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Question B350 Board Vs X570 Questions


Jan 6, 2016
Hi all i have a 3700x coming tomorrow and msi just released a beta bios for my msi b350 tomahawk board, the question i want to ask is should it be ok ? i mean its the same TDP of 65 watts, and all that , but what i want to know is
  1. Is it safe ? ie when i put it in and update the bios , is it going to burst in to flames
  2. Apart from the pci 4.0 vs pci 3.0 what advantage is the new x570 boards ?
  3. If i was to buy a x570 , does anyone have any recommendations sub £250 if possible
4. Thanks in advance


TJ Hooker

  1. It's safe
  2. The mid to high end X570 boards typically have better VRMs than what is seen in the vast majority of 300/400 series motherboards. Support for high speed memory may be better with X570. And as you noted, PCIe 4.0.
  3. Ryzen 3000 CPUs don't draw anymore more power than previous Ryzen at stock settings, and overclocking seems pretty pointless based on results I've seen, so the VRMs on your current board should be fine. Unless you really want one of the other features of X570, I'd recommend sticking with your current board.
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Hi all i have a 3700x coming tomorrow and msi just released a beta bios for my msi b350 ....
To add... there's several reviews where testers have loaded a 3900X (the 12 core chip) on even low-end B350 boards. The VRM's got pretty hot but they worked well enough. They wanted to demonstrate what you shouldn't do but got surprised. But then, they also demonstrated any attempt at overclocking got the VRM scary hot.

Their advice is: don't use the 12 core or if you must do NOT attempt any overclocking and keep a fan on the VRM heatsinks. The 8 core chips should work pretty well and it's really an ideal match for the 6 core chips.

Finally: the Tomahawk has a better VRM than most any other B350, so you should be fine with a 3700x. But I'd wait until MSI has the BIOS's ironed out, in a few weeks I hope. These early BETA's aren't going very well, it seems.