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write protected

Forum discussion tagged with write protected.
  1. M

    Question Laptop SD card slot issue (Please help)

    Hello, In my laptop's SD card slot when ever it insert a SD card it shows the disk is write protected. So I thought my SD card ADAPTER has problem, there is a lock in the SD card adapter to lock it right? which makes the SD card right protected. So I thought that was the issue, that part is...
  2. VickyTech

    [SOLVED] Could not format USB pendrive - Write protected ?

    I have a 16GB HP pendrive which I was using in my samsung TV. The pendrive is now working only in that TV and It is not working in my PC. The USB is detected and it shows in "This PC" . But when i try to format it, it says write protected. I also found that it is in RAW file system. Tried the...
  3. U

    Question Is it possible to format this USB (LABVIEW 2017 PDS LINUX)?

    My dad gave me this USB-stick and said it was completely useless. I have tried many ways to format it and remove the read only but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it just impossible or does someone know a way? Don’t know how to add picture without URL so this is what’s on the back: LABVIEW 2017...
  4. D

    Question Flash drive is write - protected

    As the title says, my flash drive is write-protected and I cannot format it, nor make any changes. I did the following: opened Regedit, followed this path ''HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control'' and couldn't find the StorageDevicePolicies. I've been told to create it myself and...
  5. E

    How to work 2x8ddr3

    I have a dell optiplex 980, and I have bought 2x8 DDR3 ram. It’s the right one, only it won’t work. I’ve read other threads but all I think so far is that I need a new motherboard?!?! Can someone plz correct me.
  6. S

    GTX 970 Vastly Under Preforming

    I have a problem. I bought this $300 graphics card for gaming and it is vastly under-preforming. I have 30-40 frames on CSGO with all low settings, 30 on BF1 with medium settings, 40 on Witcher 3 with low settings, and Overwatch is nearly unplayable at medium settings. What on earth is the...
  7. D

    980 Ti SLI vs Titan x 2016

    Hello, So I currently have a 980 ti, and i was wondering which of the 2 options should i do 1- Sell it and get a Titan X 2- Get 2 more 980 tis and have a 3 way SLI The reason i ask is, i looked at benchmarks for several games and so far the 3 way SLI seems to get an avg of 20-50 more fps then...
  8. A

    MSI R8 270X with 3 monitors

    I just purchased a new MSI Radeon R9 270X 2Gb model. I have one VGA monitor and two dvi, one of which also supports dvi. The problem I have been experiencing is that when I plug in all the monitors, it will only display to two at a time. If I try to enable the third it requires me to disable...
  9. Westend13

    can i use my DVI and VGA connections simultaneously

    HP a6600f hooking up dual displays to extend my desktop stock nvidia geforce 7100 integrated graphics
  10. D

    Can I snip off the molex adapter from Deepcool WindBlade 120 fans?

    So I recently purchased 5 Deepcool Windlblade 120 fans and Im pretty content with them except for the fact that they have a molex adapter permanently attached to them, now I've noticed that the wires for the molex come straight out of the 3 pin fan connector but in all honesty I'm concerned with...