Question After deleting dual boot pc windows boots slowly.


Jan 31, 2020
Hello friends I have had dual booted my windows 10 laptop alongside Linux Mint. Now I used to choose between OS by linux grub loader.When I used to select windows 10 it took lot more time to boot to windows. It was normal that windows have to boot from scratch every time I was OK with it. But now I had no need for mint So decide to remove it. What I did that from windows disc manager I delete the partition on which mint was installed also I change boot priority order to windows 10 boot loader in bios. I have extended my main partition with deleted partition. Now my problem is before dual booting whenever I hit power button it only used to take max 3-4 second to windows logo to be appear . But now it takes up to half minute to windows logo to be appear. What should I do? I am having i3 5th generation ,500GB SSD, 16 GB RAM ,2GB NVidia geforce 920M.