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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Motherboard turning on but other components are not

    I have a problem with my first pc that I just build. So when I turn my power supply on I get lights on my mother board but when I press the power button none of the other components turn on Here is a list of my components https://pcpartpicker.com/list/
  2. O


    I have tried everything to get the DVD player to read a DVD and all it does is keep asking for a disk when there is one in there? Second issue, will not see an additional 2 Gig Hard Drive in windows, finds the devices in the BIOS but not in Windows 10 Pro. Also, I have upgraded BIOS to F7...
  3. J

    Why cant i watch stream and play at the same time with 500 fps

    Hi, when i am not watching stream my game runs fine, but when i watch stream. it feels like its lagging even though i have 500 fps, it feels like its dropping to 60 hz or something like that, hope anyone can help
  4. varis

    Need ONLY fan connectors for DIY etc

    I'm looking to do a bit of tinkering such as adding a couple of LED strips and running them off fan power or a secondary power source. For that I'd obviously prefer the same connectors I'm using for fans, but I can't see them available separately (or maybe preferably with cable leads already...
  5. T

    Wiill it fit?

    I want to buy the AMD FX-8320 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition At the moment i have a AMD FX-4300 My CPU Socket says AM3 Socket But the amd 8320 says AM3+. Will it fit?
  6. B

    old graphics card price

    i have a old gtx 660 and i was wondering how much i can sell it for?

    Thinking of buying this rig, is it a good deal?

    HI I was thinking of buying this rig from the following website : https://www.palicomp.co.uk/Intel-Evolve-900-Gamer-INT4 The above link being the specific system I am thinking of buying. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated :D
  8. E

    Could my PSU handle A 750 ti's OC?

    good day sirs! I was wondering if it would be safe to OC my 750 ti with this PSU? https://scontent-hkg3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfl1/v/t34.0-12/12399070_10205391488894541_253185086_n.jpg?oh=4ad800b9dc671d874792f5be10825033&oe=56C5C931 My other components are i3 4170 h81m-ds2 8gb ram 1333...
  9. S

    Blue screens when not in safe mode

    Hello! I've been having problems with one of my computers. Last year, the CPU's heatsink broke off and the CPU overheated. After getting a new heatsink and CPU, the computer will blue screen when it's left alone for over 5 minutes. The odd thing is that this does not happen in safe mode. I have...
  10. D

    Need help picking GPU-CPU combination

    So i`m building a gaming pc and i wanted to ask the pc building experts about whats the best choice for CPU and GPU for maxing out games in 1080p. I can choose from: i7-6700k - gtx 970 i5 6600k - gtx 980 i7-6700k - R9 390X Please help :??:
  11. E

    Should I upgrade from 750 gtx ti ftw 2gb to a 960 gtx ti 4gb

    Should I invest in money to upgrade from a evga 750 ti ftw to a asus OC 960 gtx 4gb. I am debating between it but I know I don't really need it... It just a want thing... but the pirce isn't bad $150ish. My current setup build is i5 4th gen quad core with 16 gb ram (1333 mhz) that I plan to...
  12. Pankaikz

    Need help picking a 980 Ti

    I am still ordering/saving for parts for my new build. My question: What brand and model GTX 980 Ti should I get? I already have an X99 motherboard and I'm getting the i7 5930K for the 40 PCI lanes. They're going to be in 3 way SLI. To start out, they're going to be air cooled, but after a few...
  13. P

    What case for R9 390 GPU (308 X 127 X 42.5 mm)?

    Hello everyone, please can you tell me what are the best cases for a Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Nitro Tri-X 8GB GDDR5 OC Version (308 X 127 X 42.5 mm) to less than $100? here is my config: Asus Z97-A Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Nitro Tri-X 8GB GDDR5 OC Version (308 X 127 X 42.5 mm) i5 4460 Cooler master...
  14. F

    Laptop won't boot with new RAM installed

    Hey guys, I have a Toshiba C55D-B5310 with one stick of 4GB PC3-1200S Samsung RAM. I bought another stick, a Kingston 4GB PC3-1200S to be exact. The only difference is between them is that the Samsung pre-installed RAM is 1rx8, while the Kingston is 2rx8. When I install it, my laptop won't boot...
  15. N

    Can The CPU Going Over Its Maximum Speed Cause It To Freeze?

    Ok. So Me And My Bro Both Have Laptops And My Brother Continues to have Issues With His Computer Freezing. According To The PC, It Says Its Maximum Speed (CPU) Is 2.10GHz Yet It Will Always Stay Over The Limit Given. Is This Normal Cause I Don't Want His Computer To "Fry" Itself. The Computer He...
  16. S

    Are there any new exploits after MS stopped patch Windows XP?

    Title says the question, Thanks.
  17. L

    Gaming mini itx case

    Hello guys. I need your help choosing a m-itx case (SMALLEST I CAN GET) I have a evga gtx 770 I think is my only big deal. I don't have a problem with opctical drives. I just want the smallest case where I can put the gtx 770. I was thinking in: -RVZ01 Silverstone -Node 304 Fractal Design If...
  18. F

    will intel hd 2500 play NBA2K15 well ?

    hi guys, can my intel HD 2500 play NBA2K15 without lag ? I can play NBA2K14and no lag with AA off and some details at high (like crowd details). I have a 1024x768 flatscreen resolution. will that work (considering that my other board which is ASUS H61M-C have a "iGPU Boost" and it has helped...
  19. Z

    Samsung 840 Evo lower speeds than expected

    I recently got this SSD and decided to do a speed test only to see lower numbers than expected. I know I'm not supposed to be getting quite the advertised speeds but this just feels slower than normal. If I'm not mistaken I should be getting somewhere in the high 400's not the 300's? I already...
  20. X

    worth buying a r9 280x to crossfire with my hd 7970?

    Hi! as above i wonder if it is worth buying a 280x so i can crossfire it with my hd 7970. will i get a good improvement or wont it matter that much. and also i have a 750W PSU its a corsair TX 750.