Question Best way to share Files (Video, Photos) Ipad/Computer (Windows)

Sep 17, 2019
I want to see the the files from my computer on a Ipad.
Im searching the best way to acces from my ipad to a folder from my computer (Windows 10), in LAN, i dont need acces via Internet.
For example, i've a lot of videos from Gopro and have a big size, i want so see them "quickly" on ipad (Or download).

Anybody know a good software?

Thanks a lot.
I don't think you can directly share files from an iPad locally. You can connect to SMB shares on your network and copy files to and from the iPad via the iPad. As far as I can tell you couldn't manage it from your PC.

You can also use iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, &c to share files. Those all require an intermediary cloud service. I just don't see a way to set a folder as an SMB share in iOS or the upcoming iPad OS.

You can use FE File Explorer to connect and transfer files to and from an SMB server on your network. From what I can find. iPad OS will also add this ability to the Files app.