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  1. Benjamin22044

    Discussion How about an LG 5G smartphone?

    Have been hearing a lot about this LG Velvet device that is a joint venture of LG and T-Mobile. For a change, the brand has put a MediaTek 5G processor in the device and to be specific, it is MediaTek Dimensity 1000C. The smartphone is said to contain some really good features, but would cost...
  2. A

    Question Vertical Blue Line appears on the monitor

    I have an LG Flatron W1943SS this one : https://www.lg.com/hk_en/images/monitors/w1943ss-pf/gallery/medium01.jpg so a vertical blue line appeared on the screen a 15 days ago I searched on google for a solution , well none of the solutions I found were referencing to my issue , anyway I guess...
  3. J

    Question LG27GK750F - B white screen

    Hello, I recently got an LG27GK750F - B with a defect. When turned on the screen turns on but the display is full white. The menu does not show up when you use the little nob on the bottom, but you can use the nob to turn the display on and off. The person whom I got it from said that he left...
  4. soldier5637

    Question Which one: Asus VG27AQ vs LG 27GL850?

    Hey again everyone. I just picked up the aforementioned ASUS since Best Buy had it in stock. However whenever I look up this model, I see the LG 27Gl850 mentioned as a strong alternative. Which one would you buy and why? I thought the ASUS would be good for my 3080, CoD and Cyberpunk.
  5. H

    Question LG vs Xiaomi MI Ultrawide -- which is better?

    Hi, I have LG 34UC79G-B and planning to move to replace it with a MI new ultrawide. I do mostly gaming and would like to know your opinion on this. Thanks
  6. mraazx

    [SOLVED] Which One Should I take BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M?

    Hello, I need a new monitor. I usually do work and gaming on my pc and I have RX 580 GPU. Which Monitor Should I take ? I need better build quality and colors BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M both the monitors are same price and I want to buy from these two models
  7. C

    Question LG un700 issue

    Something dropped on the Screen and now there is a black spot. It only shows up on light backgrounds. Anything I could do or am I SOL?
  8. L

    Question Help! Monitor stuck at 4k@28HZ

    So for some background info, my monitor is the LG 27ul600 which obviously isn't the issue and I'm using the cable that came from the box which supports 4k@60HZ so it's clearly an issue with my laptop. I've been using my laptops HDMI port to connect the two but I now suspect it's limited to 1.4...
  9. J

    Question Help Needed!! LG 4k TV Vertical Line

    My LG 55" 4k TV I purchased just over 2 years ago has a thin purple vertical line down the centre. This is extremely off putting and makes watching the TV a chore. The line appears constantly on every app and every TV input. Any help would be immensely helpful...
  10. M

    Question Power to monitor but no display

    I have a LG 25UM58-P Monitor LED 25 IPS FHD 21:9 5ms HDMI . I have 3 of them and one of them isn't working. It lights up with the power on but the on screen menu doesn’t even display . I have tried the following.. New power cable New display cable Different computers different Graphic cards...
  11. g1patnaik

    Question Need help with connecting my Sony HT R3 speakers with LG 32 526 BPTA tv?

    Hi, My sony speakers has HDMI Arc with Dolby audio support and came with a HDMI cable. My LG TV supports dolby digital and DTS decoding. and has two HDMI ports, but I think none of them is HDMI ARC. Hence, I think HDMI is not an option, as there's no ARC port in TV. There is however digital...
  12. G

    Question LG Internal Blu-Ray Drive question

    Hey Guys & Gals, My old LG blu-ray died and need a new model. My problem is I do not know what is best internal LG Blu-Ray writer. I only use LG drives ever. I want to be able to play 4k blu-rays and also large capacity Blu-ray disk. My problem is i have no idea anymore what is the best...
  13. B

    Question Monitor Permanent White Screen

    Hello. I have an LG 27GK750F-B Monitor that I've been using for roughly two years. Randomly the other day the display turned permanently white. I have diagnosed that it is not any of the external cables nor PCs associated with the monitor. The monitor also shows a slight buzzing sound coming...
  14. A

    Question monitor Power light Blinking but no dispaly - LG Flatron W1943SS

    So the last few days when i turn on my LG display well if it had been in long rest it would boot up the first time but if i let my pc on and went to do some stuff windows will shut the display for power saving when i move the mouse so the display will boot up it won't it stays on Red Blinking...
  15. L

    Question LG OLED TV - HDR Effect Issue

    Hello all. I have both my Windows 10 PC and my PS4 hooked up to my LG OLED TV via certified HDMI. When viewing my PS4, my TV picture setting uses ‘HDR Effect’ mode, which is the correct mode. However, when I’m viewing my PC input, it shows it as ‘Standard’ mode without ‘HDR Effect’ mode being...
  16. T

    Question LG34GK950F or AW3420DW?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any strong views on which of these two would be the best investment? I'm running an R9-3950X, RTX 2080Ti, 32Gb of RAM. The LG gets slightly better reviews (although the Alienware is very new and hasn't been widely reviewed yet), has a higher refresh...
  17. sargentchimera

    [SOLVED] HDR issues / Constant Black Flickering while PC gaming

    I have an LG E8 TV and it is great, no issues streaming in HDR, but HDR PC gaming is a mess. With HDR on every few seconds the screen flickers black. I have noticed that when it does flicker, the TV shows it is switching between HDR and SDR, and this flickering can last 5-30 seconds with as...
  18. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Is 144 Hz worth it?

    I am having trouble deciding between two monitors: Dell U2719D and LG 27GL850. I am currently using two HP 27er (60 Hz) which I am considering upgrading from due to the low PPI. I prefer the design of the U2719D since it has smaller bezels but it lacks support for G Sync and 144 Hz which the...
  19. dovahkeen

    [SOLVED] Which monitor should i choose ! ? help

    So ... i've seen reviews of LG 24GL600F 144 Hz and Sceptre 25" 165 hz E258B-1658A , the only thing that i'm wondering about is colors , the design or the refresh rate doesn't matter to me that much , the price is almost the same and budget friendly , but am kinda confused if i should go...
  20. szehn

    [SOLVED] Viewsonic XG2402 or LG 24GM79G-B?

    I wanna buy a 144hz 1ms monitor, So im interested of this two, but i don't know which is better, the LG one has motion blur reduction and the Viewsonic doesn't but i don't know if it's useful, also i want to know which one should have better colors?