELP, displays aren’t showing despite PC working I built a new PC yesterday, and it’s not working properly. I changed CPU (i7-6700K -> AMD Ryzen 7 5800X) , Motherboard (ASUS Maximus Hero VIII -> ASUS ROG Strix B550-F (WiFi) ) and Cooler (Hyper 212 Evo -> NZXT Kraken X63). When i turn...
  34. G

    Question Internet disconnects for a few seconds

    Hi, there was a problem with the cooper line in my area so i had no internet at all for a few days. After getting it fixed, my internet has been cutting out for a few seconds and reconnecting. I have never had this issues before, only after my internet was fixed again. This is really frustrating...
  35. S

    Question Computer turns on with no signal or display

    Hello this is a post for my friend: Recently, I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with my computer not working. Lights and fans turn on but my mouse, keyboard, and monitors do not work. First, I tried to reset the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery, and it did not work. After that, I...
  36. D

    Question My keyboard's alpha & numeric keys stop working intermittently ?

    I have a Corsair k70 Cherry MX Red that I've been using for 6 years. Recently, the Letter & number keys, including the numpad, stop working all of a sudden for a while, then start working again, seemingly at random times. Every other key works on the keyboard, including when I do stuff like ctrl...
  37. Cooldudealpha4

    Question Case fans are only semi-working ?

    I recently bought a Corsair spec delta case and the fans in the front were working fine until I did some cable management to the back to untangle them and now the top and bottom fan have stopped spinning. The RGB works fine in all 3 and the middle one spins but the other 2 stopped and I’ve tried...
  38. YaBoiApe

    Question Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 shows in Bios and Device Manager, but not in Disk Management

    I recently purchased a Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD, I installed it and it shows in my bios and device manager. But when I go to Disk Management it doesn't show up at all. I've tried several solutions and none have worked. specs - MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Max...
  39. senopilesos

    Question My pc turned off and won't start/turn on

    My specs: CPU: Amd ryzen 5 2600x GPU: Asus tuf 1660super motherboard: old: msi b450 gaming pro carbon max wifi, new: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AM4 Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 MHz 2x8gb PSU:Seasonic FOCUS GX-550 gold Hey! As I played csgo for 5 minutes suddenly my computer shuts down. I...
  40. Millsy95

    [SOLVED] KB&M working before boot and Bios. Not anymore.

    Hey Brainstrust, TLDR KB&M don't work anymore for Bios with Windows10 USB inserted when before, they did. So I recently completed my first PC build, and managed to get everything together correctly. Upon booting up, I plugged in my KB&M in and everything connected perfectly without any...