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Question 100% disk usage when downloading.

Mar 11, 2020
I was having problems with destiny 2 where the frames, for some reason, dropped to 15-20 permanently.

I decided to try redownloading it, thinking it was the game. The download rate would hump from 0 to 5-6 mbps, back to 0. This made steam force stop the download, then crash.

In task manager, disk usage was hitting 100% during the download. Only during the download. But runninf 40-50% idle. My friend said my hdd was dying and i needed to replace it.

I replaced the Hdd, complete with a new windows install, The problem happened again, but steadied out. I got destiny 2 redownloaded. Then i tried another game, where it would hit 6mbps for a second then drop to 0 for 5 minutes.

Disk usage being 100% the whole time.
The main source of the usage was System.
Just System. I could not figure out what it was doing or why it was doing it.
I tried a couple of "fixes"from some forums and i have to redownload windows cause my pc cant find it for some reason.

Why would this problem happen after pretty much becoming a "new" pc.
Is it an hdd issue? It's a Seagate barracuda 2tb 7200. Now running the replacement, which i've read are usually refurbs.

Would using an ssd for the OS fix this?
I'm just confused.

x570 Aorus Elite Wifi mobo
gigabyte AMD 5500XT gpu
Ryzen 5 3600 cpu
16gb corsair vengeance ram
Seagate barracuda 2tb 7200


With a system with components that cost as much as yours do, there is NO reason NOT to use an SSD.

Honestly, I put together a system recently with a quad-core i5 and 8gb ram. Despite the decent specs, the combination of Windows 10 and a 7200rpm 1tb Seagate Barracuda made the experience lethargic.

This PC didn't have a very fast bootup, but this wasn't a major issue. I saw 100% disk for like a minute after loading the desktop and when trying to download anything.

Given its a new disk, it's probably working fine. Even though the disk shows 100%, try ethernet if not already on ethernet.

Download crystal disk mark from here: https://crystalmark.info/en/

post your results here (screenshot uploaded to www.imgbb.com preferably)
Mar 11, 2020
The 100% usage is constant throughout the entire download. I cannot use ethernet because my father keeps the router upstairs (i'm in the basement). The connection is great though, i've never had network problems. I will run that program. I'm on a fresh windoes 10 install, only firefox and sophos home are downloaded.