Jan 12, 2006
So I have 159.60 USD. But I will get 20 USD for every month I wait. (As prices drop too..But my insanity goes higher..You get the idea, wait to long and I go insane and kill.) I have been waiting for about 5 months now to get my computer into working order. Right now the CPU is frrieedd, and it is a Athlon XP 3000+ FSB 400mhz. I was stupid, and probably still am..Anyways, I was thinking of getting a Sempron 64 3400+ because it beats the Athlon 64 3000+ Venice (939) in some areas, and it is cheaper! But then people are telling me Socket 754 is to outdated and you won't be able to update your ram and CPU without a new motherboard, etc etc etc. Well, I really don't care.. I'd like to build a whole new system before that, but I might want new ram(As 512mb DDR 400 SC CL3 is sort of crappy). So I was wondering should I go with a Sempron 64 3400+ or Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 939? Also, I know that the venice has more cache so if you overclock it, it will be much more god al mighty. But I mean, I sort of screw things up a lot..So I might not overclock :( As that voids the warranty! I won't go Intel because they make more heat and take more power. I also would like to stick with zipzoomfly or newegg while I am buying these parts because they are very trusty :) But if you find a TRUSTED place that is lower than those both I will go there.

Also, any suggestions on what motherboard I should get and what other processor you might have in mind?


i guess you are going to keep your old gfx card. You will be rather limited going s939. Most of the mobos are pci-express graphics.
Grab a cheap board, and sempron now, and start saving for the socket AM2 setup. This epox board will get you going now.
The chipset is not the best, but it's an okay board