Best configuration for $450?


Apr 6, 2009
Hey, I'm interested in building my own PC, and decided to challenge myself by setting a price limit of $450. What components would you buy to accomplish this? Few things...
1)Needs an OS
2)Can be any form factor
3)I am partial to AMD and ATI, but not married to these brands

Think you could do it? Let me know!

Josh from FL


Dec 24, 2008
Good effort by the animal. Here is mine (Intel Build)

Windows Use promo for $20 off: EMCLRLN28

CPU/Mobo: E5200 and Gigabyte G31

Ram: Corsair 4gb DDR2 800 CL5


Optical: LG DVD

PSU: Corsair 400cx $10 off promo: EMCLRLN23

Case: Rosewill R5730-P BK

Thats $425 with shipping, then you get $45 MIR. If you want to get better performance out of your CPU, then buy an aftermarket heatsink and OC, like this one: although with the stock HSF you could do a moderate OC to like 3.2 or so.

That configuration will have to use onboard video, which is good enough to run your OS and simple programs, but if you want to play games then you are going to have to get a discrete GPU. Something like this could work for some light gaming on low-GPU intensity games:

If you want to play games, go with this

ASRock A780GMH/128M $69.99

AMD Athlon 5400BE + Rosewill Wind Ryder Combo $77.98

VisionTek Radeon HD 3850 512MB $59.99

Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM $99.99

Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AAJS 320GB -oem $49.99

HP DVD Burner IDE -oem $20.99

FSP Group FSP400-60GLN(80) 400W $49.99

Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 $19.99

And that would give you a grand total of $448.91 which is not too bad. That funky looking case should be o.k for this build. If you were not going to use this for gaming then I would say just use the onboard video for now, get a better PSU, an SATA burner, and 4GB of RAM. If you are going to game then you will need a dedicated video card and for this budget you can't do much better than that overclocked 3850. I would probably go with a better PSU myself as it would be just $5 more to go with

FSP Group AX500-PN Max: 450W $54.99


Antec earthwatts EA430 430W $54.99