Jun 3, 2008
All right, I've built my computer about 8 months ago now, a few months ago I've noticed some audio lag / stuttering. I am on Windows Vista x64, 4GB of RAM, Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8500 @, 3.85 GHz [Tested with Prime95 same day as build, passed with 24 hours. I did Blend and RAM tests as well. I use an ASUS P5Q PRO motherboard with no sound card, I use the onboard Realtek sound in an Antec Nine-Hundred case. [Maybe it is bad wiring or some sort of interference because the audio is basically "matching" my memory usage by lagging at the same time]

I have tried removing the drivers, restarting, using the driver on my motherboard disc, then I also tried the newer ones on the Realtek site. None of this makes a difference. I use foobar2000 for my audio player and basically every time I open up a new tab in Firefox it lags or stutters for over 5 seconds and then goes away. I know for sure I didn't always have this problem. I am thinking that maybe I should actually pick up a sound card for use.

Only ~1% increase in memory or less when foobar is opened and I start playing music.

Oh, audio never lags while I play games only when I am just browsing and using foobar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'd love to resolve this as soon as possible.
Are you listening to streaming audio or audio saved on your computer? If you're listening to streaming audio, opening a Firefox window or tab probably slows down the connection to your streaming server momentarily. You can try increasing the buffer size... that may help. Does the same thing happen when you open IE?