Best way to connect new pc to internet?


Jun 18, 2012
Hi all,

I built a new pc but I can't connect it to the internet after installing windows 7/drivers etc.

It says that it's missing an ethernet cable (or wireless adapter) in order for me to connect to the internet.
I have a wireless router downstairs and I was just wondering- what's the best way for me to connect to the internet?
Should I just use a wireless adapter? (Note: there is no wired connection set up in my house).

I've heard stuff about an ethernet bridge- is this relevant to me?
Also, could you recommend some hardware for connecting to the internet (wireless adapter/whatever else)- I live in the UK.

Thanks :)
You can't connect to the internet for the same reason you won't be able to buy food at the shop if you toss your car keys on the desk in your room and stare at them. You need to actively connect the computer to your network, not just place the computer in the middle of the room and say "GO".

Buy a wireless USB adapter, connect to your wireless connection setup in the router.