Antec 900-2 & HDT-S1283; any other suggestions?


Hi, I had my E8400 running a stock speed with stock cooler for a year and now I want to OC it a bit.

I'm not an extreme OCer, I simply want to get more out of my current setup so I was looking at the HDT-S1283 (with 775 & 1366 crossbow) because based on Frostytech's review, it seem to offer one of the best cooling/$$$/sound; I like my systems to be rather quiet. However, my current Xaser III tower can't hold the massive 120mm HSF because of the side panel cooling; removing the side pannel cooling would leave it with only 5 80mm fans ... too few to my liking. So I'm also considering changing my case for an Antec 900-2 (the one that looks like the Antec 1200) because it seemed well ventilated.

So does anyone have a better HSF+Casing to suggest for someone who wants to keep his rig cooled with as little noise as possible?

BTW, stuck in Quebec (Canada), so can't really order from US stores.


Apr 16, 2008
I have both of those items. 900 II is the perfect 900 case, plenty of cable management, painted interior, lots of fans. Tri cool fans also have 3 settings for different fan speed options, which should help with your noise reduction.

Xigmatek S1283 is one of the best mid range coolers. Should be able to get your dual core to 4ghz without too much heat. The fan runs standard at 800rpm, plenty quiet. And can max at 1200-1400rpm when needed.

Both are good choices for your setup.