[SOLVED] amd ryzen 2700x precision boost overdrive

Nov 28, 2021
i cannot turn precision boost overdrive off after i downloaded a bios update for my mobo and the edc value from when i updated the bios is at 100% out of 140 amps

Specs : AMD Ryzen 7 2700x no oc
Corsair Vengeance RAM 3000mhz
ROG STRIX b450-f gaming II motherboard
Evga 700w gold power supply
PowerColour AMD RX 6600XT
How do i do that?
You short two pins on the motherboard together for 30 seconds or so. You have to look in the manual to find them.

Be sure to turn off and unplug power cord before opening the case. Often also helpful is to remove the coin cell battery for a few minutes while you find and short the pins.