Question No power to monitor or peripherals after potential power surge.

May 29, 2022
Hello all,
I am not a computer savvy person so I bought a prebuilt computer about a year ago.

I’m slightly panicking since my computer seems to turn on but none of the peripherals or screens turn on. I was just gaming on it last night and turned it off before bed. This morning I went to turn it on as usual to work on my thesis (due in 2 days!!) and none of the screens/keyboard/mouse works. I plugged them into my laptop and they light up and work just fine. There’s a light on my motherboard by the DRAM, so I did a quick google and found this forum and people suggested to mess around with different RAM layouts and try to remove and place them back in etc. that didn’t work so I tried my old ram sticks that came with the build and those didn’t work either, even when using just 1 stick or using 2 sticks as shown in the manual nothing is working with the RAM adjustments. I then found a post to try and reseat the atx24 and the cpu cables so I did that and those didn’t help. I even removed the CMOS battery as a last ditch effort and still nothing.

I think there might’ve been a power surge or outage last night since I noticed the automatic fire doors were all closed in my building this morning. Could a power surge just fry my computer to where all the peripherals are useless? When I turn on my pc everything looks like it’s starting just fine, fans and lights are all going, no weird sounds.

Here’s my pc specs from a benchmark I did when I first got my pc:

The motherboard is the MSI B560M pro v-dh

If there are no hardware fixes, does anyone know if there’s a way to retrieve my files easily? They are not on my SSD drive but the main C drive unfortunately. I was also suggested laplink pc mover but my pc doesn’t have that installed and I can’t install it because none of my screens work…