Jul 1, 2018
ok i have a dvi-d only Graphics card, my monitor is a 165hz screen but its only hdmi and dp but ive had an old dvi to hdmi adapter for a while so ive been using that (btw info u dont need to know but im saying anyways is that the monitor was a present and im a low budget gamer and i was not expecting such a good monitor) the problem im having tho is that a can only get 60hz on default (software) settings and only 73hz when i software overclock it, so is there anyway for me to at least get 100hz on this monitor without buying a new graphics card?

Dvi D is the output but i dont know which generation (year/model) of dvi it is, all i know that is special about it is that audio is coming out of the hdmi wire Lol i was suprised too until i googled it and from what google told me I guess i have a resent port model. the graphics card is a rx 470 4gb mining card with a dragon on it (decent card for 75 dollars which i bought it for but it does go for less usually it plays Cod MW at around 60-100 fps at high textures and shadows no motion blur and highest vov taa lowest no <Mod Edit> settings, and fortnite runs at a pro level on any setting always past 120hz to my knowledge havent played the game in a while just know the last time i played it it played like a dream, and RB6 OHYA Amazing 100fps is the minimum X-D)

and also my brother which bought this monitor for me and himself been using his monitor through HDMI at 144hz